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Gamelog: End of the Giant War

Latest gme of dungeons and dragons and accountancy. So the mighty giant war veterans having burned the hall of the hill giants and sending their chieftain  packing had destroyed the frost giant leaders too. Now the heroes sick of plowing into monsters like fat boys on a ham would take a different tack. They raised an army.

Party didnt want to spend 4 weeks here. Dungeons and dragons and accounting. I may acellerate game and get to 20th lv before they trash campagn world. Dont care about dark elves, off to monster Isand to fight t-rexes next and not Gygaxian hordes.

Emy sent word via her birds and linden via his bards that the great heroes were to destroy the fire giants once and for all before the next moon. Zorg and Milknog scryed with viewing ponds and wizard eyes the base layout. Druid spells sensed the earths secrets. The spied on the monster armies treasure, the king and his especially horrible wife and the many ettins, troll, giants and gnolls inside.

The heroes called on many friends but said no to demonic help from Emy offering to experiment with demon lords. She had also gained a ring of 3 wishes and increased her CHA so the Elf King might like her more. Then she conjured a force of skeletons and unleashed her beasts of war.

Emy Wizard 12 flying with her winged friends
Hel her school chum Wizard 10
Douglas her bodyguard Warrior 10
100 skeletons
2 cockatrices
8 giant eagles
8 hippogryphs

Milknog spoke to the magical sylvan folk of his valley and his gnome in laws offered help too.

Milknog Druid 12 - frostblade and flameblade riding a storm steed
Bodyguard Warrior 6 Gnome 4
3 Two headed bears
50 gnomish crossbowmen
7 Giant badger riders
12 Druid medics
30 Wildmen skirmishers
6 Centaurs

Linden called in favour of storm giants and uncle of giantess girl he saved came

Linden Bard 12 - has a giant slayer sword riding Grim the brown two headed bear
Bob the Elf 6 (Formerly a bear before reincarnation)
BarBar the Dwarf 10
30  Dwarfs axemen
30 Elvish archers
Bambi the Rogue 10
14 scouts from Bambi's gang
12 bards 1st
4 bard 5th
2 bards 4th
2 druids 4th
Bard 9
30 Barbarian Axemen
60 Rebel achers
Storm giant

Zorg brought his new right hand man Sneaky Pete who does his dirty work.

Zorg Sorcerer 12 on a flying carpet
Gary (was a boar a while) Warrior 10 in elvish field plate +2
Clarissa Sorcerer 10
Sneaky Pete and 17 scouts from zorgs underworld agents

Viking pal from time party were all unicorns returned now a mighty young lord as strong as a troll with veteran heavy troops sure to surprise giant. He was a mighty general and negotiator by force.

40 Vikings average 4th level
Hero shield brother warrior 10th


GiantKing and magic giant 2-h sword with pet ancient red dragon
Wife and 2 giant weasels riding pyrohydra

3 Cloud giants (who know party refused to spare other ambassador)
7 Frost giants - survivors of clan massacre
5 Stone giants (who know party refused to spare other ambassador)
Hill giant chief- survivor of massacre of clan
7 Ettins
18 hellhounds
38 Fire giants
16 Giantesses
28 young giants
Warrior 10th advisor to king
3 visiting rakasha bringing him cash from hell for war
74 Trolls
30 Dark elves from 2nd to several 10th lv heroines
80 Gnolls

Heroes revealed only scruffy human trops hid rest in fog. Linded and the Viking lord rode out an met giants envoys. Told giants they were all going to die if they didnt surrender, destroy evil altar and get rid of dark elves. Giants laughed and linden insulted several. A young giant drew his sword against wishes of elders and viking hero cut them down and both he and linden galloped away on horses. Giants chased them and heavy infantry moved in. Bards enhanced the archers and rained hell on giants who were all lain. While that happened Milknog, Zorg and followers teleported into the giants dungeon, killed the giant heroes there and freed prisoners including a titan. All charged out and killed an ettin who got in their way. Ran back to army and more of force including air superiority came out. Giant Army came out and king was prepared to talk.

The viking lord told them giants must wear fealty, hand over all look, abandon evil cult and dark elves and get monthly inspections from the allies. Whatever the outcome the giant lords would be die first. While giants talked Sneaky Pete with a ring of invisibility and his voice throwing skills stirred up the giant dark elf debate resulting in a giant killing a dark elf. Dark elves slinked off looking evilly at the allied leaders. Giant agreed to end war, abandon claims to human lands at the heroes army, give six chests of treasure as war damages and to let party destroy altar. Druid collapsed the temple casting the altar into lava and destroying cult shrine and collapsing dark elf tunnels forever.

Titan granted party some wishes and storm giant invited party to visit his clan hall in the sky. All troops paid bonus gold 20 gold and went home well pleased. Druid collapsed entry to fire giant land but left entry to giant kingdoms for possible future trade.

Unknown if truce works but powers of the Island realize party kingdom is no longer a joke and is now able to raise armies and win battles.

Players found tedious accounting of high level play a bit sad but we are determined to hit 20th and become godlings so we never have to bother again. Well for a few decades. I hope setting survives. Considered hunting dark elves but cant be bothered. Off to monster Island to fight dinosaurs, primordial race survivors and enter hell instead. Im willing to hothouse party to speed up this experience then go back to low level play. Or maybe Runequest.

Loving the Tramp art in original prints of G series rather than version i had. Image I picked here is great and suited my party well.

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