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Gamma Oz 2450 Maps

A rough guide - Broken Hill region is where the town maps i was doing are near in crow eater territory.

Outside OzEmpire of the Orang - ape ruled colonialist power with 1970s technology

Cassawarriors - a mutant cassawarry empire of savage warrior-raiders

Empire of the Sun - a human mostly empire with advanced tech including, mecha, submarines and robots

Kiwiland - misty land of Moa, giant kiwis and maoris tribes and a few domes and outposts of civilization and bunkers. Several ruined cities.

Antarkos the Kingdom of the old ones - submarines and bases survived the apocalypse and have thrived down here. These are claims of alien ruins . They manage to keep the empire of the sun away from the south

Komodoland - a kingdom of savage venomous reptilians that ride gigantic mutant dragons and sea monsters

Garbage Sea - islands made of floating garbage and many built floating islands drift here

Tentacle Sea - a mobile giant kelp monster covers the entire sea, grabbing anything that passes trough but seaweed rafts allow some to survive. Huge shipwrecks are tangled and have been raised by the kelp

Inside Oz

Derrwin - former city, badly nuked and home to a mutant horde that resist outsiders

Crocland - crocodile men allies to the toads. Not well loved but at least they help keep invaders away

Bloom - former broom now surrounded by algal blooms at sea and land overgrowing in algal slime forests. Occupied by mutants and ruins look very intact

Algal Bloom - huge stretch of ocean covered in slimy green bubbling algae raft where savages and creatures live

Kangaland - is state of kangaroo folk who roam desert and skirmish with toads and crocs

Robot Land - airforce base AI taken over defence automatons in are to repel the invaders. Sentient robots have flooded here to serve the machine state. Mostly just drives people out now but everyone is afraid of the machines

Sea Tribe - live out of several arcologies, islands and platforms pre and post war and ship hulks. A aquatic strain of humans rule from under the sea employing non human mercenaries like uplifted dolphins, mutant crabs, mutant sea lions and more

Carnarvan - tropical paradise with canyons dating back to the dreamtime. Ruled by aboriginal tribes who encourage trade and holiday makers

Wasteland - irradiated hostile desert home of monsters and savage tribes of viscious mutant Sandgropers, old name for Western Australians. Many gangs operate dune buggies

Scorpion Wastes - prone to wierd EM phenomena like auraras and giant relentless scorpions

Shark Coast - kingdom of sharkmen barbarians, engineered for marine warfare

Hutt River Kingdom - dynasty of the Emu lords began here, replacing a tiny legal loophole kingdom of human royalty. Expanded include Geralds Town as a major trade port, mostly grow wheat and very multi cultural

Three Emu Kingdoms - was a united fighting kingdom but weakened by split among the heirs who now all compete but will always unite vs non emus and help other emulands

Emutopia - coastal emu kingdom where emu's live the high life, other races tend to do the work and do most of the suffering in work camps and farm labour camps

Pert - the great ruins of the western capito here, impossible to control because of the crazed killer gangs but good looting with remains of a damaged dome the remains keep city damper and hotter

Freemental - The civil capitol and trade location for Domeland with fair sized town ruins

Domeland - kingdom ruled by several intact dome cities that have united to keep mutants back. Each dome is a independent city state with own government that compete in a complex council for power. They get on ok with Emu's though

Alarmbane - military capitol where weapons are made and stockpiled and traded for Domeland

Emuboola - capitol of emutopia with mighty state hatcheries and many Emu monuments

Whalers - tribal sea nomads who hunt and follow and even live inside giant mutant whales

The Great Bite - a huge eroding cliff coast with just scrubby bushes and sand mostly

Kalgooglie - trade capitol of emu three kingdoms also the border with Dingloand where the Emu's are suspicious of

Dingoland - desert tribe of mutant dingo raiders

Sharkland - tribe of sharkmen have talen coastal areas and ambush travellers on the roads

Wombatopia - wasteland undermined with wombat burrow complexes and forts, they even encourage traders

Budgie Swarm - skies are full of carnivorous savage budgies who skeletonise people in minutes and darken the skies

Rabbitland - area dominated by smaller mutant bush bunnies who are hostile to man for using bio weapons on their ancestors

The Great Waste - highly irradiated with bomb test sites, a global nuclear storage vault and populated by monsters and some determined tribes of desert people

Alice - ruined tourist capitol of the ancients near the great red Ayer's Rock a ancient place of pilgrimage

Coober - opal mining town with thousands of mines and tunnels from mining opals, populated by savage gangs with explosives and dune buggies. Murdering visitors is the one thing they can get behind

