Thursday 21 November 2013

My new adventures in Dragonlance

Playing Dragonlance 2nd Ed (Sadly I had best time in ages because I am a nuetral jerk)

I am playing a Lady Druid/Wizard ogre in Krynn game. I am being a super jerk preaching neutrality. Tell villagers to go with the flow and serve strongest master then turn on them and change sides if they grow weak.

"Stop in the name of neutrality!" I yell lot. 
"Prepare to die in the name of true neutral!"
"We come in the name of neutrality"
"I feel an alignment in the great neutral presence"
"I sense an outer planes disturbance in the great balance"
"Yes this plan to avoid conflict accords with deep neutrality"
"My neutral wrath floweth over into my wizardry foe!"
"Be ye good or evil doers you are in our way and you have our friend, surrender!"

When paladin told foes we battle evil I added "and good" all the time.
I was disappointed I couldn't be a LG jerk but this has turned out better.

Because I'm on Krynn I make a point to get a torrid crush on someone every session in hopes of finding true love. Holding out for meeting a dragon in human form to be my one true love. Then I can Write the unauthorized Krynn novel the world has been waiting for. It will be hard as I dont have panache for sexual cruelty, humiliation and rituals of subordination and domination that proper romance writers do but I guess i could learn or just steal ideas from Archie comics.

I realized even though I had first bunch of 2nd ed stuff was when I quit DnD for about 20 years, It was Temple of elemental evil PC game and new players wanting me to intro them to the game that I got back into it. So I get surprised still by rules differences. Im loving Phantasmal force as a 1st level spell. I cast only one or two or three tops spells in a battle but I hold back all the dumbest mooks and monsters quite often with burning fire wolf ghosts just out of reach. Andz runs a fairly fast 2nd Ed with mods from my game a bit. Flexible and puts fun first. Let me create proto ogre druid/wizard no problem. I like to morph slowly into form of those around me, shifting height, ear points, skin colour and more. Just to assimilate. Good practice for my changeling race I'm working on.  I keep talking like I know nothing since the cataclysm. Then my first Items: Coat of blending and cloak of protection+2. I am envious of wizard with a wand though.

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  1. You'll have to work on your romance novel chops. "Panache for sexual cruelty" is a line that's begging to be on a resume.


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