Thursday 13 December 2018



Supernatural Animal Lawful Morale 9
AC +4
HD 5
MOV 16 ground 12 water
Att Clawx2 Bite d6/d6/2d4

Alphyns are hybrid animals akin to griffons and Enfields. It is also known as a wolf-dragon,  "chaser" and "judge" and is used on heraldry for it's ferocity and moral temperament. Alyphyns have a body much like that of a wolf with the front legs and belly of a dragon, long pointed ears, a long thin tongue, and a knotted tail. There are many common variants. It's long tongue helps it track like a bloodhound. Colour can vary from blue-black to sea green.

Often they hunt and kill oathbreakers and criminals but some laws they serve are not human and so they may persecute persons who don't even know what ancient laws they transgress. 
They do not value wealth and cannot be distracted with food. They will retreat if necessary and try again later. Atoning to a priest might keep one away until oath broken again but this can only work once.

They seldom operate in a groups. Some might dwell in faerieland when there are no laws to break and elves think highly of them. Faerie even use them to determine who is criminal and for executions. While a cunning animal they have uncanny instincts to determine law and oath breakers and liars. Humans cannot tame them and mostly avoid them. Some lawful knights might have one as a companion but this can cause problems if they waver in adherence to law.

1in6 require iron or silver or +1 or better weapon to harm
1in6 breath fire 4d6 range 6 once every 4 rounds save for half
1in6 can heal all damage in a 4 hour rest with a meal
1in6 are intelligent and speak and read, will state what laws have been broken
1in6 are amphibious and can stay underwater for a turn
1in6 have goat hooves instead of dragon claws
1in6 also have horns which it can use instead of bite vs bad tasting foes
1in6 sense invisibility within 6
1in6 can detect lies
1in6 has 3 fear aura that effects chaos, liars, oath breakers and criminals
1in6 immune to fire and dragon breath
1in6 sense chaos within 9 and drives alphyn berserk
1in10 are chaotic aberrations made to mock the alphyn that instead kill law makers
1in20 have dragon wings

1 A bishop who was a bandit in youth is being stalked by a alphyn wants help

2 A new heir of clan with a alphyn on crest is being stalked and wants it killed
3 Several hunters have been killed by a monster while exploring forest, why and why?
4 King wants trial moved to near forest lair of alphyn but wants escort just in case
5 A good sect brought their initiates to a place frequented by alphyns but all were killed, what went wrong?
6 A ferocious alphyn has been growling around a village scaring people but some thin it wants people to follow it
7 Wicked noble hunts and kills alphyns and has captured several, why?
8 A local alphyn used to keep bandits away but it has gone missing 

9 An evil wizard breeding manticores which he sets on the local alphyn
10 An intelligent but non speaking alyph challenges travellers to a game of chess, to the winners he gives a treasure if they are lawful and if they lose and worthy of judgement it eats them. A illuminated scroll sealed on a rock explains the rules

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