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d100 What kind of Farm on Planet Psychon

Farmers on Psychon dont plant boring old crops they plant crazy bat shit crazy crops. Alien crops, wonders of DNA engineers, things grown by generations of robots. Strange medicines, new materials and more. Remember the Psychon random flavour table!

d100 What kind of Condition is Farm
Might be handy for more detail if needed

1 Primitive stone age
2 Pre industrial with muscle power from slaves and animals
3 Post industrial with basic machines
4 Automated with robots ans androids

5 Biotech with possible cloned labour
6 Magical farm of magicians
7 Undead farm of ancients or recent necromancer
8 Feral farm has gone wild

d100 What kind of Farm on Planet Psychon
1 Monster Bile - creatures in cages plumbed into apparatus being horribly tortured
2 Edible worm farm with mountains growing writhing pink worms covering compost
3 Spice Worm farm with huge psi boosting narcotic huge worms
4 Silk worm farms where giant worms spin huge balloons to escape if not harvested
5 Giant Cricket farm growing delicious 3m long crickets, all tasty except legs
6 Snake farmers put on shows, milk venom and eat snakes or sell them to evil doers
7 Maggot farm where millions of huge maggots feed on fields strewn with offal and corpses
8 Yeast slimy farm overgrown area covered in edible yeast colony quivers to touch
9 Algae farm covered in pools and dams of slimy green pondscum
10 Virus farm where eggs are infected and harvested, usually bird breeding also
11 Monster farm where some virile animals grown for fur, potion components, and hunting
12 Spider hybrids goats for ballistic dermal armour and vests from milk
13 Squealers, a squeaky plant animal hybrids, hairy toothed sack with tentacles and roots
14 Rat farm growing popular snacks for other critters or scientists for test subjects
15 Clone farm often for spare parts, new citizens, extra lives for villains or cannibal cattle
16 Ball macrobes are giant puffball like spheres of nutritious spores
17 Pod plants grow vegetal clones for invasion or vegetarian cannibals
18 Fat Farm giant humanoids with symbiotic rich fat factories plumbed into factory
19 Frog Farm with giant amphibians bred as food and lab experiments, have gotten bigger
20 Sewerage fuel farm creates liquid methane from engineered pigs eating waste
21 Sewerage fertilizer farm where animals fer farm waste and produce fertilizer
22 Eloi Farm where morlocks herd dewey eyed drugged eloi slaves
23 Robot Farm where robots farming basic crops in totally automated AI controlled zone
24 Herd Folk tribe farm sentient cattle or beastmen have incorporated into farm system
25 Fungus Farm covered in luminous and phosphorescent polypy edible growths
26 Underground mushroom farm with shroom filled tunnels
27 Pakuspawn Farm where baby battling monsters bread for bloodsports for rich children
28 Terror bird farm where huge carnivorous flightless birds roam
29 Lizard Farm where huge riding or meat lizards bask in the sun
30 Gator Farm with pools and pond filled with crazy gators, often mutated by swamp
31 Plant men meat farm, were humans herded by plant folk 
32 Triffid farm where grown for oil and food but prone to escape and to develop weapons
33 Fish farm with pools and dams of aggressive hungry fingerlings
34 Alien farm where grey aliens milk strange hypnotic milk from their outre cattle
35 Zombie farm where zombie animals roam fields and workers harvest crops
36 Cukoo farm where women are broodmares for growing monsters or psionic drugs
37 Marsuipial Australiana genetic farmer with genetic modified marsuipials of all sorts
38 Clown farm growing hideous killer clowns from plants in the ground, drugged to behave
39 Baby farm where cabbage like patches grow baby clones just like grandma said
40 Soylent green farm where the dead are railed in by underground tunnels and come
41 Slug farm where swarms of baby slugs and gigantic specimens roam over fields of grass 
42 Crayfish farm where pools with giant lobsters are kept, music keeps them calm
43 Dead pet farm where undead or cults bury pets that return from the dead
44 Giant snapping turtles kept in pools and are fed from long poles
45 Axalotle farm waste deep pools with floating snapping killer giant aalotls that dont let go
46 Eelfarm where small ones kept in draws in sheds but giant ones in caged pools
47 Organswine farm where pigs with human organ are kept originally for transplant spares
48 Organ plant farm where trees. vines and bushes grow human spare organs ecology
49 Eyebeast farm where spherical helpless mooping creatures are farmed for meat
50 Green slime farm where controlled green slime grown for bio weapons or wizards
51 Rabbit farm where rabbits grown for meat, wool, testing cigarettes and makeup
52 Horse farm where rifing beasts of new era are trained and bread to win weird beast races
53 Ape farm where huge fenced areas full of ape and monkeys are kept for science
54 Food crop farm growing genetic super crop, huge food items, possibly hostile
55 Mana farm where antenna array grow and assemble food from air
56 Strange eggs farm - grown, parents hidden deep in complexes or underground in secret
57 Nanite farm huge concrete pools in sheds in turn producing wonders
58 Crab farm grows crabs or possibly giant ones on cages, crabs very angry want revenge
59 Trilobite farm where prehistoric shellfish grown in tanks of primordial ooze
60 Scorpion farm where giant scorpions bred for food, medicine, armour and poison
61Tentacle farm where slimy ground squid grow fan beneath soil, occasionally like meat
62 Plague Farm with quarenteen concentration camp and a biological delivery system
63 Power farm where biological material grown in vats produces power
64 Salt farm pans of salt water and mounds of salt, some gather electricity too
65 Oil farm grows plants that produce various oils, squeezed grain or distilled from bushes
66 Tree farm with various trees tended in rows and harvested constantly
67 Drug farm where valuable narcotic grows usually heavily controlled by a group
68 Leech farm for millions of horrors grown in lakes and man made swamps for medicine
68 Lamprey farm where delicious tasting but nightmare looking lampreys in ponds
69 Algae fuel plant with cylinders of slime or ponds, then converted to fuel
70 Wind farm with possibly hundreds of wind mills
71 Solar farm with hundreds of solar cells or reflectors and solar boiler tower
72 Insect farm where locusts remote controlled feed then fly into processor unit
73 Honey farm with huge aggressive bees in dozens of hives
74 Soul farm where demons torment prisoners or turned them into human faced maggots
75 Witch Farm where farmers are witches and animals may be diabolic familiars
76 Wizard farm where wizards raise weird creatures for potions, spells or knowledge
77 Animal farm where sentient animals have taken over and are not dealing with humans

