Sunday 16 December 2018


Supernatural animal CE Morale 8
AC +5
HD 5
MOV 18 ground 9 water
Att Clawx2 d8 & Butt 2d6 or Trample 4d4
-if both claws hit can rake for extra 2d4 damage

The  boreyne is similar to a bull, but with a horse’s mane, a lion’s forelegs and tail, and sometimes with a eagle’s hindlegs. With curled horns, long pointy tongue it uses to track scent with, and a fin spouting from its rump. See  well in the dark and can hold breathy for an hour in water. Also known as dragon cows, bog beasts, sea bull, marshfiends or horror on the moors. Their dung is sulpherpous and smells terrible but burns well. Comes in several bright colours thus they are popular as heraldic beasts.

Irritable and territorial and will attempt to mate with cattle producing more boyerene. They dominate moors and water crossings and see well at night. They stalk prey for days often following victims trails who have traveled through their territory. Often they charge boats wrecking them and eating the occupants. Some hoard treasure and their hide is valuable with artists worth a thousand gp, They lair and hide treasure hide it in ponds, rivers or underwater caves. Sometimes they are manipulated to guard an area or hand raised by wicked people. They bellow scaring animals up to a mile away by night or while swimming.

Island and coastal peoples hate them with a passion as the creatures will retreat into the water if hurt badly. They are voracious eating meat, grain, human foods, anything.This makes human farms enticing to them.

1in4 have rear legs that are eagle claws
1in6 are beserkers

1in6 have shocking grasp once per turn
1in6 breathe fire 4d6 ever 4 rounds, 3 range cone,, save for half
1in6 breathe water with blue green hide
1in6 are invisible in water
1in6 get a extra bite attack d8
1in6 have two butt attacks instead of one for 2d4 each
1in6 resistant to fire with red or orange hide
1in6 resistant to lightning yellow or violet
1in6 resistant to cold blue or white
1in6 can leap 6 across or 3 up
1in6 can call a 300 yard circle of fog for an hour each night
1in12 can breathe a insect swarm that lasts 5 rounds once per turn
1in12 can cart charm person three times a day
1in12 fly with dragon wings
1in12 are intelligent 1in6 of those are spell Lv5 spell casters
1in12 regenerate 1hp a round in water

Boreyne Adventures

1 Trade between coast lands and islands are held up by by a boreyne
2 Years ago a dragon stole a cow, now a boreyne has returned to the place causing trouble 

3 A chaos wizard riding a boryne has kidnapped a noble youth for ransom
4 Strange haunting moans come from the lake at night and drunks back from pub have vanished
5 A saint transporting relics has been stranded on a island by a boreyne who sunk his ship
6 A dairy is under siege by a bellowing angry boreyne bull crazy for cows
7 A boreyne menaces a village hopping from roof to roof, everybody stays indoors
8 I isolated monastery by a lake has been haunted by a nightmare monster bull
9 A cult have raised a boreyne since a egg and use it to keep medling kids away from their secret excavations
10 A crack in the earth opened and out cam a foul miasma, healers want it closed but it is guarded by a boreyne

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