Sunday 28 January 2018

Hellwood Bog Revisited

Ditto from last time
Revising these forest encounters Original Here
Mere d50 tables from early days on the blog
First 40 are original 41+ are new
Altered the preamble a bit again

The Hellwood Bogs (Primordial evil wood)
A sentient evil swamp full of hostile primitive plants and animals. Magical and sentient beings offend the bog which has been battling local Druids for millenia. Local Druids test themselves here. It keeps civilization away from the mountains. Cultists on the fringes and some evil druids worship the voice of the wood but it despises them. All life has a mean disposition dwell here. Even druids cannot trust the beast of this place because some are demons in disguise or bound to the evil swamp spirit. 1d4-1 ft of water is common with deeper patches with strong flowing river water.

1 Giant Centipedes - paralyze you then give birth to live young in your ear or eat you
2 Giant Spider - spindly legged yellow green orbs the size of dogs, occasionally in groups
3 Giant Scorpion, grey pony size scorpion, females have d100 large babies on their backs in spring 
4 Giant Snake, anaconda and larger snakes lurk in the water logged roots
5 Giant Toad, Vegetation grows on this citter hiding him
6 Giant Monitor Lizard, water loving giant monitors chase on land or water the same
7 Devil Beavers, build pit and steak traps, collapse dams on victims, collapse trees
9 Hyenadon, lone mangy hunters, can smell you from many miles away, old and mean
10 Sabretooth swamp tiger an ambush predator effective in land or water
11 Swarm of insects or leeches bedevil you for 2d10 rounds, inflicting 1pt per round
12 Giant Boars,  yellow skinned prehistoric porkers carry diseased pustules
14 Angry Demon Birds, Axe beak birds hunt for flesh, black with red beaks and legs
15 Strangle Vine, entangling vines entrap and then choke, other predictors may wait for this
16 Yellow musk creepers and zombies grow in many of the best campsites
17 Giant Geckos water walk with their padded toes and move very fast
18 A bubble of toxic swamp gas engulf all, reducing Con buy 1d4 for 24 hrs if fail save
19 Tar Pit, what seems safe is a sucking tar pit, which may contain mega-fauna or human undead
20 Swamp unicorn, scabby, dirty yellow shot unicorn inflicts disease by touch, cast stinking cloud
21 Cannibal cult - inbred swamp folk who dwell on the borderlands out hunting
22 Druid undergoing ritual test, he may join you for a while
24 A petrified log water crossing is really an insane undead treeant who hates humans
25 Dire Possum, try to get your food and run - mama possums can hurl babies at you from her tail
26 Evil Dire Squirrels pelt you with nuts and drive you into natural hazard 1hp/round
27 Giant Horned Chameleon - hides in tree waiting for passing snacks
28 Lost bandits - may be demoralized and surrender if you help them escape or feed them
29 Madman, driven from other people and drawn here, attempt to get close and backstab
30 Lord of the forest spirit animates a tree as evil Treeant with Druid spells
31 Blood Druid looking to feed the swamp with blood to appease it, giant leech followers
32 Intelligent evil animal magus demands the parties magic stuff, it has a familiar to help it
33 Black Druids planting zombies to aid the bog spirit
34 Crazy child the swamp protects, if child harmed or remove roll another encounter
35 Yellow Dragon, lays under mud awaiting prey near tempting patches of dry land
36 Velocer Raptor (real ones) a pack of 1m tall lil raptors menace the party
37 Yellow goblins with cauldrons and buckets of disgusting goop, stinking cloud like FX
38 Pterodactyl swoops down from blind spot silently, has a nest with babies in a nearby tree
39 Harpys fly about shitting and screaming, they also have bows with diseased arrows
40 The forest likes orcs as a perversion of the natural order, orc bands reside here with impunity
41 Reptilian cultists with lizard men guides on there way to their Naga masters shrine

