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Supernatural animal CE Morale 8
AC +4 Immune to non magical fire
HD 6
MOV 16 ground
Att Butt 2d4 or Trample 3d4 or Special

Bonnacon is a monstrous bull like beast with inward curling horns and a horse like mane. It will often butt opponents and will knock over human size targets on a natural roll of 18+. With a move 6 run up charge it can do double damage. It enjoys trampling downed foes brought down by it's butt or special attack and has +4 to hit prone targets.

Its special attack is to emit a 30 degree range 4 cone of burning feces from it's rear end cloaca inflicting 2d4 fire damage on any in area. Any who fail a save are on fire and take a extra d3 per round until they make a save by rolling in the ground or some other means like jumping in a river. 
The fire is considered a non magical effect. The bonnacon loves to trample victims on fire trying to roll on the ground to put out the fire. They love to trick foes into chasing them. 

The area ignited will continue to burn for a turn and any passing through the fire take a d4. A bonnacon might try to cut off escapes or encircle defenders with fire. They delight in burning dwellings and human farms. They especially enjoy eating rotten cabbage and other food. They dont even like each other except to breed which they do infrequently. Demons and devils apparently breed them in their evil realms keeping them in herds.

1in6 are young with only 4HD and only fire their special attack once every turn
1in6 emit a stinking cloud instead 1in6 of these can choose fire or stench
1in6 emit sticky caustic acid like dung instead of fire, harder to stop inflicts a hp dam per round for 2d4 rounds, 
1in6 of these can choose fire or caustic attacks
1in6 can leave a line effect of burning excrement behind them while running rings around foes for the entire round instead of the blast effect
1in6 explode on death for 6d6 in a 4 area circle save for half damage
1in6 have 12 range cone feces attack instead of 4
1in6 are larger with 8HD
1in10 are as smart as a human and more cunning and malicious and can talk
1in10 are a mated pair and 1in6 have a calf
1in10 can make a rocket propelled leap usually to escape or overcome a obstacle once a turn MOV 6 in one noisy leap

1 A strange cow is hanging out in the top paddock and a herder wants help catching it

2 A burned out village of corpses has been found find out what did it
3 A terrible odour is keeping people away from the trade routes find out why
4 Several workers have been found burned and crushed what did it?
5 A strange calf has been found and locals are exited, it seems to fart lots but a lucky find
6 A whole valley has become a wasteland of ash, toxic soil and foul odours 
7 A wicked farmer sold his soul for a new cow and received a bonnacon
8 A bandit raised a bonnacon and it obeys his every command
9 Something has dug up a farmers jars of sauerkraut and eaten it all, who would do that?
10 A evil imp riding a bonnacon holds a village to ransom


Optional cow bonnacon powers:

1of6 disease miasma cloud 3 area circle  
1of6  stinking 
cloud 3 area circle  
1of6  trail of unholy blood and gore, has fructifying powers on vegetation next year
1of6  fear gas cloud 3 area 
1of6  vapour of womanliness turn all males into females for a d6 days if save or permanent if fail save, 
cloud 3 area circle (some try to collect this gas for huffing) 
1of6  udder can squirt 4x d3 acid cantrips per round like a flesh turret range 3
1of6  spray a mass of translucent slime traps everything like a web spell within range 3 cone once per round
1in12 gives birth to bull headed kobolds a d6 per round, use umbilical cords as strangling garrotes or improvise weapons, will defend mother to the death but wander away after a d4 days
1of12  has a rear end bite attack for close range d8 damage
1of612 cowpats are proximity mines any within 1 size circle sets off 3d6 explosion over a 2 circle around the cowpat, once per turn

Notes on my monster format
-made to give lots of variants and ideas for adventures
-optional abilities roll (eg 1in6) till you get one (or not)
-make more optional checks if a greater threat required say 3 or 5

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