Saturday 23 November 2013

d100 things on the lonely moors at night

These are the kinds of things you hear in a country tavern on the edge of the great mist shrouded moors on the fringe of civilisation. Such stories are exaggerated and locals love to scare strangers. Sometimes the stories of a great beast is just a giant rat or stray wolf.  

d10 strange night noises
1 Chanting
2 Wolf howling
3 Screaming women
4 Barking dogs
5 Croaking frogs
6 Chirping insects
7 Hooting of owls
8 Talking and muttering
9 Cackling witches
10 Galloping horses

d100 things on the lonely moors at night
1 Howling devil dogs stalk the innocent out tonight
2 Ghost hounds hunt any fools out on the moors tonight
3 White eyed, black demon ponies roam at night, some take a mans form
4 A pathetic drooling formarian chaos giant wanders the moors sobbing for company
5 A frightful mad drunken cyclops wanders the moor, hunting humans to be his herdbeasts
6 On a night such as this. listen for croaks of hideous frogmen hunting for victims in mating
7 A cursed necromancer stalks tho moors at night seeking a victim to bear the curse
8 Silent army of skeletons wanders the moors from some past battle
9 Shambling horde of zombies seeking the living to feast on wanders the foggy moors
10 Screaming ghouls rampage across the moore eating travellers foolish enough to be out
11 A ghostly lamp bearer wanders the moors, seeks adventurers who let him die
12 A pale spirit maiden screams at night, slaying those who hear the banshee cry
13 Beastmen dancing around a couldron grow wild and frenzied, best avoided
14 Lights of faerie circles can be seen on nights like this, best avoid them or be their slave
15 Fell nights you can hear the demented cackling and cries of a witch orgy
16 A lone panther like beast slays the unwary who cross the moors by night
17 A strange cult has sabbaths on the moors, they slay any who may recognise them
18 Some say a ghost village sometimes fools people but melts into fog every dawn
19 Gangs of youths on the moors drink, dance and roam wild like possessed madmen
20 Headless horseman slays those out on such a night taking travellers heads as trophies
21 Skeleton riders roam the moors, killing all who caught outdoors
22 Wight riders roam the moors killing all while searching for something
23 Ghostly waggon with flaming skullfaced driver madly driving spectral passengers to hell
24 Phantom armies battle on nights such as this and sometimes mistakenly kill travellers
25 Old monoliths out on the moors call demons if disturbed by night
26 Squeaking rusted gibbet of a skinless screaming horror can be heard at night
27 Chanting of a cult sacrificing maidens to devils can be heard on dread nights like this
28 Robbers roam these moors killers all, their leader swears by the dukes of hell
29 Ghost robbers seek to rob the living only sated by loot (actually robbers faking it)
30 Goblins stalk the moors and collect the heads of travellers for foul unknown purposes
31 Chittering of the goblin markets can be heard, mortals best keep away
32 Goblin riders on wargs roam the moors by night tearing to shreds any they catch out
33 Doppelganger roam the moors so beware of strangers or long lost friends you meet
34 A degenerate leech man hides in the bogs claiming the lives of those who come out
35 Clouds of strange fog in the moors have been known to suck out the eyes of travellers
36 Clouds of strange fog in the moors have been known to suck out the blood of travellers
37 Vampires surely lurk in the moors as bloodless corpses have been found
38 Great buzzing clouds of insects swarm at night, once we found stripped skeletons nearby
39 Great demon dog, a one eyed black dire wolf who causes fear on all he sees
40 The horror of the fog, a great slime encrusted lake troll who drags victims into the bog
41 A hideous screaming swamp harpy and her diseased sisters are said to shit on travellers
42 A black bubbling liquid horror with hundreds of eyes has eaten many travellers by night
43 A great toad, big enough to eat a horse comes out at night, fear his dreaded croaking
44 A pack of wolves prowl the mists by night, some say they act with dread intelligence
45 A great hairy beast, some kind of carnivorous ape kills and eats children who don't sleep 
46 A tribe of reptile men skin and eat those who wander outside the village at night
47 Great cawing horror birds of some type walk the swamp in a gaggle by night
48 Bubbling pools of lothesome slime crawl from holes by night laying in wait for wanderers
49 Great gelatinous horrors crawl from the marsh draining the life fluids of night wanderers
50 Horrible tentacled beast crawls from a haunted well each night looking for fools to eat
51 A clawed screeching bird beast of some kind tears the heads off travellers by night
52 A screaming mad gang of albino cannibals roam the mists by night eating any they find
53 A creepy old man follows travellers by night, some never return, they say he is a wizard
54 A great swarm of rats lead by a great king rat that walks like a man rule the mist by night
55 An invisible killer roams the mist, disemboweling those who brave the  night 
56 A great grey demon spider roams the moors, eating animals and stray persons
57 A screeching wyvern hunts in the moors at night, eating sheep and herders
58 A flesh golem roams the moors, craves love and hugs any friends he finds to death 
59 A wandering stone golem calls for his mistress Lara and crushes any who are not her
60 A bestial swine monster roams the night kidnapping women then eating them when done
61 Screeching stirge owls roam the night sucking travellers dry of blood
62 Giant bats from some dank cave carrying dread goblins who waylay travellers
63 A dread shadowy being of evil roams the moorlands moaning and groaning all night
64 A band of hideous stunted pony beastmen waylay travellers by night with clubs
65 Two revolting ogres roam the moors eating anyone they come across
66  A howling phantom moans of his friends who fled while he drowned roams by night
67 Giant weasels scuttle about drinking the blood from those who dare the night 
68 A great near invisible reptilian beast lies across paths and streams, disguised as a log
69 A huge snapping turtle named Old Tom, crawls from the bog by night to steal sheep
70 A band of savages crawl from caves by night to hunt humans who dare travel
71 A great serpent crawls the moors and even eats people in their beds
72 A great spiked snake crawls the moors who fires his spikes like arrows
73 A green slimy vegetal horror lurks in the marsh who kidnaps then drowns victims
74 A wicked wizard roams the swamp who kills people then turns them into zombies
75 A hideous swamp hag has been kidnapping and eating children for decades
76 A foul swamp hag has been kidnapping children for her bandit gang who lurk in the moors
77 A bleating horror of chaos born to an unlucky goat grows bigger every year

