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Return to the Redbrick Dungeon

Have updated side bars and streamlined the pages and links and added a Psychon page.

Have been running some new 1st level dungeon parties for drop in gamers and when the dragonlance 2nd ed game too full. Ive enjoyed being a nuetral character preaching nuetrality (blow with the wind, follow the strongest change sides if they break). Have enjoyed playing these games so much we have kept playing. So far the party began as a warrior from Wolfhead Lodge township as a woodcutter who has teamed up with his elf friend. Both Dissatisfied they have set off for adventure.

Warrior is a axe expert with a man at arms friend named Red (after his shirt colour) and lamp holding boy. Elf has druidic spells, a pet eagle and a pocket gargoyle familiar. Went asking into mountains where monsters dwell and into found waggon and dead bodies. Tracked Hobgoblins to campsite waited till night. Elf climbed a tree and waited for drinking goblins to have bathroom breaks. Several went wrong direction but eventually the warrior spit a skull open of a hobgoblin. Another came looking for him and he died by axe bite too. Then he was spotted so he charged. The Elf rained down arrows killing the leaders while the warrior, men at arms and gargoyle killed them except one. Asked where stolen goods going and they described that they had an evil master who lived in a tree and commanded them to black mail villagers for goods. It was there idea to kill all the men delivering the goods. Pile of backpacks filled with ransomed iron rations.

Took goblin into swamp with hobgoblin guide to patch of trees with stench of the dead. Demanded beast come out till woodsman threw burning oil into tree. The black beast was a giant evil squirrel with literacy enough to write ransom some notes. The party battled and captured him and found trees hollow and filled with bones. Including village children. 

Back to villagers and told them sad story. Let them kill squirrel and hobgoblin and skinned the squirrel for a cape. Stayed with villagers and given some of their rations packs (their goods they make for Barron's men). Grandpa said when he was young him and friends went and looted a tomb and hid them under a log but a giant toad took the land and grandpa goes once a year for 50 years to see if toad dead yet. Party thought this sounded good. With elf and his familiars avoided many hazards toll found the toad and battled it. Grandpa gave a few good blows and warrior was swallowed but they killed it in time and freed him.

Found chest of silver and grandpa pointed to where tomb was. Thought they should look at and found barrow of skeletons they easily smashed. Found cult paraphernalia and demonic looking candelabra. Slept in barrow and healed as much as possible. Elf a good healer so was handy. Found secret door and went down. Well with a tentacle kept spooking them when backs turned do left Red with hi spear to watch it. Party opened vault door and skeletons with ghoul master charged. Skeletons easy but ghoul almost finished them, Red dropped some rocks on tentacle horror. Opened a sealed room with an Imp which was a terrible battle they just won. Freed a brownie who now follows them as a cat or invisibly. Party recovered and found some more loot and climbed out.

Got improved armour for gang and plate for warrior, earning title of slowest party yet. Got some fake potions of healing too. Found guy running to town and robbed him and somehow hopped potions still real.

Went to ask about proper dungeon and grandpa sent to the dungeon filled lands south of Shadel Port. Party marched and bid Grandpa goodbye as he was a wise tough old fellow. Saw the horrible city and neat fields of humourless yeomen on way.  On way up mountain met some knights who snubbed them. They asked if any knights brave enough to join them and they aid begone or we will beat you. A squire followed them and asked to join to escape cruel master. Higher up met dwarfs and purchased a cheap copper spear+1 for Red. A young Dwarf volunteered to join them.

Found ruined trash heap in quarry and found hidden entrance to the labyrinth of RimZim the wizard and his blue skinned one eyed troglodyte tribe. Was a library where religious pilgrims hid their books many generations ago.

Accidentally wandered into the sleeping shift of the sweatshops, workhouses and labourers barracks. Questioned some kobolds and questioned where the Wizard is. Told fastest way through the sacred fungi gardens and north. Followed directions from factory are and into a huge chamber with towering fungus, hillocks with kobold shrines and black pools. Crept around edge and an giant scorpion attacked which the Dwarf took the brunt of the poison deliberately so party killed it mostly  unscathed. Scared shitless about scorpions they went west and found huge dungeon chamber with huge cages and rooms surrounding outside. Attacked by giant bats but defeated. Rescued a grateful thief girl sold by own gang to kobolds, a cheese makers daughter kidnapped from her bath and some filthy pox marked pilgrims. Freed them and struggled with some doors embarrassingly but robbed a kobold shrine and decided to flee the south. Exited through a huge building site the kobolds were building a new section but managed to get through to outside unseen. Went to Greenwood village and returned the cheesemakers daughter and were rewarded in cheese and food and drink in inn. This village welcomed them warmly and offered them a rent free shack. Village old adventurers had made it big and now ran some kind of kingdom and a media empire of bards and messenger birds. Showed them parties burned brewery that a witch burned down. Party accepted the shack and hired tow local lads, one a good bowman. Another boy named Billy with a pack goat. Party trained a while and Warrior and Elf second level. Got two fierce wolfhounds.

Marched to city and recruited a fabled yeoman lad with longbow and greatsword. to and had usual wait to get a 48 our passport. Asked a guard where to sell loot and got some poor directions to Fishhead lane (or murderers row to locals). Gang hassled them but warrior punched through a wall with his gauntlet and they apologized and fled.

