Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Longstairs DnD PDF for 300th Post

Longstairs Master View or Upload here

A year ago i got into blogging, got into longstairs and first conceived of sandbox dungeon zone tables. So here is a revised version of my first lot of blogs. RPG net forum still going but mine increasingly mutated from original thread. I will run at a con next year.

If you dont know longstairs is modern special forces versus a semi sentient hostile dungeon dimension in a thread on RPG net. My sidebar has links to original articles i did with links to own wiki and longstair. Like any good forum some ppl got snarky and so I went my own way. Australia was portrayed as a hippie wonderland without much effort in looking at its indigenous beliefs and nuclear tests on their land. Stargate vs DnD a good simple description.

Dungeon zones have been expanded since then with my redbrick and Gothic zones being over a hundred pages each. Goblin mines will be next one to develop.

When I do final Psychon v3 book will include stuff for space opera and post apocalypse and modern vs dungeon stuff all in a glorious weird science fantasy source book.

This is some of my collage art too.

Planet Pychon PDF Here

New edit out soon version 2.2


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