Sunday, 1 December 2013

Alt dice roll methods

d40 use a d4 for first digit, ten for second
d60 use a d6 for first digit, ten for second
d80 use a d8 for first digit, ten for second
d120 use a d12 for first digit, ten for second
d200 use a d20 for first digit, ten for second

d30 a d6/2 for first digit (half a d6), ten for second
d50 a d10/2 for first digit (half a d10), ten for second

Anyone seen these used much?
I know DCC does some stuff like this alot
this might give me some new options for my table book projects


  1. Umber Hulk damage 1d4+1d6

  2. I do stuff like this often enough, but slightly differently...

    Like, for a "d40" roll, I'd roll a d20 and a d6. If the d6 is 1, 2 or 3, then it's the straight d20 roll; if it's 4, 5, or 6, then I add 20 to the roll. Basically, the d6 determines if the d20 is the low or the high part of the 1-40 range.

    Your method as laid out works just as well, but requires some additional intuition beyond what you've spelled out (mentioned for the sake of anyone just coming upon these ideas for the first time here).

  3. I thought d50 was a d100 divided by 2. I've got a pair of d30' but in when without i roll a d6 and a d10. I've seen different ranges in the past (more often in the moldy olden days). A 1-16 is 1d8 and any other die, on an even roll add 8 (or get yourself some d16s, I've got a few), I'd do d200 same way 1d100 and a d6 on a even roll on the six add 100 to the d100 roll.

  4. I use the d40, d60, d80, and d120 from time to time when constructing random tables.

  5. d1000 using red, white and blue d10s so the order of the dice is obvious. Although it would be different in France.

  6. Sorry. I just now see you are from Australia, so some explanation might be in order. The US flag is often referred to as "The Red, White and Blue", so any American would find that to be the correct order for those colors of dice.

  7. you can buy d1000 from education suppliers
    yes our flag is blue red and white but australians not that sentimental about it


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