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d100 Spaceport Scum & Bounty Hunters

Notes for my generic SF setting Stuff

Usable in StarWars or Traveller or Star Frontiers or whatever space opera game. Am thinking frontier colony generators that generate dramatic history.

Shadow in the Stars

32nd century shenanigans
Basically my later era campaign Sol created a dysons sphere and a interdiction zone nobody passes and disappeared millenia ago. Terrans were no longer a thing but some in mobile colony habs in hiding with martians and venusians. Selenites built a drive into the moon and left carrying most of Sol's war arsenal. These peoples are largely forgotten and myths to the peoples of the rimward regions of the galactic spiral arm. There are regions of space where the Terran Commonwealth or the Terran Utopian Authority and the Solarian Domain still exist apparently. The rimward regions are mostly backward isolated colonies but several major planets operating at higher levels have competitive trading empires and even a few Template 3 civilizations and some friendly alien enclaves some from other arms of the galaxy. The rimward region has exotic modified humans from the era it was cheaper to alter colonists than planets. Some planets planed to phase out modified humans as terraforming was finalized but this often was never finished for many difficult reasons. Conflicts and war has broken out now many new colonies have regained Template 1 technology as colony fabricators were supplied by merchants. Many colonies had their fabricators limited, destroyed in civil wars or terror attacks stunting them for milenium. Its a exiting new era of war and trade. Some have found interesting pre human civilization remains and advanced past human colonies. There are many who believe ancient advanced aliens who possibly built hyperspace are awakening and moving among us. Some say this is why Sol gave up it's dominions and disappeared. There are remnants of alien civilizations greater humanity and alien allies destroyed long ago including cybernetic races that had outlasted their creators.

Most colonies were set up with a colonisation module in space that slowly settle the planet below and installed terraforming engines. Last was supposed to be bringing down the fabricator. Mistakes happened, sometimes the orbital peoples enslaved their surface people. Sometimes a race made to survive during terraforming did not want terraforming to complete and sabotaged the fabricator and terraforming engines. Some fabricators broke down over hundreds of years or were destroyed in wars. Most of such colonies decided to barbarism only a few understanding technology at all to create their own tech. Many more advanced civilizations deployed less advanced colonies especially when exiling disodents, criminals or undesirables. Some even deployed flawed fabricators which could not make weapons or FTL or just broke down after a few decades.

Spaceports are spectacularly busy in this boom era of fresh contact. Only a hundred years ago "the Betalgusian Masters" sold thousands of planets T1 colonial fabricators. Within a hundred years most have doubled in population, expanded int their own systems and started trade and contact missions. Some colonies turned into pirate colonies which was unexpected. Their are alliances and united multi system states now and some are considerably more ancient and have operated T2 fabricators. These operate the best starports.

The great trading systems operate a moon or asteroid or gigantic habitat station around a gas giant to act as a refueling depot. Most avoid aliens getting into orbit or even on their core planets. The biggest ones have hundreds of ship berths and populations up to a million. The more advanced T2 civilizations operate star gates for faster travel within core allied colonies. These also can restrict any other FTL reaching these systems so they operate one or two open gateway systems with a huge space port often a artificial moon or planetoid. Some operate a region of lesser developed client states around the gated colonies.

Spaceports are important hubs of news. T1 civilizations use ships to deliver information operating essentially a postal service. T2 have 1 LY per hour com system and the stargate linked systems have FTL instant radio but not available to everyone or affordable. T3 peoples can talk to any others of their kind instantly using a stardrive. Possibly the many closed off T3 civilizations speak and trade more than anyone knows. 

There are some T3 fabricators in secret colonies who possibly have agents helping backward colonies, or possibly they are a form of bored citizens turned into adventure tourists. The most advanced people avoid contact with their backward cousins. Some have habitats in hyperspace or have just closed themselves from interstellar travel and hyperspace. Some say they are keeping humanity safe from a unknown war.

Anyone from a more advanced civilization in a person of interest to local authorities.

