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Monster Island Zone and Gamelog

d100 Table parts at the endOverlaps with my forbidden city dungeon zone lots.
Zones part 9 - Forbidden City Zone + Some geomorphs

My heroes at 12th level sick of fighting hoards of weaklings want foes with teeth so dinosaurs are the answer. Plan to fly to monster Island and fight through island killing elder races and robbing them. Battling T-rexes and eventually fighting dragons on way to hell.  Here is what happened.

Island has a no scry zone yet they have been scrying on mainland of late. Found chest with scry spy notes (actually was given by strange fellow to bard). Linden the Bard, his Dwarf BaBa, Sorcerers Zorg and Clarissa and Two Viking lords scouted in a flying carpet inspecting ruins and looking for life. Saw dinosaurs and miles of ruins, step pyramids, plazas, roads and more. Squadron of reptile men on Pterodactyls scrambled led by a triceratops man priest.

Clarissa summoned two pterodactyls and the vikings jumped on them and she jumped on one with leader. Linden charmed two birds with a fear song and downed them. Zorg paralyzed priests mount with wand sending another rider to aid him. Swooping and nipping viking's
pterodactyls killed several birds and triceratops priest flame struck zorg and the carpet survived. Priest, his new 'dactl and other rider all killed by vikings fast. Rest fled. Party went to look for priest corpse as he had a fancy rod.

Found priest being eaten by plant and managed to kill it and get body. Rod casts a  communication spell. Sent message to home base. Saw a gold altar covered in peeled sub human skulls. Poked with a stick and checked for traps. Giant maggot bit stave and crawled towards viking holding it. Burning hands on the lot. Went to scrape off gold and resisted curse.

Found temple and found 12 tonne stone block trap in entrance that had recently been repaired. Flew in on carpet and found half flat thief corpse. Had an Idol in gold bag and a whip. In central chamber was a altar and depictions of a feathered blind hydra god eating people and a sealed pit. Opened lid and the monster heads poured out. All the flunkies fled and set off pit trap. While none got crushed they trapped party inside with monster. Zorg fireballed in pit while warriors cut heads off. Creature had grown to fit square pit and amongst its body folds were a dozen gold idols. Teleported outside with magic staff of Zorg's. Met worried flunkies and a T-rex charged from jungle but warrior heavy guys creamed it. I'm liking my warrior class mods - wizards looking on with more respect.

Went back to beach and where planned to land rest of party only 20 minute row from exile Island by viking longboat. Overlooking harbour on cliffs where 3 step temples. Ship landed with more vikings, Sneaky Pete, Bambi the rogue and Zorgs bodyguard, Gary. Went up to temple and a beautiful maiden staggered out with whip marks crying for help. Linden the bard and Sneaky Pete stabbed her to vikings surprise and threw her corpse down the stairs. 

"It is ok", zaid Zorg,
"I sense she is evil".

Her body morphed into a doppelganger and vikings impressed. Party marched in when a great chain net fell. All but Bambi escaped to be swarmed by a nearly a hundred kobolds. Many took a few hammer and hatchet blows but Bambi also the least armoured was dog piled and took over 30 damage. Vikings slaughtered a swathe through them freeing Bambi while Linden charmed a gang and made them form a wall. Other warriors mopped up the hostiles. Found a pit with a hook horror being worshiped. Threw him so much dead kobold it was sick and sat down depressed on pile of kobold dead and 40 000 coppers. Party considered lining boat in copper. Blood flowed down the temple stairs like the good old days.

Sent charmed kobolds to work building cages and put hook horror in one to sell back home. Next temple had a shack on the front from a stranded pirate but inside a group of mongrel men were chanting and ripping out heart of one their kin and blessing cult with blood sprinkles. Zorg sent in a fireball with his Law granted power of max damage once a day. Two survivors, rest were ash shadows. They bowed down in worship and got thrown into bamboo cages by vikings. In the pit was giant frog with metal plates, bracelets and masks in copper and gold. Vikings jumped in and killed it.

Next temple inhabited by savage pierced tribals with Aztec like weapons. Party poured in and killed them. Linden suggested the bodyguards kill their own priest. Found gold idol with some kind of remote viewing link for a distant observer. Pulled it out and wall collapsed revealing ancient vampire bat goddess and a human skin book describing her rites. In god pit was one of her sons. A huge vampire bat so bloated he was stuck in the pit with just his head visible. Threw him his cult corpses and he screamed for more. Vikings and Gary the warrior and BaBa finished it off finding gold statues in its furry flab folds.