78 Strange yellow creeper plants have been appearing and strange goblins 
79 A two headed ogre wanders tho marsh, arguing with himself about who eats the most
80 A hideous vulture man wizard with his orc bandits terrorises all who live near the moors
81 Dark elves torment and humiliate those who dare wander the moor at night
82 A dark haunted house has strange lights from with and is never seen by day
83 Slime covered zombies wander the marsh since strange patches of slime have been found
84 Evil redcap gnomes with bloody halberds kill and eat travellers
85 Horrible crawling tentacle faced horrors lurk in the bogs, at night they scour the moors 
86 A mad wizard roams the swamp charming victims who he murders in his grotto
87 A dread cult roam the swamp seeking sacrifices to their demon masters
88 A group of depraved monks dwell under some ruins, at night they seek victims to study
89 A band of bloody bandits dominate moors, they make captives fight in a pit to the death
90 A flaming humanoid being with impossibly high standards burns any it deems wicked
91 Swarms of giant bats roam the moors at night attacking anything, locals lock up pets
92 Frozen corpses are found in the mornings after cold nights like this one
93 Some say a gate to hell allows devils to enter our world on certain nights. Are you lucky?
94 Giant mosquitoes devour travellers who dare cross the moors at night
95 A hideous bog mummy roams the moors silently, when you hear him moan it is too late
96 The wild hunts man blows his horn and chases any fool out tonight
97 The wild huntsman with his hellhounds is out tonight best stay in
98 The horned huntsman on his bone chariot is out with his dancing beastmen entourage
99 The dark huntsman is out with his chorus of witches and devils 
100 The great huntsman on a flaming chariot with fire devils hunts tonight


  1. Wow, please keep doing these. I really enjoy them!

  2. cheers this was a fun one - i have more to do yet - have a fat book of tables i use in my games now


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