By human I mean recognisable as modern human with some minor cosmetic mostly tweaks. The first twelve tribes of earth made common slight modifications and Sol operated a caste system of persons modified for their trade caste but all these today are considered basic humans still
By Humanoid I mean many races based on very modified humans some even fused with animals. Range from altered skin colour and facial features to things that seem alien but retain basic humanoid form. Some believe they are alien, easily disproved by medscan
Alien are exotic and rare and often very strange looking to human ideas from tentacle blobs or insects. They are more common in some areas, in others nobody has seen a real alien just modified humans

d10 stranger in a frontier star port
1 Human in classic model

2 Human looking but enhanced
3 Human mostly with single cosmetic variation like pointy ears, odd eyes 
4 humanoid modified cosmetically (skin colour) by colony nationalists or cult
5 Humanoid modified for extreme climate or temperature high or lows
6 Humanoid modified for extreme gravity high or low
7 Humanoid fused with animal DNA, anime, hybrids, uplifts
8 Humanoid with radical altered life process like symbiotic plant, amphibian, cyborg 
9 Synthetic like a robot, android, replicant, brain or cyborg
10 Alien being possibly diplomat or merchant on some kind of mission


Tech varies but higher level traders get out more and help slower cultures
Primitive - stone, bronze, iron ages up to and including primitive guns also called barbarians
A template is a series of codes used by fabricators, civilian models have limitations
Pre Mod or Pre template tech is from 1800AD into the pre FTL age of system wide travel
Tech Template 1 - basic FTL, some high energy weapons
Tech Template 2 - fast FTL and FTL coms, personal energy weapons, anti grav, force fields
Tech Template 3 - most tools sentient, teleporter, star gate, advanced warp effects like true stasis

d10 Tech Type

01 Primitive - brought here by more advanced people, sheepish and in awe  
02 Primitive - acclimated. Doesn't get tech but uses it cunningly, might fake ignorance
03 PreMod - brought here by some one lower tech and acclimatized easily
04 Template 1 - independently regained tech on own or from scrap
05 Template 1 - standard low template frontier or lost colonist
06 Template 1 - cutting edge, access to advanced tech or prototypes, 
07 Template 2 - from a advanced colony has built self up from lower tech outpost
08 Template 2 - standard colony of one of many pocket empires or cluster states 
09 Template 2 - from a vast civilization linked by star gates shielded by interdiction fields 
10 Template 3 - often a exile or tourist, ignorant of fire, levers and violence, travel light


Drone is a limited unit mostly capable of remote viewing and movement and shooting often remotely controlled or automated but performs a limited role also called dumbots
Bio drone clones are limited not really self aware programed clones, with age turn psychotic
Robot is a machine made to replace human labour mostly with a form based on their function. It has come to describe self aware mobile machines
Android is pseudo biological body on a metal skeleton, with artificial organs living but different, requiring own chemical foods
Replicant is android fully made to appear identical to a human and not a copy like a clone
Brain is a AI often in a 30cm container case often carried by a human or robot or built into a ship, vehicle, house or war-mek. Some are quite ancient or even based on a forer living person
Cyborg is a cybernetically enhanced organic being hardware enhanced by extra weapons, tools or improved organs. At low tech it is cheaper than regrowing body parts, at higher levels is unnecessary and mostly for espionage and concealing tech
Biorg is a organic being with genetic and biological wetware modifications like extra organs

d10 Synthetics

01 Biodrone humanoid clone or designed life form with limited mission profile and ignorant
02 Biorg being with enhanced genetics and additional biological organs
03 Cyborg humanoid with cover or overt equipment built in
04 Android humanoid looks human like but often with designer uniform and obvious
05 Android superficial human but psuedobiological and tech inside 
06 Replicant human look alike android mimic
07 Drone dumbot operated by someone or limited mission exec file or smartware
08 Robot for industrial or worker based form and tools mostly specialized
09 Robot humanoid made to work with humans usually flexible and multirole
10 Brain usually with a servant or talks through coms or a hologram

Various types of riff raff you meet in big starports. There are bars everywhere full of scum like this. Squeaky farm kids, old professors and honourable military will feel out of place here.

