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Aliens, Saucer Men and Space Gods of Psychon pt 1

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Time to bring it on. Planet Psychon has aliens. Possibly. The ancient space god ruins, alien races and bases might have been made yesterday by the AI gods of Psychon, same way they made goblins and dragons and every other horror they dream up.

As a kid in the 70s i grew up on UFO and monster and ghost and hollow earth mythology. I saw the chariots of the gods and had nightmares. Read gold key UFO comics as if non fiction. Close encounters and ET had a big impact of what people began to see and the older "races" seemed to disappear. No more little green men with antenna. Now they were time traveling grey space elves from the future modified for space survival or something. 2000AD had a very good alien comic series about greys and alien conspiracies in early 90s. Sadly to some this is documentary.

I read a very good essay on how Von Daniken (unheard of by most ufo nuts today) stole ideas and writing style from HP Lovecraft. I like his claim ancients couldn't know about what insides of people or animals were like without aliens providing x-ray machines. Its called preparing dinner mate. Stechkin a nutbag economist taught himself to read Sumerian and Akkadian (alarm bells should ring at words "self taught" - probably from 70 year old out of date ideas). He came up with idea of planet Nirabu based on his misreadings and woefully inaccurate translations and understanding of Babylonian astronomy. Not one other translator ever made his claims. His corruption of the myths of the Annunaki - the working godlings of the God Anu which he interpreted as being alien astronauts, is common place in the modern cult. So many UFO cults today mention Annunaki without even knowing who and how idea came about. Claiming ancient hard working civilizations needed aliens is racist bullshit.

Davide Ike made some critiques of the world order but blaming it on lizard men is kinda silly and he borrows from all these sources. I read of a editor who was paid to remove his increasingly racist content and he has been more and more linked to right wing race hate groups. There might be aliens but none of these clowns has the picture any more than Velikosky theories about global disaster, comets and the old testament bare any serious thought.

Now that I have cleared that up here is my aliens, UFOs and  space gods for Psychon. Hold on kids.

d12 Encounter Type
1-6 Close Encounters of First Kind: Craft Sighted
7-9 Close Encounters of Second Kind: Sighting and Physical Evidence
10-11 Close Encounters of Third Kind: Aliens Sighted
12 Close Encounters of Forth Kind: Invasion, Infiltration, Assimilation, Communion

d20 Close Encounters of First Kind: Craft Sighted
1 See distant light move erratically at high speed make incredible turns
2 See distant formation of lights move as per 1
3 See distant lights in battle
3 See glowing sphere or egg pass overhead
4 See saucer fly overhead
5 See several glowing spheres or eggs overhead
6 See several saucers fly overhead
7 See mothership flies by in distance with sub vessels escorting
8 See saucers of different types in battle
9 See saucer dogfight, one explodes in huge fireball
10 Mothership flies overhead, tech fails and ground shakes
11 Saucer follows party a while
12 Saucer flies overhead, dramatic weather changes follow
13 Saucer flies overhead,pursued by fighter craft or drones
14 Saucer in distance shoots beam of light to surface
15 Saucer hovering in distance pulsing, flies away if approached
16 Saucer nearby in sky drops cloaking field,buzzes then flies away
17 Huge biological entity, cloud with eye, jellyfish or other thing in sky
18 Mothership breaks into smaller saucers and disperses
19 See mothership flies by in distance with docking with sub vessels
20 Mothership in distance fires huge beam destroying something in huge explosion

