Saturday 30 November 2013

d100 a funny thing happened while the party away....

So will be glad to have days off and not running club lots and working less for a bit over xmas. Might play at friends warehouse for a day in session soon. Some extra players soon in wed game as DnD oldschool mania has taken club and we have many older returning gamers. Many computer gamers interested too. Some of the po-mo magic story gamer kids in black seem unimpressed with direction as club changes. Had three tables of oldschool and 4th ed dnd fri night. Viability is a bit of a struggle due to various issues but Ive loved every minute of it.

I just got a tablet and already it has replaced big pile of books. Great for maps. Done one post here using it. Music and video options in hand too.

This a blog on what happens to characters when players away.
Slightly too funny but I like the idea and got me thinking

Big danger of random player sandboxing is that players wanna come back. Ive had same party raid a dungeon 4 times and this taking notes business is kinda like work. So I am contriving this from some discussions with JDJarvis of late in my monster island post:

"If you didn't keep notes of room contents fill the area with lava, ice, greenslime, radiation, toxic gas, huge swarms of nth dimensional pirhana stirges, hardened lava.."

So im blowing  this germ into tables for indoors and outdoors to cover up locations and change contents of an area. On Pychon id just blow stuff up or something but in regular setting i might need some variety and possibly more subtlety. Basic idea to drive players from returning to location or make return to somewhere more interesting. Players may go on instead of flee. Let them but make life tough and are unfamiliar. You might need to make an area more hostile than maps indicate and want to remodel the hex. You might want to use to ad some history to an area or a boring dungeon might need more backstory. You could roll for a complex if left a while for a dungeon event while party away or do this to one of their properties then send in to clean up.

d50 Outdoor hexcrawl redecorating
1 Bushfire razed area into soot, ashcloud, smoke and burned logs
2 Snowfall buried everything
3 Earthquake swallows everything or created ravines
4 Mudslide buried everything
5 Tsunami buried under water and debris
6 Flash flood covered everything in water
7 Plague of critters swarming in millions, frogs, worms, mosquitoes, flies, mice, stirges, rotgrubs
8 Underground collapse of mine or cave changes land shape or stuff falls into sinkhole
9 Meteor strike from space fills area with craters
10 Drought everything unrecognizable without vegetation, desperate hungry beasts
11 Crawling with plague of undead, gathering for festivities or war
12 Battlefield with armies locked in struggle in huge dust or smoke cloud
13 Dust storm covers all in choking dirt also buries stuff
14 Disease outbreak effecting animals and people, driving them crazy and hostile
15 Wild weather like cyclones, storms or hail make travel virtually impossible
16 Monster hordes swarming in area for war or festivities or holy event
17 Mutagens warping plants and animals into horrible creatures
18 Kaiju battles have changed land and made less hospitable, some leave giant lice or toxic waste
19 Cursed land turned sour from influence of a god or monster
20 Volcanic activity and lava, possibly attracting monsters
21 Fire rained from skies burning, killing everything
22 Bolt from heaven blasted the land, now a cursed land of mutants
23 Area sunk into cursed swamp with beastmen and cultists building stilt villages on top
24 Prehistoric undead horror monsters dig up from below ruining land
25 Gods changed the land due to some great epic agenda or jut to remind us of who is in charge
26 A barbarian horde arrived and set up camp, they kill any intruders at this stage in settlement
27 An army in area interrogates and torture any they find as potential spies
28 Monster hoard killing all in area such as giants, dragons, demons, lycanthropes
29 Cloud of toxic or flammable or asphyxiating gas
30 Huge subterranean explosion blows open earth drowning area in fire, smoke and gas
31 Supernatural woodlands hostile to humans grows rapidly, populated by sylvan life
32 Gateway to underworld opens releasing undead, monsters, devils and demons into world
33 Ancients awaken and reclaim land from hidden crypts where they have been sleeping
34 Haunted mist rolls over land claiming for evil, supernatural minions and magicians loose
35 Star or fragment of moon falls from sky leaving strange blasted wasteland and weird beasts
36 Ice covers land in great sheets, bringing monsters and becoming a supernatural land of winter
37 A god came and moved some features to another plane or far away land
38 Someone opened crypt of the elder ones, ushering madness and monsters across land
39 Evil magical being covertly taken over area, uses minions to keep party away
40 Elemental beings of roam land changing rapidly until mighty magicians and gods drive away
41 Water contaminated by toxins, kill or drive locals mad turning some into mutant monsters
42 Violent mob of cultists, escaped slaves, angry farmers or some other group roam area
43 Area over run by slimes, jellies, oozes and amoeba creatures eating everything
44 Wild storms, severe weather,lightning and hail make travel difficult
45 A wizard has unleashed zombies, demons or some other horror across land
46 Royal dungeoneer corp came through stripped all of interest, leaving ruined rubble and dead
47 A defeated army passed through looting all and leaving some troops behind
48 Religious war with two battling faiths runs rampage her with fanatics murdering non believers
49 Non corporeal spirits swarm over area
50 Underground fire in mine, dungeon or coal seam chokes area in smoke and toxic fumes