Party satisfied and set up base with temples and dragged boat up on hill. Plan to develop whinch to drop boat over cliff and build a fort. Wow this new world pillaging is a cakewalk they thought but at least its novel. Of course the reptilians are aware of all of this and leaked that book of clues to the party. Lindens bard school was one of their temples and he wears the crown of their naga goddess. Zorg discovered 350 pounds of bat godling dung was a narcotic. He convinced his man Gary to try (who eats anything) and he had fevered visions of climbing the bloody step pyramid of the screaming vampire bat goddess in the abyss. Not sure who will want to buy this but Zorg had all collected.

Party rest in new digs after kobolds licked clean.

Monster Island Zone

A lost world covered in primordial jungles, tar pits and volcanoes. In fact it is the crater where Tiamat left this plane through a super-volcano. Where dinosaurs guard prehuman and alien ruins. These lost prehuman races ruled before human kind and enslaved them as cattle. 11,000 years ago Humans rebelled in Shadel Port and the lost evil races fell. Then the necromancers ruled a thousand years using only stone, clay and muscle. After the evil shadow years started the rule of the living free men of the world. But on monster island men never rebelled. Humans once former cattle live as cannibalistic scarified savages in the crater remains of the monster empire, along with all the other survivors. The lost races held on living among giant monsters and killer plants and natural hazards here. In the center is a volcano that dragon kind emerged from. It leads to hell where Tiamat lies in the fiery pits of Avernus spawning dragons to ravage the world. On the snowy peaks around the volcanoes are the remnants of great behemoth mammals from the early glacial dawn age. The island is surrounded by titanic sea monsters.

Roll d20 for random ancient race to use in art or encounter
Versions on monster island are savage and mostly worship monsters

Elder races included
1 Mage Spiders psionicists with slave animal humans and goblinoids
2 Catfishmen sorcerers with newtmen, eelmen and sharkmen soldiers
3 Serpentmen with lizardmen kingdoms and other saurian castes riding dinosaurs
4 Batmen lords of the night with goblinoid and human slave animals
5 Vulturemen necromancers with crowmen, hyenamen, riding terrorbirds and hyenadon
6 Squidmen with crabmen, fishmen and frogmen
7 Dark Elves with goblinoid and human undead vassals and goatmen

Rebel Races included
8 Humans of many tribes one which became necromancer dynasty
9 Hawkfolk including eagle and albatross and ibis folk
10 Catfolk including lion, tiger, panther folk
11 Dogfolk including wolf and jackal folk
12 Tako octopus fairy folk
13 Changelings being various shape shifting breeds
13 Centaurs are savage and love war
14 Halfling are a diminutive version of humankind with some faerie blood

Nuetral Races included
15 Bright Elves with goblinoid and lycanthrope human vassals and elkfolk
16 Dragons with Draconiod servitor races from breeding with other races using Tiamat magic
17 Giants with ogres, cyclopses, formarian chaos giants, ogre sorcerers and orc minions
18 Trolls mostly turned to cancerous chaos trolls by Tiamat but some kindly glade and barn trolls left
19 Dwarves with engineering, machines and guns
20 Gnomes with animal friends

d50 Monster Island Hazard
1 Water swarming with piranha
2 Quicksand or 

3 Tar pit
4 Sacred ground of tribe
Boiling mud 

6 Dread cursed altar
7 Predator hunting grounds
Predator mating grounds
9 Dinosaur nest
10 Stampeding herbivores
11 Well with horror beast and treasure
12 Poison vegetation
12 Carnivorous garden
14 Open lava crater
15 Earthquake
16 Flaming gas vent
17 Smoke or gas from vent
18 Boiling steam geyser erupts from
geothermal spring

19 Prehuman altar calls guardian if defiled by outsider
Prehuman altar with curse

21 Zombie slave horse moving through area
22 Sinkhole leading to caves
23 Tribal burial grounds

24 Temple sacred zone
25 Rickety bridge over great chasm, lava or rapids
26 Canyon filled with giant invertebrates

27 Mudslide threatens to drown party
28 Stampede

29 Typhoon or cyclone
30 Parasite infection
31 Giant mosquito swarm
32 Monster Island Fever
33 Swarm of vampire bats
34 Swarm of flesh eating bugs
35 Water with crossing of slippery rocks
36 Stone bridge over chasm
37 Fragile ruins will collapse if bothered
38 Hillside collapses, party slides down hill, possibly into river of mud
39 Maze of poison thorn bushes
40 Plaza underneath collapses into caves or tunnels
41 Huge bubble of asphyxiating gas bubbles up from swamp
42 Flammable gas easily ignited
44 Mist rolls over land reducing visibility
Native poison arrow booby traps
Native spiked pit trap
Native net booby traps
Native rubble dead fall booby trap
49 Native poison gas trap traps 
50 Native booby trap marks party with carnivorous dinosaur urine