d20 Close Encounters of Second Kind: Sighting and Physical Evidence

1 See a glowing egg landing but takes off if spotted leaving burned ground
2 Glowing egg or sphere seen close (CON save or eyes sore for hours -2hit and spot)
3 Glowing sphere hovers past scorching everyone (1d6 damage)
4 Huge biological entity floating, crashes and dissolves into mass of gelatinous honecomb
5 See a glowing saucer on ground but it flees if spotted, leaves burned radioactive patch
6 Glowing sphere bombards area with rays, tech stops and all black out 1d6 hours
7 See saucer bathe animal in tractor beam then suck inside and fly off
8 See saucer bathe travellers in tractor beam then suck inside and fly off
9 Saucer drops dismembered animal and people parts from hatch, flies off
10 Saucer drops live creatures like fish or frogs and people parts from hatch, flies off
11 See saucer set herd animals on fire causing massive stampede
12 See saucer tractor beam drop unconscious persons who remember nothing
13 Saucer dumps space trash, sewerage, rubble, or plastic bags of garbage
14 Egg flies over party and fires 1d3 energy beams for 5d6 each
15 Glowing sphere etches mysterious symbol in fields or rock
16 Saucer spotted and quickly flees if spotted leaving a strange apparatus and space junk
17 Saucer crashes and explodes, scattering strange artifacts but no bodies
18 Old remains of crashed mothership, possibly a dungeon complex
19 Crashing mothership leaves burning wreck but beings escaped crash
20 Crashing mothership explodes into giant fireball