78 Grub farm where larvae or maggots bread as food or bait or to clean bones
79 Ant farm where giant ants tend crops, have other cattle species and underground vaults
80 Shellfish farm where aggressive giant shellfish dwell in cages in ponds
81 Mega mutant llama farm where fluffy herd beast graze intently for meat or wool
82 Auroch farm where gigantic angry prehistoric cattle roam behind 16 foot high fence
83 Goat or sheep farm where goats graze, produce milk,hide, meat, wool
84 Duck farm where rice paddies provide thousands of ducks with crabs and snails
85 Mutant farm where pathetic mutants are fattened and harvested for weird materials
86 Darkspawn farm where hordes of tree like monsters congregate like a forest
87 Shoggoth farm of elder things or Migo, breeding, training and pit fighting for alien science
88 Hunters farm where exotic hunting beasts and monsters bred for bloodsports
89 Military farm established to grow food and fuel, automated weapons still guard
90 Pleistocene Farm where mammoths, wooly rhinos, sabretooth cats and dire wolves roam
91 Dinosaur Farm were prehistoric reptilians roam free, some might be mutants
92 Jelly farm for repulsive huge amoebas, macrobes, slimes and gelatinous horrors
93 Neural peptide farm where humans and other creatures in vats milked of neural fluids
94 Nudist Farm where naked humans grow crops the old way to live simple life
95 Slave farm where humans bred, kept and sold like cattle, even grow their own food
96 Biopet farm where cute bioengineered pets breed for toy corporations
97 Penal farm where slave labour from prisoners does work while guards kill escapees
98 Fantasy farm possibly former theme park now ruled by wizards with fabulous beasts
99 Monster Farm where military or madmen grow monsters to unleash in enemy lands
100 Gamma farm where weird mutant plants farmed as food, drugs and defense systems

d50 Psychonian Era - improvements for farm animalsRoll these for curing boring old earth animals or select some improvements for a high tech farm beast or some defects for a feral mutant. ome farm AI continue to care for horrible mutants even if deadly horrors.

1 Centipod - increase length and leg sets
2 No legs walk like worm that have
3 Bloated ultra nutrient fat filled
4 Diminished brains mass makes manageable
5 Naked - no fur or feathers
6 Fur or feathers stripped easily and valuable
7 Extra horns with reputed magical powers
8 Faucet or plug in umbilicals for feeding and extracting fluids from restrained bloated beast
9 Excretes fuel or other chemicals with very little refinement 
10 Excrete food like milk, eggs or mayonaise or Reddi Whip topping or caramel 
11 Eats anything
12 Disease proof system (carrier)
13 Poison proof system
14 Armoured body plastron
10 Exotic extra natural melee attack like scorpion tail
11 Psionic power
12 Explosive on death
13 Multi form monster (one innocent form)

14 Symbiote acts to heal or protect host
15 Parasitic infestation released on death or in battle
16 Self cooking, spontaneously combusts and cooks self deliciously 
17 Creature faints or paralyzed if scared or dark
18 Easily killed and gutted
19 Head is tiny and fused to torso or non existant
20 Detatchable body parts, harvest as needed, parts regrow
21 Compliant herd mentality
22 Weather resistant
23 Fast growing
24 Fast breeding
26 Fire breathing
37 Acid spitting
38 Blinding spittle or whip
39 Devolve into shoggoth
40 Turn undead if killed or just dies of necrovirus plague then reanimates
41 Beserker if enraged or agrivated
42 Sentient species (many bred to accepting food status)
43 Grows spare human parts or births monsters
44 Poisonous sting or bite
45 Produces gas weapon
46 Spinnerets can make traps or structures, web or cocoon
47 Spittle like concrete for housing material
48 Kinetic missile attack such as manticore tail, shooting quills or biogun
49 Hyper carnivorous or very aggressive or territorial
50 Gives birth to different species possibly alien or mutant

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