d50 Monster Island Mystery
1 Jungle covered pylon with open door and magic control panel
2 Buried shrine of savage cult
3 Stone tablets with elder lore
4 Dread codex of ritual horror
5 Statue of fierce gods sacrificing someone
6 Giant stone head half buried
7 Stone tablet with gods face and calender
8 Procession of horrible natives with bound sacrifices 
9 Slaves being herded by monsters
10 Person begs for help actually a doppelganger
11 Mysterious pylon with gate into larger chamber complex inside
12 Dinosaur guarding temple plaza
13 Skeleton of fantastic behemoth monster rotting in jungle
14 Foreign explorer bodies staked out in sun
15 Tiny clifftop cave with elevator and winch entry and abandoned dwelling
16 Huge abandoned tree house with feral child inside
17 Pile of gold loot abandoned in jungle with explorer skeletons
18 Find sick man who dies shortly after, giant parasitic worms burst out
19 Escaped slave begs for aid, hunted by master and his sons
20 Explorers from mainland seeking gold and glory from ruins

21 Ancient tunnels
22 Lava tubes used as lairs or hiding places

23 Stelae depicting god or king 
24 Hybrid inhuman natives
25 Degenerate ancient race reduced to animals

26 Escaped slavemen with partial lobotomies and no tongues
27 Ancient stone jar or canister
28 Crystalline apparatus

29 Pool of doe eyed friendly catfish, spawn pools of ancient catfishman race
30 Huge scaffolding built of dinosaur bones for some purpose
31 Huge temple with mummified royal dinosaurs of many breeds
32 Huge rotten kaiju carcass with burrowed in goblin village inside
33 Trunk with explorers diary
34 Lost empire army, corpses in armour scattered in swamp
35 Fungus encrusted viking long ship full of corpses
36 Mad long stranded explorer, lived by serving local cult
37 Crystaline helmed race of ancient elves with psionics and mainland sailor slaves
38 Native hunters infected by were raptors or gators or snakes
39 Mummies hung in trees or cliff side balconies
40 Abandoned mainlander base only a few generations old
41 Lizardmen-dinosaur centaur statues
42 Codex of ancient monster cult and desired
44 Crystal pyramid
45 Dinosaur imprisoned in giant hunk of amber
46 Temple covered in gold
47 Deep well with glints of gold in bottom
48 Reptilefolk throwing gold idols in well
49 Temple full of eggs
50 Temple of mummified mainlanders

Monster Island Zone Encounters d100
1 Dinosaur man druid and t-rex mount
2 Savage terror bird pack 
3 Lizard men were dinosaurs
4 Giant lizard resembling rocks or logs ambush

5 Pteradactyl riding lizard men 
Pteradactyl riding amazon women

7 Carnivorous ape pack 
8 Gargantuan ape
9 T-rex family on a romp
10 Two headed t-rex mutant
11 Black t-rex with acid vomit attack
12 Red t-rex with fireproof hide, bathes in lava, pet ape boy
13 Female allosaurus highly territorial
14 Baby sauropod follows party, cries attract predator
15 Triceratops family wary of strangers

16 Sauropod herd grazing peacefully
17 Sabretooth tiger
Sabretooth tiger and noble jungle lord sidekick 

18 Stegasaurus clan hate meat eaters
19 Raptor family hunt party, await weakness
20 Gargantuan reptile fighting other gargantua
21 Anaconda drops from tree
22 Black dragon ambushes from swamp
22 Blue dragon patrolling sky
23 Green Dragon skulking through forest

24 Savage cyclops giant looking for dinner
25 Cannibal tribals serving some elder race
Savage jungle giant with horde of cannibal worshipers

27 Jungle kobold horde
28 Savage jungle orcs with trained giant lizards
29 Goblins with warlock holyman
30 Tribal hoboblins poison arrows
31 Bugbear headhunters stalk and ambush to collect head
32 Gnolls riding hyenadon
33 Batmen riding huge flightless bats out hunting
35 Goblin spiders seeking sacrifices
36 Catfishman wizard with sharkmen beserkers eek sacrifices

37 Goblins challenge party to game in ruined ball court, losers get sacrificed
38 Draconian force seeking treasure for distant dragon ancestor
39 Dinomen mixed force hunting humans
40 Giant spiders cast web on party
41 Ancient giant treeman hates humans
42 Vultureman priest with ravenmen warriors eating corpses
43 Dark elf priest with horde of goblins looking for torture victims
44 Squidmen having brain eating ceremony with fishmen guards 