1d100 Close Encounters of Third Kind: Aliens Sighted
1 Egg landed with single figure seen, it scuttles inside and flies off
2 Glowing sphere with figures walking around outside
3 Saucer flies by creepy aliens in windows look back
4 Saucer landed, crew run inside and take off
5 Saucer landed, crew run inside and take off, field stuns party for 1d6 hours
6 Saucer landed, crew run inside and take off, craft fires 1d3 energy beams for 5d6 each
7 Saucer landed, crew greet with friendly gestures attempt to leave peacefully
8 Saucer landed, crew open fire with stun beams on party then flee
9 Saucer landed, crew open fire on party squealing with aggressive
10 Saucer landed, attack with melee, unearthly silent
11 Saucer flies overhead and crew visible, stun field party awake 1d6 hours later with memory loss
12 Saucer flies overhead and crew visible, attempt to tractor beam party
13 Saucer freezes party with stun field and give warning about upcoming doom or menace
14 Saucer lands and alien with mechanoid steps out speaks of morality and peace then leaves
15 Saucer lands and aliens step out, invite party to join them on journey
16 Saucer lands and aliens step out, invite party to aid them on a vital mission in space
17 Saucer lands and aliens step out, invite party to aid them recover one of their kind
18 Saucer lands and aliens step out, invite party to have interspecies sex in name of peace or science
19 Saucer lands and aliens step out, pranking alien teens barley hold in laughs as preach brotherhood
20 Alien alone sees party tries to flee
21 Alien alone attacks party with advanced weapon
22 Aliens mutilating animals, chittering insanely, hostile if disturbed
23 Aliens molesting unconscious victims, embarrassed and hostile if disturbed
24 Aliens operating and tagging specimen animal or person, teleport away if seen
25 Alien with stealth field hunts party for sport
26 Saucer landed flees leaving pathetic helpless alien behind
27 Saucer landed flees leaving hostile armed alien behind
28 Alien alone abandoned seeks help from locals
29 Dying alien wounded or sick crawling on ground in agony
30 Egg crashes and wounded alien crawls out
31 Sphere crashes and explodes but several aliens alive among dead
32 Saucer crashes and survivors die slowly from local atmosphere
33 Saucer crashes and surviving alien warns of disaster then commits suicide
34 Mothership crashes and makes huge burning mess, aliens struggle to escape
35 Old wreck with hut and graves, wary survivor guards area
36 Saucer crashes and being trapped inside alarmed, if opened explodes from pressure difference
37 Aliens set up a lab with saucer behind force field ignore intruders
38 Alien drones fly past party and document then rendezvous with ship 
39 Alien robot exploring documents party with scanner and tries to move on
40 Alien robot exploring fires aggressively to study corpses
41 Alien robot exploring tries to communicate with puny locals
42 See aliens spying on locals
43 See aliens sucking fluid from unconscious person or animal or robot
44 See aliens trying to drag people into saucer
45 See aliens attacking people in hand to hand for sport
46 Saucer lands, aliens request to meet leader of your world
47 Saucer lands, aliens plant flag and make speeches and take film
48 Row of saucers with aliens building a base, will have hidden defenses and scanners
49 Witness aliens trading goods with locals will look suspicious of party
50 Saucer lands and aliens offer to trade gems and gold for common local goods or slaves or food
51 See saucer land and drop off changeling
52 See saucer land and drop off spy android
53 See saucer land and drop off robot
54 See saucer land and drop off local
55 Crashed saucer with sealed pod containing horrible shoggoth
56 Crashed saucer with human brains still alive in pods
57 Saucer landed with aliens planting strange crops
58 Alien saucer lands and drops of agent who morphs into a local
59 Saucer lands on huge marks in ground or in ruins, local cult come to meet them
60 Saucer with Aliens digging up ancient nuclear missile silo
61 See saucer land and drop off scout drones
62 See saucer land and set up huge bomb
64 Alien mining base with perimeter defence fields
65 Two groups of aliens in battle
66 Aliens dragging a different alien into ship from wreck
67 Rednecks with alien in cage on wagon or in chains
68 Rednecks cooking and eating dead aliens
69 Rednecks chasing lone alien
70 Wierd alien playing strange flute like instrument follows party but teleports if approached
71 See saucer and telepathic aliens communicate with party seeking agents or help
72 Saucer lands and aliens with stunners and nets on hover scooters chase party
73 Saucer flies overhead party, black out 1d6 hours, evidence of surgery
74 Saucer flies overhead party, black out 1d6 hours, bad dreams of being abused and molested
75 Saucer flies overhead party, black out 1d6 hours, bad dreams of being probed
76 Saucer flies overhead party, black out 1d6 hours, bad dreams of being interogated
77 Saucer flies overhead party, black out 1d6 hours, dreams of strange sex
78 Saucer drops off animal actually a spy in a flesh suit
79 Animal spying on party strangely intelligent actually a spy in a flesh suit
80 Crashed ship with crying alien child
81 Crashed ship with alien family who need help
82 Saucer with alien troops disembarking
83 Saucer with alien mecha disembarking
84 Saucer with alien android or robot troops disembarking
85 Saucer releasing mutants or shoggoths
86 Aliens setting up apparatus to call alien gods from overspace
87 Alien mothership trapping kaiju in force bubble then flies away
88 Alien mothership and base under attack from kaiju
89 Aliens of two different types cheering on pet kaiju battling
90 Innocent alien with saucer being duped by criminals
91 Aliens scanning ancient ruins
92 See saucer fly into hidden base
93 See huge wormhole open with saucer come through, alien world on other side
94 Saucer with field lab and force cage with locals or animals imprisoned
95 Saucer lands, crew places strange flashing beacon and departs
96 Glowing alien with death aura trying to communicate but hopeless
97 Aliens peacefully gathering flower specimens when defence warborg attacks them
98 Aliens walking around landing site when passing defence fighter destroys ship stranding them
99 Aliens land and approach party when satellite god kills them all with orbital laser
100 Carnival freak show with chained alien on display, 1 gp a peek, 30gp for a night of strange lovin

Coming Soon
part 2: Close Encounters of Forth Kind: Invasion, Infiltration, Assimilation, Communion
part 3: Alien occupants
part 4: Space God Relics and Encounters
possibly a post on strange space trash


  1. After loading this page, I decided that I would try to read the table entries as a story, no matter how disjointed, and I'm glad that it all ended with sweet alien nookie.

    Rednecks eating aliens is pretty great, too. Grey pork!

    1. gold! - aliens spook people - aliens infiltrate - aliens attack - aliens lose - we exploit and or kill them all - the end

  2. Cool. One of the character "deaths" in my current campaign is abduction by flying-saucer. Technically the character isn't dead but thanks to time-dilation will not be back in a good long time.

    1. Player was keen to eat some aliens when druid had to explain aliens were not engineered to be tasty like Psychonians and many aliens taste bad or uninteresting. A test used by alien hunters looking for hidden hybrids


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