d100 Indoor dungeon redecorating
1 Green slime everywhere
2 Collapsed area partly unstable
3 Kobold remodelling team was here changing area
4 Adventurers looted and burned area and collapsed some walls and smashed doors
5 Rot grubs crawling everywhere
6 Stirges crawling everywhere in hundreds
7 Kyuss grubs and worms shambling about in droves
8 Swarming with undead screaming and moaning
9 Covered in toxic mould and fungus
10 Yellow musk creepers and zombies crawling everywhere
11 Vegemen colony sprouted and taken over
12 A wizard or shaman has made an orc breeding pit and has been busy
13 Necromancer has moved in with undead labour and remodelled
14 Waist deep in parasitic worm and maggots looking for hosts, locals burst with worms if killed
15 Lava has flooded areas with magma, smoke, gas and ash
16 Royal dungeoneering corp mine team burrowed in, smashed, killed and robbed everything
17 Ice has covered are making floors slick and blocking with solid ice
18 Covered in hostile plants and bioluminesance
19 Demons made area living twitching flesh horror, spawning monsters and eating visitors
20 Devils remodelled as torture and deathtrap zone and released monsters
21 Gremlins have flooded and trapped everywhere and put tiny tunnels for them linking everywhere
22 Goblinoids assemble here in insane mass to prepare for a rampage, holy drunken revelry
23 Bandit gang have moved in and do not welcome intruders, many new traps
24 Cult have moved in and remodelled into a temple and other sacred chambers
25 Undead have awakened and gathered here in force to claim some ancient territory
26 Flooded ankle deep making traps harder to spot and hide some critters and traps
27 Flooded knee, waste or neck deep as 26 but worse, very large water creatures able to hide
28 Totally flooded occupied by marine races and monsters as if home
29 Area flooded with magical darkness and cannot be broken except by a gods intervention
30 Outer planar being has established temporary court for business here, remodelled and guarded
31 Flammable gas fills dungeon, whole place could blow up. any fire creates fireball
32 Poison gas fills but mild so defects slow such as 1d2 points per turn or -2 stat feats and saves
33 Poison gas asphyxiating fills area, displaces oxygen nothing to breathe
34 Poison gas save per turn or choke and die
35 Poison gas save per turn or start to lose 1hp/round
36 Corrosive gas, save every turn or 1hp damage, equipment saves every hour
37 Flaming gas jets have erupted everywhere filling with smoke and poison gas
38 Demons have turned into horror abattoir to butcher beings for export back home
39 Devils have made slave yard where planar beings visit to buy slaves
40 Dungeon dimension has merged with local area, possibly of different zone type but area changed
41 A witch coven has moved in and set up curses and constructs and guardians
42 A monster witch doctor with guardians, servants and weird hybrids has moved in
43 Area dripping with slimes, oozes, jellies and other gross horrors fit for the demon slime god
44 Yog Sothoth has warped local time and space leaving time warps and space loops everywhere
45 Yog Sothoth has warped local time and space leaving gates to different times and dimensions
46 Yog Sothoth came and mated with everything, crawling in gibbering mutant horror hybrids
47 A underworld god came and released demons & monsters as part of their claim over all dungeons
48 A cursed relic was brought here and evil gods noticed, remodelled and unleashed monsters
49 Nothing left now but teenage youth gangs writing graffiti, making out and drinking
50 Things from a deeper darker layer of long sealed horrors has leaked into this area
51 A mighty demon has settled here and has raised army of orcs or goblinoids to worship it
52 Tar has begun oozing up into dungeon attracting other creatures and interests and hazards
53 Ghosts and non corporeal dead are swarming area for some unknown underworld purpose
54 Fire elementals, salamanders and other flaming horrors have taken over
55 Earth elementals, rock beasts, molemen or sandmen have overtaken area
56 Water elementals, undines, fishmen and liquid beasts have overun and partly flooded
57 Air Elementals have over run area and wind beasts, birdmen and other aerial killers abound