Crow Eaters - great ancient tribe of South Australia (Go Crows!), tribal alliance that manages to keep out enemies together

Whyalla-Porpirrie-Pordergutta - alliance of ancient industrial cities selling metal and power

Link One - great fishing city ruled by feuding sea captains of fleets

Duna - or ancient Ceduna a fishing region led by a single inbred family, tribe are horrible rednecks, highly prejudiced and inward looking. Most like to wear offensive slogan t-shirts

Love Creek - ruined farming and mining town on edge of the desert one of the last civilised places in area

Seal Herders - tribe of nomadic seal hunters who also protect herds from outsiders

Madlay - ancient sprawling ruins of Madlay, coast and central area badly flooded and crawling in mutants and gangs

Dragoncoast - ruled by mutant seadragon seahorses grown to whale size, inteligent with mutant powers and inteligent

Dolphin People - a tribe of uplifted dolphins rule here with human subjects in habitats and platforms who seem fairly happy

Broken Hill - territory of traders and miners, capitol of the outback. Surprisingly cultured and egalitarian with large ruins

Mount Gammabeer - several volcanic craters long dormant with odd coloured crater lakes. Fair size ruins and caves in area. Farming country

Goonabong - Trade city famed for laid back drug trade

Gumsuckers - great Victorian farming tribe

Cabbageland - poorer grubbier farming tribe

Mouldareya - crimelord town controls drug and slave trade with army of motorbike gangs

Rattown - large ruin area with several tribes including goths, punks, miners, Kryleans who are based from a medieval castle themepark and old colonials who like to live like 1700 english colonials and keep slave convicts

Smellburn - great ancient capitol ruin with great feuding tribes of ferals vs restorationists who want a police state

Bass Strait Triangle - stormy auraura filled seas, with monsters and flying saucers, difficult and fearsome to cross

Rainbow Island - named when overrun by fleets of hippies from mainland. Pretty laid back, a bit inbred, often nudists.

Appleland - is land taken back from hippies (there are plenty there still) by reactionary conservative redneck inbred mutants. They want to get rid of everything about Rainbow Island culture or at least supress it

Hobbstown - Appleland clan worship Satan here and use as their capitol

Lanceton - where Rainbow tribes meet and tribes military unite against Appleland

Devo Town - a degenerate city of cultists, neopagans, casinos and vice

Zombieland - vast region overrun bu undead and necrovirus nanites

Canburrough - ancient capitol well secured bunkers and polite people make this place civilized

The Gong - Woolongong tribal territory

Sin City - ancient monumental harbour and quality ruins, overrun by some of the worst gangs and mutants in country

Bluebottle Sea - thick with enormous gelatinous behemoth size blue bottles other species live inside, ocean thick with jelly creatures

Jelly Islands - jellies so huge have turned into islands where people live with soil and forests on top of titan jellyfish resting on seabed

Nukecastle - fortified rural city state with some ruins and  a coastal trade port

Rangabad - families of Indonesian Orungs settled here to grow bananas and they build a great Mosque. People are a bit intimidated by them

Cornland - where great herding tribe  drive their corn-triffid hybrids across the wastes. The cooperate with bully canetoads out of weakness and fear

Roachland - ruins overrun by carnivorous mutant giant cockroach swarms

Bannanaland - puppet state of canetoads and corrupt kingdom of banana-triffid hybrid herders and the defeated pineapple-triffid hybrid herders. Corrupt overweight families of moronic cannibals control the tribes. The rulers are often supported by canetoad troops. The great big bannana and the big pinapple are ancient pilgrim sites and the two tribal religions often quarrel. The Bannana tribe have upperhand but try to avoid conflicting with the pineapple people

Twowombats - a independent city state with good ruins

Goldcoast - a paradise of ruined resorts and pleasure resorts, locals guard them fierceley

Bane - former Brisbane a great ruin covered in tribes from rednecks to punkrockers

Bundyrum - sugar and booze producing gangster state run by a mutant polar Bear who took over as the legendary corporate mascot returned, Bundy Bear. Rum is the currency here

Rockhopper - a independent coastal city of pirates

Townsville - large ancient ruins with aggressive tribes is the capitol of Toadland

Cans - sea trade capitol of toadland

Toadland - ruled by sleazy corrupt canetoad mutants who believe they are the master race. They use pigmen and crocmen troops and have influence over a large part of the continent

Pigland - puppets of Toadland

Razor Coast - islands, shipwrecks and habitats now ruled by pirates based in Rockhopper

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  1. This is, hands down, the best post apocalyptic Australia setting out there


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