Monday 10 December 2018

Imdugug the Lion Bird

Supernatural Animal N Morale 10
AC +8
HD 8
MOV 6 ground 24 air
Att Clawx2 +Bite d8/d8/d12

Imdugug the Lion Bird appears on standards of cities and nations. Often associated with the warrior-hunter monster killer god Ninurta. All descend from the earlier Anzu bird who stole the tablets of destiny from the ruler of the universe and had most gods afraid. The common beast born of the divine ones blood can be tamed by heroes as a mount or guardian. They will terrorise and eat other animals or people in their territory. They often live in mountains in hard to reach nests. They are kings of beasts of the earth and sky. Some hoard treasure in their hard to reach mountain nests.

They often grab a victim and fly off tearing them apart or might drop from a height. Several together might grab and tear up a victim together.

They are favored by the gods, all who slay it save or are cursed. It is best to consult with gods and clergy and plan to appease them to avoid the curse. Often the curse is to be hated by all flying creatures or to scare away game or to spoil meat on touch. Often a scapegoat is used to do this so proper people are not cursed.

1in6 wild ones have a mate and 1in6 of those have a d4 eggs or chicks
1in6 are larger with 10HD
1in6 have iron feathers +12 AC and can shoot them for a d8 damage range 6

1in6 have a greater curse that lasts for seven generations and is harder to break
1in6 can breath fire or steam once per turn for 4d6 in a 3 range cone (save halves)
1in6 are intelligent and can speak
1in6 intelligent ones can cast spells d6+3 Level caster
-as d4 1=wizard 2=cleric 3=druid 4=sorcerer
-lightning and weather magic common. 
shocking grasp+claw attack is common

The great Anzu bird of course can eat cities, grant wishes and snacks on whales or elephants has at least 50 HD and is a 20th level spell caster. It is more bird like and could fight a god.

1 Beast holds a mountain pass hostage and needs destroying by a state
2 Beast is intelligent and has stolen something or someone valuable
3 King desires one to make city famous, capture a chick-cub to be trained
4 King desires the pelt of such a beast and has heard of one in distant mountains
5 A god is angry and demands a 
temple sacrifice of such a beast
6 Beast guards a forgotten entrance to a predeluvian ruin unknown to the beings within
7 Beast has fabulous knowledge and must be consulted and appeased with gifts
9 A villain has been riding a beast terrorising a region and must be stopped
10 The blood of the Anzu bird is needed to prevent a great curse but experts say the blood of a Imdugug will do, kill or convince one to provide the holy blood

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