Wednesday 5 December 2018

Marvel Enemies Prep

Marvel Team in Current Game

Vibe (Dallas) A rock n roll roadie wrestler
 -With Incredible strength, incredible sonic attack
- Secret base he found with van and all friends live in

Bolt Thrower (Pete) The Android Archer
-Flight, Regeneration, armour and hi energy bow
-Scientist and creation fused and now there is only Bolt Thrower
Jack Frost (Richard) The Frosty Defender of yesteryear
-Frozen gas form, ice bolt
-Amazing medical scientist expert in cryonics for space
Evac (JB) International Rescue Service
-Strength, Pressure Wave Field and Forcefield
-Sponsored hero of a international rescue agency

Enemies so far:

White Spider Drug Cartel
Exotech Corp Black Lab
Cyborg clowns
Circus of Assassin Clowns

Mirror Team of Villains

Glenda Glory -Guardsman for god team reject, church deacon
-Hates music and fun
-White body suit with cross symbol
F Gd(10) A Ex(20) S 
Gd(10)  Ex(20) Gd(10) R Gd(10) Gd(10) Ex(20)  P  Ex(20)
H60    K60    POP +20 Rs Ex(20)
Talents: Religion, Oratory, Business
Contacts: Fundamentalist Church, Priest, Conservative Politician, Corrupt Cop
Inc Force Field - Force bolt, Entangle
Inc Laser - Second Shot
Gd Flight
Gained powers while fasting in outback on preaching mission

Deadbolt the Slayer

- Assassin cyborg with crossbow arm out to kill Bolt Thrower (?)
-Black special ops uniform with x on chest

F Ex(20) A Rm(30) S Ex(20)  Rm(30) Gd(10) R Gd(10) Rm(30) P Gd(10)
H100    K70    POP 0 Rs Rm(30)

Talents: Marksman, Crossbow Specialist, Martial Arts E, Acrobatics, Armourer
Contacts: Inventor, Assassin Guild, DaughterEx Cyborg - armour, quick draw, proximity sensor
Rm Crossbow fires explosive bolts - entangle, smoke bomb
Hyper Speed Inc
Augmented cyborg assassin formerly worked with super villain cyborgs

Thermite the molten man

- Jack Frosts former enemy motivated by his return from retirement
-Re humanoid body armour with back pack
-Old man in a suit easily killed, grandson will inherit role
F Gd(10) A Gd(10) S Typ(6)  Ex(20) Gd(10) R Rm(30) Rm(30) P Ex(20) F Ex(20) A Rm(30) S Ex(20)  Rm(30) Gd(10) R Gd(10) Ex(20) P  Gd(10)
H46/100    K90/50    POP -20 Rs Ex(20)

Talents: Engineer, Electronics, Physics
Contacts: Driver, Lab Assistant In Heat Ray - thermographic scanner, heat pulse area fx
Ex armour fused to flesh - flight, radio
Built battlesuit then inherited by grandson

Destructor the Analyzer

-Weather control alien drone
-create disasters as experimentF Ex(20) A  Ex(20) S Rm(30)  Rm(30) Ty(6) R Ex(20) Gd(10) P  Gd(10)
H100    K46    POP -10 Rs Fb(2)

Talents: Meteorology, Astronomy, Biology, Physics

Contacts: Child friend, Angry homeless mad man, Home planet scientists Inc(40) Weather Control - fly, lightning,area fx hail storm
Alien drone experiment on Earths atmosphere to assess invasion prospects

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