Sold goods at a not so good price then went to recruit a cleric. Maddy the thief now the Elf's follower asked if they could punish her old gang. Were heckled by drunken adventurers and protitues on way and found a priest at a shrine where a saint had vomited in an alley. Now pilgrims stopped here and li a cigarette fo the saints shrine. The caretaker said he had finished his duties here and could join them. Found gang headquarters and sneakiest entered by the crumbling abandoned third floor while armoured guys below at door. As they one by one crossed weak floor, Red fell through onto sleeping thieves who began stabbing him. Squire jumped down and slipped and elf and two archers fired down the hole. Outside party began ramming the doors. Second floor emptied as ground floor broken into and another floor of scum emptied before one surrounded. Into the basement killed more then into secret old sewer builders housing to finish the gang. Warrior got back stabbed by gang leader who then fled into sewers via escape hatch. Gang of over twenty killed. Took loot and found a bomb which they lit the fuse and ran. Outside heard bang, roof partly collapsed and porch sunk a bit.

Left city and back to the dungeon. Took different route and met some pilgrims in black robes who offered to join them. Party agreed and found a ravine with a slippery log to cross. When most over a pilgrim ran out and pushed dwarf off log and rest attacked party. On other side only elf had shoot into melee skills and saved poor archer lad from pilgrim. One on log got hit with brownie sleep arrow and fell to his death. Dwarf fell into bush and only a bit hurt and trapped. Warrior in plate resisted the pilgrims and grabbed one. Both men wrestled on cliff edges while archers too careful aim and killed pilgrims with arrows. Was planning to throw pilgrim into precipice but instead they captured him.

"Why did you do that?"
"Ours is the god of treachery, this is how we show our devotions on pilgrimage"

Arrived at dungeon with large band and the elf and dwarf went in to scout with brownie. Searched building area and hassled by gremlins trying to pick pockets. Dwarf splatted one and they attacked but guys drove off. Brownie was unhappy about something else.

Saw an orc with a woman in distance who pushed her into quarry pit and dived on top of her gagging her. Goodguys went to edge of pit and saw them hiding in mud. Dwarf tumbled down embarrassingly and brownie and elf managed to get panicked orc. Girl told she was part of a waggon load of dancing girls and orc gaol keeper hadtaken her for himself when they were meant for the wizard who was taking the one by one.

Got rest of party and moved into building site heading for prison. A rustmonster chased them all back out of dungeon and warrior wasted two good axes slowing it. Once outside set his wolfhounds on it. Eagle and gargoyle and goat joined in and beast fled.

Went back in saw other adventurers who ran but they caught the chain wearing leader, a beadle from Shadel Port off duty looking for bounties and extra loot. Convincd him to stay with them rather than his gutless chums.

In the prison area and found 12 dancers one with 17 charisma, an old lady story teller and a uppity halfling bitch who criticized everything they did. Party unimpressed by her but started squabbling if to flee with rescued people of get Rimzim. Agreed to look in some doors first as last time they had no lockpicks and now Maddy the thief and the dwarf skilled with locks. Found some medical supplies and tools. And then found room strewn with dead bodies and table with a delicious roast beef haunch. Halfling avoided the trigger for the trap and grabbed the roast and ate a few bits of pumpkin in front of them. While Warrior, elf, priest and Maddy searched some VIP cells sleeping chambers rest of party ate delicious roast served by halfling.

Gargoyle came in to report something wrong while searchers looking at wanted poster of Warrior and Elf put out by RimZin. Elf looked out to see everybody else passing out mostly from something. Also saw ork on warg. Dwarf and concious dog and Warrior chased warg who kept out of range shooting them and leading on a chase. Meanwhile Maddy and halfling fighting. Maddy went down and squire followed till priest finally finished  the treacherous halfling maid. Beadle wants to take her to secret police as he is sure she is wanted. Elf finaly shot the orc and the warg fled and party stopped to heal wounded. Party over 20 people with 2/3 unconscious. Locked selves in room and heard searchers go wrong way. Party slept off drugs and fled dungeon, swearing to return and kill RimZin the wizard next time.

Returned home and set up house with dancing girls. They preferred to marry party bachelors than be dancing girls in worlds worst city. The most beautiful took fancy to elf. He let her hang around him to protect her. Didn't have heart to tell her elves spend two years holding hands before kissing and he didnt fancy humans.  She would die of old age before getting to first base. Beadle gave them 40gp and thank you note from secret police for halfling bitch.

Guys say next time the will fight way to wizard no matter what and wont be distracted by prisoners or his minions or monsters again.

This all improved from tables and geomorphs. No long term plans but hopefully will get RimZim and get to 3rd level.

Company by the end

Oscar Warrior (2nd) plate wearing axe and shield
-Boy his lamp bearer, a dagger and leather and small shield
-Rex and Wolfy the wolfhounds

Elf (2nd) chain, shortbow and longsword, uses druidic spells
-Max the Eagle
-Sam the pocket gargoyle
-Red the warrior (0) with +1 spear, chain and shield*
-Maddy the theif (0) with shortsword and throwing daggers

Bobbin the brownie (cat form) with teeny bow with sleep darts or barbed darts
Borris the Beedle (1st) Chain, sheild, sword, light crossbow*
Horrace the Archer (0) with shortbow and club and leather*
Billy the bearer (0) club*
-Pack Goat
Olaf the Yeoman with longbow, greatsword and leather*
Gordo the Priest (1st) with chain, shield, mace and light crossbow*

1 dozen dancing girls living in house (* will be married to adventurers)
-one with 17 Charisma mooning around the elf

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