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Aliens, Saucer Men and Space Gods of Psychon pt 3

So now its time for some aliens...

These suggested by UFO cult myths, gold key comics, mars attacks, 50s drive in horror and other sources. I would possibly have several types on one ship or if rolled a servitor would roll till i got a good controller species.

d100 Varieties of Saucer Occupants
1-10 Greys - various types of familiar saucerfolk
11-20 Humanoids - other humanoids that might be able to disguise selves as Psychonians
21-30 Goblinoids - Tau Ceti produces many variant pointy eared big eyed space goblins
Reptilians - many types of lizard and dinosaurs forms
41-50 Insectoid - many insecticide forms even colonial organisms
51-60 Tentacled - various noon humanoids that use tentacled appendages
61-70 Bodiless - entities from planes, infectious disease, parasites or psionic
71-80 Ancients - time travellers and others resembling humans or ancients
Mechanoid - turned cyborg or machine types
91-100 Old ones - elder gods from pre human times
1 Grey feeble space dwarf technicians seeking materials and possibly slave troops
2 Grey shape and plane shifting, psionic, manipulative, sinister and superior
3 Grey time  travellers from far future studying age of Psychon
4 Grey ancients modified for deep space survival returned from the stars
5 Greys actually androids made to deal with humans by far less human race
6 Greys noble enlightened psionics come in peace, patronising but well intended
7 Greys fierce and feral climbers and screech aggressively, mutilate cattle
8 Grey are androids grown in theme park and have continued in deluded fantasy
9 Grey hybrids mostly pass as human often dress as men in black and cover up evidence
10 Grey eldren advanced space and plane shifting, evolved from ancients, have long hair
11  Morlocks possibly stolen tech, cannibal dwarf killers and slavers devolved from ancients 
12 Thetans resemble African ancients, 2 toes, psionic, shiny awesome jumpsuits and hair
13 Promethians servants of space gods, powerful but cruel and callous to puny humans
14 Talar aztech like space eldren with psionics and biotech gather laves and sacrifices
15 Bioaug slime encrusted humanoids, gun hand, shapeshift into humans for espionage
16 Golar suited humanoids with skull faces and exposed brains, sadistic war crazed killers
17 Mirrormen highly reflective humanoids with holographic fields, possibly energy beings
18 Derro a strain of extra evil morlocks with psionic technology, cruel sadists spread hatred
19 Battlesuited humanoids, weak leathery skinned atrophied ancients inside rely on suits
20 Giants are silver suited tall spindly long fingered men who are silent and mysterious 
21 Gremlins small mischievous critters, smarter collectively than individually, 1-2 foot tall
22 Space goblins wear silver suits and  mostly explorers, some psionic, 3 foot tall
23 Space hobgoblins a warrior caste for fighting, bad tempered quick to anger 5 foot
24 Space bugbear originally labourers made into strong silent killers in ancient war 7 foot
25 Hairy Goblin, some in uniforms, hairy aggressive clawed and strong versions of goblins
26 Cobolt Goblin are smaller and tunnelers prone to sadistic traps and vivisectioing
27 Bogglers are earless, creepy long limbed seeming idiots, but smarter than they look
28 Green goblins have extendable antenna, are psionic and have narcotic claws
29 Space trolls are large hideous horrors who fight for other species, not bright but obey
30 Orcon are savage fast growing artificial species serve others, gifted in combat
31 Reptiliads are shape shifting psionic lizard race come to subvert humanity
32 Raptons dinosaur men returned from stars or deep sleep, resentful to mammals
33 Serpent men, pre dinosaur civilisation of sorcerer scientists hidden in deep sleep
34 Draconians starfaring noble reptilian hominids at war with mammals but kinda decent
35 Saurian Swarm, rapidly mutating psionic hive mind, sub races networked together
36 Silodon, female dominated dino humanoids using biological tech, often dinosaur based
37 Sathogians, psionic bat eared toad men who travel across universe by gates
38 Newts ancient meddlers and cult founders manipulate development, call overspace gods
39 Lizard king is a time travelling united ghost consciousness of dinosaurs uses dinomen
40 Sabrak starfaring reptile colonists who's own homes destroyed in galactic war
41 Selinites space adapted hominid insect with caste system own ecology and weird tech
42 Crelons crustacean clawed compound eye carrion eaters seek food for maggots
43 Kardjak cockroach warrior race practise slavery and dirty warfare, like tanks and guns
44 Space mantis folk, female dominated warrior race with martial arts, eat flesh
45 Cyberswarm a race of unified insect folk becoming cyborgs and machines
46 Mentelon swollen brains and eyes, huge clawed mutants, mental powers and hypnosis
47 Locan race of humanoid grasshoppers who suck biosperes dry for dining pleasure
48 Warrad race of space wasps spread memory stealing maggots, seek to breed army
49 Tanarj can seem human on quick inspection in a suit and glasses, greedy infiltrators
50 Oolron a swarm of biological tech insectoid space horde, breed customised monsters
51 Octopoid vampire space tako, often use tripod mecha mecha and heat rays
52 Spacesquid, angry marine race often prefer to use servitors and dwell in spheres
53 Starfish covered in eyes, tentacles split into multiple mouth hands, prefer servitors
54 Skwraar hairy tentacled apelike cyclopses, savage, infectious, evolve into hairy octopi
55 Green Slime infects and converts victims to tentacled space dwelling cyclops race
56 Eidelonians are mutidimenionan cephalapods with psionic powers and
57 Macrobes resemble microscopic flora and fauna but on a massive scale, various forms
58 Ameboids a race of macrocellular sacs of fluid with flagelum and sensor clusters
59 Mutant chimera are liquid flesh shape shifting mutant horrors, some become hyper smart
Squidfaced Xothian hybrid black magicians, necro-psionic, call beings from overspace  
61 Necrovirus alien virus turns corpses into undead constructs used as weapon by aliens
62 Worms infect brain and become sentient and work for worm cause
63 Loigor are psionic entities that form bodies from ectoplasm and kill with mental powers
64 Mentalon entities whose slaves race is dying, kidnap and reassemble humans parts
65 Invader Plague takes over mind and victim joins the virus collective
66 Pod Plant People replace person with vegetable copy seek to infect society
67 Spirit from overspace, sadistic, occupy local bodies, treat thralls poorly as expendable
68 Vampire from overspace, occupy local body, drain life of victims and make them slaves
69 Demon from overspace, occupy local body, establish cult to bring through more demons
70 God from overspace, usually bodies don't survive outside ship but will use servitors
71 Pychonians who have captured saucers and alien base now have own agenda 
72 Time travellers mostly benevolent and not interfering but some evil rogues
73 Nazis time travellers from WW2 SS special science units vanished in experiments
74 Atlanteans who colonised earth in pre history, arrogant with psionic and crystal tech
75 Angelic ancients chosen by benevolent beings to police well being of earth
76 Demonic cultists equipped by evil beings to cause mischief and pointless wickedness
77 Servitors of the AI gods repair and correct anomalies on behalf of gods