45 Vultureman wizard offers party treasure for killing his coven
46 Squidman wizard riding flying giant eyeball 
47 Hideous hag will aid any who will be her lover, kills and eats those who refuse
48 Cultists from mainland on evil pilgramage with slave sacricrifices for gods
49 Shambling compost golems arise from mulch
50 Tribal humans sacrificing selves to horrible god in a well
51 Frogmen carrying giant hungry toad wizard on palanquin
52 Huge shambling mobile step pyramid with 3 legs, monster godling and gold inside
53 Jungle lord and carnivorous ape pal stalk and murder the horrible outsiders

54 Barbarian tribe of dino riders or hunters, ritually torture foreigners to see if worthy of life
55 Huge roaming shoggoth with dissolving victims inside
56 Black tower sealed with demon wards, demon or space polyp inside
57 Giant humanoid made from beating undead hearts craves blood
58 Swarm of vampire bats, spread disease or even were bat contagion
59 Giant maggots and flies from remnants of dinosaur corpse
60 Giant scorpions or spiders or bugs
61 Cyclops orcs hunting outsiders
62 Formarian giant looking for beautiful things to smush 
63 Jungle trolls with piercings, ridden with horrible parasites
64 Dire Wolf pack chasing prey
64 Formless spawn living in a well
65 Darkspawn tree monster
66 Elemental arises from cursed guard stone

67 Salamanders playing near volcanic vent
68 Gorgon charging anything non native

69 Chimera  bein herded by dragonmen
70 Triffid patch with tasty red psychadelic mushrooms in a grove
71 Colony of yellow musk zombies and plants 
72 Baslisk dwelling in area of poisoned sourland
73  Pit of green slime
74  Sons of Kyuss zombies in ancient priest robes
75  Giant fly trap plant
76  Duck billed dinosaurs honk at party, attracts raptors
77  Dinomen playing ball game, when finished chase party
78 Grell in a well
79 Son of jubilex the slime demon lord crawls from a well
80 Gibbering mouther crawls from a well
81 Ropers hiding in dinosaur sewerage pit
82 Amber golem guarding a gold altar
83 Jade golem guarding a sacrificial shrine
84 Bone golem head hunters
Obsidian golem can fire supersharp fragments of glass blades

86 Stone golem statue of ancient evil race, worshiped by primitives 
87 Undead t-rex still hungry ridden by ghoul king
88 Raptor lizard men cavalry
89 Serpentman wizard and force of dinomen seek sacrificial humans
90 Dark elves and hobgoblins riding cave lizard cavalry 
91 Dinosaur hunters from mainland with native slaves in chains carrying trophies
92 Gibbering cultists swarm party while priests seek to summon elder god to aid them
93 Elder thing wizard living in a pit curious about strangers
94 Willow the wisps over swamp looking for intruders in holy ground
95 Swamp troll tribe hungry for man flesh and signal other tribes with drums
96 Horde of jungle ghouls
97 Mummies burst from tomb in dress of ancient kings 
98 Batman vampire with huge swarm of vampire bats, riding a doombat
99 Fishmen on adventure on surface with pet sea dragon (possibly shape changer)
100 Ancient lich with army of the dead in ancient garb

d20 Monster Island Zone Loot and Item Examples
01 Golden idol
2 Gold box of shrunken heads
3 Chest of fine feathered cloaks and head dresses
4 Chest with golden egg
5 God Cauldron of narcotic potion
6 Human skin manual on cult sacrifice methods
7 Chest filled with mainland cult robes, masks and medallions
8 Bundles of dried tobacco and pipes
9 Jade Seal that preserves egg indefinatley
10 Jade bong and dried mushrooms
11 Obsidian bladed club  +1
12 Cotton or turtle shell armour +1
13 Spool of string makes 100 foot of line per day
14 Vampire bat goddess idol gives nightmares and bloody urges

15 Idol that allows communion with elder race
16 Potions of arrow poison
17 Drugs that provide other planar visions
18 Drug that puts into sleep like ageless trance for 1d12 months depending on dose
19 Gold tablet with wizard spell
20 Lip or nose or ear plugs of protection +1


  1. Words cannot describe how much I enjoy these tables. You make me think that roleplaying supplements shouldn't have any descriptive paragraphs of text about areas, just tables instead, and the picture of the area evolves through play.

    1. thanks - ive been running dungeons like this and been enjoyable enough players stated preference for my sandboxing. Only problem is when they come back to same area and i didn't note room contents.

    2. If you didn't keep notes of room contents fill the area with lava, ice, greenslime, radiation, toxic gas, huge swarms of nth dimensional pirhana stirges, hardened lava...

    3. more a problem with low level dungeons - this zone works fine and players killing everything

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  4. We should collaborate on a d1000 table of random encounters!

    1. fer sure - d1000 ones are tricky to edit and repetition a bit of a danger but happy to have a stab at anything - we can nut out basics on g+


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