Space Scum Type?
01 Homeless vagrant, seasonal wandering worker and occasionally beggar
02 Ex con possibly exiled or fled home system, loner not a joiner, traumatised
03 Mercenary independant or employee of a big corp or company
04 Pirate makes a living robbing, murdering and slavery
05 Smuggler moves illegal goods or people pass state borders
06 Revolutionary terrorist, idealist often has suffered and done terrible things
07 Gang member or enforcer in organised crime syndicate often fighting rival gangs
08 Specialist criminal technician freelancer like locksmith, forger or assassin
09 Agent possibly freelance but often for company, gang or government 
10 Bounty hunter gets paid to hunt and locate fugitives, some more like detectives

Many such characters have a edge or gimic to rsurvive

d100 Unusual abilities
01 secretly modified with hardware or wetware
02 Has a few items of very advanced or alien tech  
03 Has a spaceship
04 Has a sidekick usually exotic
05 Has technical skill in demand with bad people
06 Has exotic skills and training
07 Is a mutant with exotic appearance
08 Well connected to specialists and gangs
09 Has access to a criminal fabricator
10 Mental abilities like psionics or mental enhancements


Even bad guys have problems, a weak kink you can exploit to make them cooperate

d10 Liabilities

01 Dependant follower like a kid or sick granny or lover
02 Drug dependant or alcoholic 
03 Violent, often gets into fights or beserker rage
04 Sadistic, like to take time to torture maim and abuse victims
05 Requires tech specialist to keep going
06 Superstitious or religious affects decisions
07 Bully likes to have power over others and intimidate others
08 Cant work with others well, too fried and individualistic
09 Mental problems like trauma, phobias, flashbacks or predjudice

10 Zealous ideologue, uncompromising and intolerant fanatic

Hidden Weapons?
On a space port usually weapons are restricted but there are workarounds

d20 Concealed weapon of choice
01 Memory plastic dagger - retains shape  easily and stealthy
02 Monowire garrotte - can conceal and slice through all kinds of thing
03 Memory blade - handgrip activates a memory metal monoblade 
04 Electro knux built into gloves or like a knuckleduster
05 Plastic memory baton, instantly turns into dense truncheon
06 Plastic pistol low tech kinetic chem propellant, expendable
07 Plastic needler, with gas spring for drugged silent darts
08 High energy weapon pistol like a laser or blaster or sonic blaster
09 Non lethal pistol like a electro stunner, sonic stunner or nuero stunner
10 Energy blade, from handle is a plasma, sonic or force field blade
11 Wrist rocket fire limited smart rockets with specialist ammos available
12 Vibro mono knife able to slice through many materials easily
13 Burner usually a one shot napalm based weapon or some other chemical mix

14 Plastic knife gun one shot or a knife that can fire the blade one shot
15 Shuriken, possibly some high tech ones

16 Concealed poison or drug injector
17 kinetic kill pistol like a slug thrower, bolt gun, gauss gun or gyrojet
18 Pouch of micro grenades, low signature versions
19 Power tool like a nail gun, cutting torch or hot rivet gun
20 Tangler, web gun or other similar weapon for restraining victims