58 Demiplane of Shadow has opened releasing shadow beings that have set up court here
59 Dungeon dreamlands opened releasing nightmare beasts from dreams of locals or the party
60 Demiplane of lightning has released energy beings, willow the whisps and shock beasts
61 Demiplane of smoke has filled with toxic fumes and hostile smoke creatures
62 Kobolds have arrived to modernise dungeon with traps, secret passages and improved doors
63 A brick golem has wandered about changing walls and building new structures from brick
64 Dungeon has been self aware and come to life rearanging itself and spawning new creatures
65 Magical otherworldly fog floods are making spirits visible from other side
66 Planar convergence has allowed otherworldly horrors to see in and will attack intruders
67 Demiplane of radience opened here releasing luminous energy beings and strange magic auroras
68 Demiplane of cold has opened chilling area and crawling with ice beasts and ice elementals
69 Lycanthrope has gone wild, now everything here a werebeast horror as well
70 A divine being blessed local monsters now all hothoused with extra health and magic powers
71 Spirit world leaking through attracting spirits, some magical beings and shamen attracted
72 Astral weak point and lay line convergence attracts psionic beings, psions and shamen
73 A being has had area remodelled and turned into a guarded trapped tomb for kinsman
74 Crawling with insects, centipedes, scorpions, spiders and other pest in millions
75 Giant spiders moved in to start breeding colony, millions of tiny spiders and giant brood queens
76 Crawling with frogs, flooded tadpole infused pools, frog and toad monsters and humanoids
77 Millions of snakes of all types crawling over everything, even blocking tunnels
78 Reptilian humanoids awakened from slumber and broke into area to build a forward base
79 Bugbear mobsters with tommyguns and stills have taken this area as a brewery and distillery
80 Gun wielding soldiers from another dimension have broken through here
81 Mutant monster species taken over with deadly new powers like phase stirges or fire lizard men
82 Magical distortions alter magic, stopping divine spell recovery or making arcane magic wild
83 Psionic fields influence locals into hive mind community all know if others in trouble
84 Psionic fields make locals more hostile and alignments more extreme, from gods of disorder
85 Locals ordinary folk have moved into area to use as storehouses, residence or adventure holiday
86 Devilish swine men have set up organisation here charming other humanoids to be slaves
87 Statuary or artwork has come to life and has haunted area, some are golems others phantasms
88 Gate to underworld has opened releasing devils, demons, undead and lost souls
89 Primal chaos plane leaked into area creating hideous mutant spawn and attracting evil beings
90 Primal law moved in, all angles made perfect, clean, well lit with modrons on patrol
91 Good beings have come to prey and meditate on reforming this place, keep intruders out
92 Fly demons have turned into giant garbage dump full of ogres, goblins and maggots
93 Demonlord building army of goat men and undead to attack surface world
94 Monk order or martial art schools have taken over as training ground
95 Imperial templars and inquisitors and paladins set up shop to kill any evil or impure they see
96 A state has set up HQ for spies, secret police and assassins here, any witnesses must be killed
97 Area covered in magic runes, sigils, magic traps and curses to keep out intruders
98 Wizard has moved in to take over, most have servitors and remodel quickly
99 Criminal chapter from city mega gang moved in for secret secure storehouse and to rob locals
100 Gateway to evil open, letting loose horrible demonoids, devilkin and elder horrors


  1. awesome tables - I can't wait to use these!

  2. Neato, a dungeon shouldn't stay a boring place afterPCs have romped through the place and killed many of the locals, something. Should happen even if the whole place is cleared out and bricked up.

  3. Some dungeons might take a few generations to recover former glory

  4. Cool table. It appears that entries 62-64 are missing though :(


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