Friday 7 December 2018

Quick PDF Reviews

Rated with 1-4 suns ☼

I will write bigger reviews if ppl send me stuff and reply to my questions....
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Sumeria meets aliens. Done before but pdf is cheap and over 300 pages. Well researched, great monster art and descriptions. System not of interest but campagn is well researched. Im well read in history but wish i could separate good research from speculative fiction. Good stuff for gonzo science fantasy research and lots of great stuff. Good value and has done some things in a way other games should. And I hate ancient astronauts but a time travel scenario to throw people into setting might be fun or use it for super hero game past epoch.

BX Essentials ☼☼☼

Great rewrite of BX i might give to kids i got hooked on BX. Bundle for lot was on sail. No devil swine, my fave monster.

Arkham Gazette ☼☼☼☼

Uses older cthulhu stats and layouts which i love and includes 7th ed translations and handouts. Fantastic expansion of trivia to the Lovecraft county setting and handy for sandbox play. This to me is best Coc product in years.

CC1 Creature Compedium + Fifty Fiends ☼☼☼

Awesome book of bx feel monsters by Richard LeBlanc Jr. Good stuff even though i don't use lots of monsters. Id grab anything by Richard but I have my own psionics system.

Four Score Phantasmagores Rupert Bottonberg ☼ or ☼
 as art book

Was sent to me for a review. Twice they asked me for comment and no answers given to me. when i gave questions like is this art book or a rpg book. The requested my feedback but never replied to me. As a gaming book it is statless and art is unlike most rpgs which might be of interest to some. As a artists book of work it is more interesting but im still unsure what genre or how it relates to other art movements or genres. A variety of styles a bit incongruent.

The Fungus Forest 

I love this and probably a fave product. I don't really like modules but this is good and i would run for kids or adults. 71 pages with lots to do and factions and monsters. I have my own fungi tables but these are good.

Krevborna ☼☼☼

Have not read in detail but feel and immediacy of vibe good. Like a critique of ravenloft and lore overdose settings with answer to setting bloat. Its a good read so far.

Lion & Dragon ☼☼

I liked Dark Albion book and the cult sourcebook was better. I liked Arrows of Indra despite my historic and disagreements and not too great art (would have been better with clip art). I was a bit underwhelmed by this one. Best bit was the law section. Would work well with Dark Albion as expansion. It expanded on character gen options on Dark Albion well.

Operational Unfathomable ☼☼☼
It is not Veins of the Earth but it is a fun gonzo romp. Art is great. Enjoyable to read. I could steal from it for years.

City of the Tarrasque ☼☼☼☼

Great setting to add to my own. Lots of fun and potential.  A mega dungeon of his might be fun.

Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia 

I didn't dig this. It is big and complete but the class, the meat and the chaos didnt mesh with me which might surprise you. Has some good bits of horror in there but overall not a fan and not usable.

Horendous Heap of Sixteen Cities ☼☼☼☼

This is great and could be added to several cities as is or a multiverse setting. SHort and easily usable and factions are good.

Through Ultans Door 
This would fit in some of my setting quite well and a few recent products with dreams and decadent settings of late i would like to use including Blue Medusa and the old Castle Amber. A very attractive book with a great feel. Nightmares Underneath book might fit with this well too - hope to get soon.

Ultra Violet Grasslands 

Im pretty impressed with this and find overlaps with other settings like some of my own (Psychon) and Slumbering Ursine Dunes. Pretty with own vibe and lots of ideas. Some free content releases out and a Patreon you can follow.

The Underground River ☼☼

7 page PDF with basic layouts. Possibly handy starting point for a quick cave game i guess. It was cheap.

Augmented Reality 

I would use this in my Superhero or Cyberpunk games despite having developed my own tables. I found more useful than Vornhiem which it gets compared to a bit, but only because i have done fantasy tables to death.

Azurth Adventures Digest Issue 1 

Lots of fun, pretty and good for all ages. Loved art and layout. Not immediately useful to me but inspirational.


  1. my google-fu may be broken but I couldn't find anything on the Fungi Forest module, do you have a link?

  2. I like this impressionistic/micro-review format. Several of these I apparently already own 0.o. Anyway, I'd certainly be interested to see more micro-reviews like this from you, especially for smaller / less well known settings, systems, modules, bestiaries, etc.

  3. Devil swine are under the Lycanthrope section of B/X Essentials: Monsters. There's also an illustration of some devil swine in the book's front matter.


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