d100 Spaceport Scum & Bounty Hunters

01 Wulf 249 wolfoid hybrid, last of a clone line, bitter and merciless bounty hunter
02 Derax Klem a gunfighter with quickdraw and mean thug, likes to duel with amatuers
03 ID4XTZ a security robot long over written his old codes and restraints, bounty hunter
04 Songol Vril smuggler and ship owner, employs thugs, dermal weave and cyber eyes
05 Tanat Lee assassin and disguise expert, multiple illegal extra organs, raised by kult
06 Konrit Varg mercenary, likes big guns and has concealed parts to assemble blaster
07 Gim Rezol lion hybrid bounty hunter and conman, wields swords, jetboots and pistols
08 Pirot Danz always wears battledress of long gone military, sad mercenary drunk
09 Keelot Franz rockerboy gladiator in underground fights, cybernetic and bio implants
10 Jezra Kor weapon dealer, constant hue changing hair, body guards, drug user
11 Seeta Dar acrobatic rogue replicant outlived obsolescence and secretly hates humans 
12 Karm Seetol homeless vagabond does odd jobs and moves constantly 
13 Beezer Dandi gentleman assassin, dresses well, handsome with lots of concealed arms
14 Portia Ham revolutionary recruiter of terrorist cult, wary pretends to be common crook
15 C4KLS short two legged metallic pod robot, on jobs fits two heavy weapons, angry
16 Isen Berlitz relic plunderer, robs historical sites and infiltrates legit archaeologists
17 Parma Djan superstitious gand agent, investigates and terminates and deal, extra glands
18 Orel Moran gunman for armed robbery gangs, seeking new work, lives to kill or get high
19 Vardra Arjun war criminal, trying to set up gang to seize some tiny colony
20 Orec Vadran android from long obsolete line, hates non synthetics but deals with them
21 Candarin Mnar porn actor turned criminal renegade, sexual and other bio mods
22 Belit Noir smoking, quiet well dressed humanoid, investigator for hire and info broker
23 Greex Throx humanoid with rage and drug problems, loves to shank and brawl
24 Engar Torjan human, ex military turned merc, increasingly unemployable and troubled
25 Seega Plas criminal medic does well, occasionally drugs and murders someone if bored
26 Peela Sude smuggler pilot, wears tight black pilot morph suit, has a reputation of killing troublemakers or anyone making unwelcome flattery to her costume
27 Votrex Gar genetically modified and has added extra organs and cyberware. Highly unstable and touch, sound of gunfire sets him off, freakishly scarred and ugly
28 Herotix Vragon criminal technician, builds bombs, bypasses security, modifies guns. Gangs want to claim him for exclusive use so he moves every few years
29 Garmen Glorr bounty hunter humanoid who repos space craft from debtors. Universally disliked and has wired reflexes to be a superior fast draw
30 Minari Bandat a hacker for hire with several android guards, she has her own stealth ship
31 Darune Barban if from a more advanced society and seeks to control a lower tech colony but his homeland peers meddle with his schemes from afar 
32 Marmak Holdran combat pilot with a blockade runner ship which he hauls goods through hostile holding actions. He makes good money and considers himself better than smugglers
33 Gorax Klaw a tigerman with a ship of synthetic and humanoid freaks, has been a pirate, smuggler, racer and trouble shooting mercenary
34 Iren Darjan a drug smuggler always on the look for new products and sending explorers to exotic places to score spce skank. Often hires adventurers
35 Billen Jador a former guerilla leader whose planet banished him for crimes. Now he hires out as a guerilla trainer and is paid to stir up trouble on colonies
36 Venja Starseed a vice loving villain out for power and seeking ancient alien technology to help his schemes. He wears colourful glittery body suits and capes and a pointy beard
37 Korjax Vanguard a bounty hunter and mercenary but prefers to work alone. He emplots subcontractors but they never realize it is him.Has his own ship and androids
38 Ziddas Katar assassin who moves often to find fresh clients and avoid many enemies. Wears a advanced skinsuit ladened with gadgets and stealth functions
39 Kirra Skykladder smuggler pilot with old battered ship, she smokes and drinks and has a crew of colourful humanoids. Cyber wired reflexes and quickdraw pistol expert
40 Rindar Tyran pilot of damaged ship found by aliens and repaired. Now he and his ship has alien biotech and several gelatinous tentacled pods live in his ship, he seems to be helping them obtain technology and trade for certain goods
41 Vadra Kowl robed ancient monk who seems to have strange abilities and technology. He is very old and seems to have been well travelled before the current century. he seeks strange relics and ruins and kills enemies with apparent supernatural powers
42 Gorbis Zan travelling gambler and conman, always on the move to find fresh rubes to grift. Has built teams for casino heists and screwed all his team 
43 Vesta Calamity pistol for hire sharp shooter has genetic mods and bio upgrades. She isnt too fussy but not into suicide missions for anybody. She lives fast and dangerously 
44 Lodon Gdar smuggler dealing in exotic wines, drugs and medical supplies. Often takes on supply contracts to needy planets then steals the goods he has promised to supply
45 Corman Padra mercenary captain, often hired to train and set up security teams then moves on. Has own team of elite mercs and a small interstellar dropship
46 Meedak Grill driver for criminals and a competent bodyguard, mostly employed by gang bosses. Lots of heavy guys own him and he can raise a small army of goons
47 Kleesta Maronis has been working for a gang that seems to have evolved into a strange cult. Something is wrong in the gang she cannot fathom and she wants out of the system fast
48 Torlist Rasm Engineer for crooked ship dealers and an expert at modifying black boxes and ship registration chips. Also the best at getting engines to outperform specs and he makes good money tuning smugglers and blockade runners
49 Treelap Eron likes to steal charity money and medical supplies through infiltration. Has a pretty good bounty on head and a sleazy drug guzzling snake
50 Mercuriam Vile former gang boss on the run and cant trust anyone. She would accept some out of the way trip or job just to get a way anonymously
51 Snotface is a humanoid with no nose and slimy mucous dribbling from his hideous face. He is obese and pales and likes to lie on the floor or better still a podium or palanquin. He runs money rackets and loan schemes and always has several bodyguards and a undercover one too