42 Serpent men cultists with a stegosaurus
43 Cobramen cultists meeting their cobra masters for instructions and sacrifices
44 Savage giant frogs with teeth and claws out hunting in a pack
45 Frogmen with trained warfrogs on vine leaches
46 Mongrelmen gang in pathetic rags charge in hopes of being killed
47 Brown goblins live in ooze and mud where, busy burying their treasure and food in peat
48 Swamp hobgoblin skirmishers who rely on missiles and wolves to skirmish
49 Giant mutant swamp crabs size of shacks with vegetation growing on backs
50 Savage hyenamen with pet hyena hunting dogs on patrol for bones or meat to eat
51 Evil vultureman wizard and swamp cultists attack intruders to the death
52 Crab men building a mud castle where their queen and treasure are kept
53 Giant lobsters attack from ambush in the mud
54 Evil chaos ratmen with diseased weapons make a skirmish attack

55 Squidmen cultists have come to release spawn from the sea gods to mature here
56 Shoggoth crawls from a prehistoric well from when the swamp was young

57 Tyranasaurus has been looking for its lover a green dragon and has brought a buffalo
58 Giant black swamp dragon flies overhead, possibly will hurl a spell or acid from above
59 Pit with huge monster eggs guarded by d4 1=crocodiles 2=dinosaur 3=frog 4=dragon
60 Terror birds ridden by newtmen out on patrol and looking for trouble
61 Hideous part green dragon part trex young and hungry on the prowl
62 Ankylosaurus grazing in the swamp
63 Giant snapping turtle, 1in6 has six lizard men on a tiny fort on it's back
64 Ankylosaurus green dragon hybrid stalking a trackadon
65 Stegasaurus grazing stupidly angry at any movement
66 Swamp zombies from secret cult plantation growing drugs, zombies hungry wandered off

67 Swamp wight sleeps in a log or a bog and stalks living when dark enough
68 Evil lesser spirit plays pranks on explorers and ruins food and water
69 Goat cultists once human running wild with a demon their wizard mentor summoned
70 Walrusmen berserkers with big axes looking for love or chance to have a rage out
71 Werewolves out hunting with real wolves
72 Huge pack of wild swamp dogs will swarm against superior foes
73 Swamp kobolds with clubs and blowpipes try to ambush then swarm

74 Filthy swamp bugbears lie await in sludge and bushes for hours to take your head
75 Leechmen with man catchers want captives to become cattle
76 A diminutive race of duckling folk beserker bandits offer to escort you in the swamp
77 Bog Druid Mummy with zombies crawls from slime to attack and sacrifice intruders

78 Brontosaurus wallowing in muck happily but easy for swamp spirit to possess
79 Undead treant stump is a necromancer with undead plant minions he plants about

80 Medium spirit with multiple forms and powers stalks the party, aiding and warning enemies
81 Ghoul pack hungry for fresh flesh howl and charge
82 Giant snake stalks smallest party member

83 Deathknight riding a rotten wooly mammoth zombie with a magic club
84 Zombie dragon attacks from the muck with a necrotic breath attack

86 Revenant crawls from the mud to slay one victim
87 Skeleton sorcerers cultists from centuries ago arise from the muck
88 Mutated chimera thing once leader of a chaos warband now gibbering and idiotic
89 Invisible Stalker roams the swamp killing travellers

90 Witch living in shack, hideous old lady but she has disguise magic
91 Lady ogre magi witch sister trio preparing to cook a druid
92 Evil treant animated by the swamp god to destroy intruders
93 Dimetrodon pack slims out of water and are hungry and fully charged
94 Dozens of slumbering crocodiles
95 Several behemoth chao hippos which attack anything near their wallow
96 Giant yellow and black salamander tries to ambush a humanoid
97 Dracolisk hybrid black dragon and basilisk out looking for enemies
98 Shambling mounds arise from compost heaps
99 Invisible fever spirit spreads plague miasma over area infecting everyone
100 Mutant and mongrelman horde led vrom behind by a were cobra cultist

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