78 MIB hybrids or androids aggressive cover up evidence and hunt rival ETs, just servitors
79 Humans taken by alien type and now serve their interests
80 Ancients unmodified by Psychon surveying planet in hope of fixing
81 Humanoid robots with specific sub models built by some other race
82 Cyrans humanoid silver skinned cyborg race made from humans by other race
83 Malek mechanised brains in microtank robot bodies, more advanced have antigravity
84 Cyborg servitor, built by other race as soldier servitors, highly varied, muscular humans
85 Robots built by some other race, often employed as troops or workers, may be armed
86 Returned ones, space faring ancients returned as limbless cyborg monsters with drones
87 Directed by hostile AI's using servitors or constructs, seek tech and slaves
88 Necrovore life hating sadists uses reanimated corpses to do bidding and other horrors
89 Replicant a vat grown human clone sometimes normal some exotic made by others
90 Android, various castes human looking but manufactured and vat grown from synthetics 
91 Formless Spawn black liquid animated liquid can disguise self or infect others or kill
92 Moon beast toad like polypy traders with tentacle faces call beings from over space
93 Protoshoggoth is a humanoid actually a shoggoth able to disguise, infiltrate and infect
94 Shoggoth o horrible bass of bioplasm full of eyes, moths ans tentacles serve old ones
95 Dark spawn horrendous tree monsters that spread mutation and fertility
96 Yuggothians multi dimensional insect fungi creatures that mine and collect brains
97 Yithians time travellers from pre human times, scholarly scientists seeking knowledge
98 Deep One fish men or hybrids posing as humans from undersea or from space
99  Elder things scientists and time and space travellers mostly died out long ago
100 Outer god, tentacled multidimensional servants of the over space gods

d20 Types of alien vessels
1 Egg 1 person scout probe
2 Egg
1 person Infiltrator
3 Egg
1 person escape pod
4 Egg 1 person runabout
5 Egg 2 4 0r 6 man version of above
6 Spherical Exploration ship crew 25
7 Saucer command ship crew 14
8 Saucer lab ship crew 16
9 Saucer ground attack crew 4
10 Saucer troop transport crew 20

11 Saucer long range scout crew 6
12 Saucer planetary vehicle or biological pet deployment transport crew 4
13 Cylindrical exploration craft crew 20
14 Wedge fighter craft crew 1-2
15 Wing stealth probe ship crew 14
16 Biological pod craft crew 4
17 Biological saucer crew 12
18 Biological mothership 4d10 sub ships crew = subshipsx10 +30

19 Mothership 10d10 sub ships crew = subshipsx10 +50
20 Wormhole Point not a ship, link to planet or mothership or base 


  1. I couldn't help myself, this post triggered a fit of spontaneous imitation and addition, I typed up a table with 25 additional saucer men. Reading your tables just causes my brain to burst with additional ideas and ways to make use of your materials.

  2. Very welcome - id love to see them

  3. here they are

  4. Very fun. I grew up in the same time; Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, Von Daniken, etc. I had tried to get a Traveller campaign going with a lot of these beasties. Sadly, our group fell apart due to a horrible disaster called Real Life. Sigh.

    1. Wow id like to hear about what you planned sounds interesting

  5. I wrote up some of my notes at Citizens of the Imperium forum.
    Here's a link:


    1. cool - i like greys harvesting drugs from humans and get more by scaring ppl

      i find it funny that there are supposed space aryan honkeys but not space asians or space afticans did my thetans as 70s funk band jumpsuit wearing groovers but will wait till post secret santicore to publish here

    2. actually i was wondering what would players do in this setting?


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