52 Sirius Yahoo a drunken rock and roll mercenary criminal involved in many daring heists and adventures. He lives just to be cool and wild
53 Vindibar malus a gang accountant who helps many criminals balance the books. He is weedy but confidant as many gang members constantly protect and watch him. Police watch him too
54 Loris Star falsely accused of terrorism and fled her home planet. Is idealistic and has joined and left many revolutions when they disappoint her. Looking for new work but reluctant to just be a mercenary or criminal
55 Carron Vurt dealer in ilegal wetware, cyberware and drugs, has several guards and is always interested in interesting new ladies and hires crews to smuggle goods
56 Korbis Drake thief mostly break and enter man who sometimes works in a team or disables security for others. Weasley coward
57 Embras Vulthoom claims to come from ancient noble bloodline and likes sword fights, assembles criminal schemes for heists and is a competent leader, but overly flamboyant 
58 Tyran Zanbell runs lots of money rackets, blackmail and extortion. Has a savage gang and a sickly wife and teenaged sons turning psychotic
59 Bedel Sandibar a goon for hire who also sells inferior firearms to kids and losers, coward, drunk and a drug addict 
60 Sundak Credo a humanoid terrorist against pure humans who oppress his kind and treat them as second class persons or slaves. He is often overzealous and only lives for political beef. Also does merc work on the side for cash or to fund revolutions
61 Killax Bran merc sergeant but more and more doing special wetwork team operations mostly for crimials and corporations
62 Dlopy Carrimbar a common renta goon thug works for any gang because none want him
63 Velan Fedor a common thug who thinks he is seductive, deluded sense of humanoid superiority
64 Parax Dlan gun runner has seen better days now working as other guys lackey who ignore his expertese
65 Vabmoor Klan a crooked merchant who smuggles, cons, lies and even hijacks cargo. Has lots of pirate friends
66 Cloon Torjar tall low grav humanoid with sensitive low light eyes. a good numbers man and computer hacker. Has been traded around by gangs for years and cant escape
67 Torvil Rough cargo handler nomadic worker who does a bit of smuggling on the side, competent freight manager but a space junkie
68 Emil Munroe i mean viscois thug who gets put in charge of other thugs and because his ambition is always transperant and managable, thin moustach, likes swords
69 Egon Right a technician who works on vehicles, robots and technicians. Old but alert and has a gang bodyguard
70 Vinbar Guug a goatman smuggler who doesn't take guff from anyone. Cynical and suspicious and very competent
71 Trollar Gvangar a huge reptilian humanoid thug who occasionally bites someones face off to make a point. Mercenary and pirate mostly, too violent and bloodthirsty for most

