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Aliens, Saucer Men and Space Gods of Psychon pt 2

Psychon wierd science fantasy hex design contest for this month here

Found more and more ppl mentioning me online for game stuff which is nice. This new project has been fun and has some nice spinoff projects. Im envisaging running a hex crawling with UFO sightings then throw in some encounters. So type one then two sighting, perhaps something type 4 here they dont quite get (d50) then back to type 3 for confrontation. Yes you could run a mars attacks game. I have the more infiltration entries in first 50 entries so you could roll d50 for more subtle invasion then roll d50+50 when invasion underway. Could meet locals who have dreamed of aliens, hear their voices or have seen them.

d100 Close Encounters of Forth Kind: Invasion, Infiltration, Assimilation, Communion
1 Puzzled locals plagued by type 1 encounters, one is an alien spy hybrid
2 Farmhouse with old couple actually alien spies
3 Stranger on road offers to join party is an alien spy
4 Men in black alien androids question party about other alien activity they might of seen
5 Puzzled ancient seeks help, alien spy briefed for old Earth not expecting Psychon
6 Strange looking locals look scared and hide in cave, inside is remains of crashed saucer
7 Locals with command collars seek goods for alien slavers beg for help
8 Strange hypnotised locals in daze gathering gods for alien slavers
9 Locals beg for help, aliens have hostages and demanding they gather strange goods
10 Woman or man seeks party help, new spouse acting strange, is alien spy
11 Locals addicted to alien spice grow strange crops for masters hidden in nearby base
12 Locals poisoned by aliens and serve them or die without cure gathering stuff for masters
13 A small ziggurat temple with priests demand sacrifices for alien masters
14 Gathering of cultists expecting a landing here soon, spy among them
15 Couple with strange baby actually alien hybrid spy seek escorts to place free of saucers
16 Family with strange children wise beyond years building apparatus
17 Village with strange silent children, telepathic alien hybrids born after weird fog one night
18 Villagers fighting among selves affected by Derro hate ray from under village
19 Villagers building huge alien landing strip as directed by hybrid priest
20 Village attacked by mutant aliens because several are alien refugees
21 Beautiful strangers offer to spend night with party, attempting to
breed more hybrids
22 Military camp in panic, one among them is a shapeshifting shoggoth infecting them
23 Sickly stranger seeks help, during night he bursts open and alien baby scuttles out
24 Locals remark on missing goods, alien in disguise trying to repair ship with stuff
25 Locals follow priesthood with swollen heads, actually hybrids serving their alien kin
26 Hybrid merchants seek goods for crisis on homeworld
27 Alien fog impregnates fertile females with hybrid babies (CON save)
28 Children of locals tell you something strange has come over their adults and want help
29 Local Observatory with pipe smoking scientist, has models of saucer types and aliens
30 Hysterical local runs about warning everybody "they're here! they're among us!"
31 As above but man chased by squealing hybrids who warn party is dangerous madman
32 While with some locals one is killed (by accident?) revealing is not  human
33 Local lynch mob hanging a serial killer, he cries they were not of this world as he is hung
34 Local militia on manoeuvres seen saucers, several men gone missing without trace
35 Couple investigating unusual monsters they are convinced are part of alien invasion
36 Happy couple, pregnant lady claims miracle baby as she was infertile before strange fog
37 Militia being directed by kid seeking hidden alien landing site, question party
38 Locals building crude rocket being buzzed by saucers, a hybrid saboteur among them
39 Huge giant bug attacks locals, alien control implant and DNA found in remains
40 Swarm of strange bugs inject victims with hybrid DNA, victims produce hybrid children
Alien agents seen planting alien eggs in farmers field near village 
42 Saucer flies overhead, a party member hears crackling squarks and buzzing inside head
43 Hybrid alien teacher giving outdoor talk to children about coming of the star brothers
44 Hybrid hooker with alien virus alters victims to produce hybrid chidren
45 Hybrid beauty is alien spy wants to get closer to party and join them
46 Children of locals poking corpse with stick, actually a robot alien 
47 Local fauna attacks but after one corpse actually alien spy android
48 Local hybrid leaders making people dig up ancient secret or build alien monument
49 Aliens troops camped with medic performing live vivisection as entertainment
50 Saucer shoots down Psychonian air car possibly survivors know something important
51 Alien mecha attacking countryside and locals for sport
52 Alien infantryman destroying a boys dog
53 Aliens infantry chasing attractive person down trail towards party
54 Alien troops have locals pinned in bunker preparing horrible weapon
55 Alien mecha scooping up victims into cage on back
56 Alien saucer and troops attacking militia base
57 Aliens saucers and defence borgs battling in sky over large area for hours
58 Aliens troops rounding up locals and making them board ships
59 Aliens destroying a bridges or blocking road
60 Burning village without any life but signs of saucers landings and some charred corpses
61 Burning village as above but alien troops hunting last survivors
62 Alien troops camped in burned village starting to party with drugs and attractive captives
63 See local in car or riding mount or waggon chased by alien saucer or mecha of hoverbike
64 Locals believing aliens are gods allow selves to be slaughtered by by alien attackers
65 Witness local leaders under truce flag approach alien war band, probably wont end well
66 Alien soldier carrying unconscious attractive person as booty
67 Farm house with family under attack surrounded by alien troops having fun
68 Aliens leading sleepwalking humans to base or saucer
69 Alien mecha pilot having fun crushing people underfoot
70 Strange sounds lead party to field of charred corpses with saucer landing marks 
71 Militia men have captured a alien soldier after many killed in battle 
72 Friendly child with dolly trying to make peace with alien trooper
73 Local warring factions uniting against alien troops
74 Farmers confronting alien landing in field
75 Witness aliens departing saucer then change form
76 Alien troops have rounded up attractive locals and making them parade on catwalk
77 Aliens collecting human heads in jars, leaving pile of corpses

78 Aliens being chased by herd beast
79 Alien trooper chased by militia
80 Alien trooper chased by angry teenagers
81 Alien troops laughing while pet horror tries to eat family trapped up a tree or in web
82 Alien troops directing pets to collect corpses of locals from burned houses into pile
83 Psychonian Death machine wipes out alien base, saucers and troops
84 Psychonian satellite god wipes out alien base, saucers and troops with orbital laser
85 Militia in pitched battle with alien troops, pets and mecha
86 Trapped children hiding near alien troops disembarking from saucer
87 Alien troops firing squad about to execute militia
88 Alien leader giving stirring speech to ranks of troops
89 Holy man trying to turn away amused alien troops with holy symbol and prayer
90 Aliens building stargate to facilitate invasion
91 Alien corpses infected by Psychon diseases and nanobots and killed
92 Aliens infected by Psychon necrovirus turned to undead
93 Aliens infected by Psychon, now believe they are just local mutants
94 Aliens infected by Psychon, fighting their own kind
95 Alien deserters fighting for Psychon against own kind
96 Pitched infantry battle between two types of alien
97 Alien of different type to invaders or deserter runs towards party seeking help
98 Kaiju or dragon or other Psychonian beast attacking aliens who tried to enslave it
99 Aliens driven mad by Psychonian auroras and psychotronic weather, many already dead
100 Mothership landing with troops and mecha and saucers disembarking for invasion

 Coming Soon
part 3: Alien occupants
part 4: Space God Relics and Encounters
possibly a post on strange space trash

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