72 Vorang Blarvarg runs a ship of scary humanoid killers. People use them for jobs where every witness dies. Often out carousing looking for special killers to join them
73 Beezon Vaalg runs stolen vehicles and colony tech and cheat codes for fabricators to make illegal goods. Someone highly advanced has been tailing hum. Has bodyguards
74 Crean Malderguard a cape wearing, moustached space swordsman. Used on operations where knowledge of protocol and status is essential and expert at forged credentials to get in with the richest anywhere
75 Zeebarn Valgent a smart and trusted goon troubleshooter who does some husstle on the side. Part of a local humanoid minority despised and poor
76 KnapKnap a gang member loves having a gun and popping them off and killing folks. Older gangsters try to keep him in line to learn and a few watch over him. Son of a crime lord
77 Corden Bligh a former cop turned bounty hunter, does dirty things to get the job done. Likes beating up bad guys. Likes to know difference between space scum types
78 Kalidar Sax expert of criminal drone applications and has a collection of war rigs and combat robots. Has cyborg gang are always with him to keep them independant, if any die their bionics reanimate them as cyborg combat drones
79 Proteus a android assassin with no grudges against humans or his victims and would like more human friends. His strange desire to make friends and kill strangers for a living is sign of his core AI malfunctioning
80 Ebra Kracket a fast thinking wisecracking gangster who the higher ups like. Some peers want him dead. Being forced to kill his peers or flee
81 Mamtar Donis a humanoid charlatan who deals in strange tech, relics and documents. Our carousing and looking for love
82 Kythang Argyle a angry ugly hairy beaked humanoid with furry ear tufts and fangs, mostly a mercenary for jobs where no subtlety is allowed
83 Zumara Pantibule a plague victim badly mutated and hideous by works as a bounty hunter who terrifies everyone. He has contaminated victims that tried to escape
84 Cheeky the budgieman humanoid, smart and wise cracking budgie bother boy for hire and mostly now as a bounty hunter with a legit licence
85 Sqidface i miserable killer for hire has a bad rap for eating the dead at any chance, especially if he cant find the fermented worms his humanoid race suck from swamp pools
86 Bristle the walrus humanoid, often works ship crews as a tech and killed for convenience a few times and carries a pistol, mosty tries to shoot first by surprise
87 Herzhog Gigan a pig faced proximen humanoid made long ago to scare colonists. They are still not pleased about this and relish in killing humans. All his ancient history was fabricated and he is bitter
88 Kiendell Vartargo bright young optimistic criminal rebel scallywag. Seems to be unnatural luck or have secret tech
89 Chromlich Westron was infected by alien fungus and is now a hideous black hairy deformed monster or a ghoul. He craves dead human flesh hates his life that has gone on for hundreds of years. Likes to drink to forget
90 ME-AT 106 a combat drone that acquired AI status and upgraded itself since. Works a mercenary bringing his band of angry human hating robot comandos. Often working for corporations or foreign governments  they are now programed for counter insurgency and crushing freedom fighters. He scours bars looking for missions
91 Grarthang Grusk a black hairy hog humanoid, bred to scare colonists into serving the commonwealth in the early years of Terra
92 Oolan Boo a brain once a human and only has portable brain pod carried by his robots, a trader and has access to a T1 fabricator to provide all kinds of goods in secret. The AI of the fabricator keeps promising him a FTL yacht with a mainframe to upgrade into
93 Kyperon a brain who is highly war like and deals in illegal and immoral weapons of mas destruction. Fought against humans in the 451st machine war and enjoys helping them kill each other. Buys and sells any interesting war equipment, tech or prototypes

94 Kline 4k a brain who is highly aloof of humankind and fought against humankind several times in past machine wars, likes to hack and insider trade nowadays. Does hire goons and will have a brain pod he links too carried by walrusmen humanoids guards. Likes to hire teams to gain data or manipulate stocks with sabotage and corp espionage
95 Corgax 412 a brain usually carried by a armed android with several more guards. Prefers being in a ship but happily broadcasts to a brainpod unit to meet others in public. Expert at bypassing electronic and system security. Hires specialists for heists
96 Rejec Hstarr a starfish like alien who has a ship and several humans from a planet his kind have ocupied for milenium but generaly cooperate with humans
97 Dr Beloopee a gelatinous tentacle alien expert on biotech and has worked on designer drugs, slave clones, bioaug troopers, deadly plagues, modifying colonists and many biotech crimes
98 Klorion a advanced human with a shop in hyperspace that can reach him at will. Acts like a rich tourist but often undermines authorataruian regimes and injustices with his avanced tech
99 CYRN404 a assassin android suspicious of humans and survived a android human war centuries ago
 Buzzeebub a insectoid mantis-ant alien, lost from his colony and likes to eat humans. He is a terrifying bounty hunter and assassin

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