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d100 Goblin Market Stalls

d100 Goblin Market Stalls
01 Magical lamps, many have luminescent bugs, faeries, fungi or fish inside
02 Ropes and chords woven from spider silk and finest hair sold by elf
03 Tiny little farm tools, well made and painted handles sold by a gnome
04 Goblin Milner, selling hats mostly pointed caps of various colours
05 Hobgoglin cobbler makes boots and lots of curly toed fancy shoes
06 Tailor goblin will make shirt and trousers to fit in a hour
07 Herbalist elf selling various herbal potions and treatments
08 Hobgoblin blacksmith selling new and used weapons
09 Elf selling ceramic flagons and bottles and mugs of mead
10 Goblin selling beer, cheap and lots of it flavoured with herbs
11 Goblin selling rat or lizard on a stick with some frogs on the grill
12 Goblin selling eels and lampreys in stew or pies with a little stove
13 Goblin selling odd used socks from piles of laundry baskets
14 Goblin selling pigeons in a wire cage "save them from fate worse than death"
15 Goblin selling a baby and several children
16 Hobgoblin selling bundles of firewood, he is a axe master
17 Goblin spruiker offering "brave lads gaze on a nymph and risk death"
18 Goblin freak show with mix of fakes and mutants and cripples
19 Goblinoid pitfight circle where goblins fight hobgoblins and bugbears
20 Elf selling fancy wine and cordial some are medicinal
21 Elf selling young goblins just the age to enter household service
22 Elf selling huge fluffy intelligent teen bobcats but only to good homes
23 Elf serving faerie food with goblin butlers serving tables
24 Elf selling a miraculous faerie horse
25 Elf selling his elven chain but is ashamed and desperate for drug money
26 Elf propositioning passers by offering sex for money
27 Skanky goblin prostitutes and rent boys hanging around with a seedy bugbear pimp
28 Elf selling drugs and a yurt to crash in where goblin slaves top up your high for days
29 Sorcerer selling some potions and possibly will sell spells for cash if not dangerous
30 Oiled up orc and hobgoblin wrestling with a crowd for ages
31 Ogre selling skulls and a d4 human prisoners and cured human meat
32 Ogre hag selling potions, telling fortunes and getting high in her tiny creepy hut
33 Elf selling trolls with their arm and leg stumps fused forming pretzel like troll chains
34 Fieries exchanging coins give good rates and have "ancient collectable" faerie gold
35 Squirrel woman selling giant acorns, her husband is a loser and forgets his nut caches
36 Fox selling unhappy duck lads in cages wearing sailor suits calling for their mumma 
37 Goblin selling wolf puppies or is going to stew them
38 Giant caterpillar is being milked and beaten by goblins, it begs you for drugs
39 Giant aphids being milked by goblins and then sold to giant ants for gold in tiny buckets
40 Sleeping giant being used by goblinoids to nest in and camp all over
41 Orcs selling their brutish iron weapons offending the elves
42 Dwarf selling pots, pans cooking utensils and labour saving gadgets
43 Dwarf selling canned gruel, most shoppers are suspicious and find it appealing
44 Brownies selling some sleeping mortals an some stuff they had from a wheelbarrow
45 Satyrs selling wine from a barell, drinking more than they sell
46 Sprites selling honey cakes and blackbird pies
47 Goblin shamans selling bottles with imps and strange spirits and potions 
48 Golin alchemist selling cast iron hand greanises and fireworks and flints
49 Goblin tobacconist selling hemp cigars, pipe tobacco and cigarettes for elves
50 Goblin selling erotic looking vegetables with big drooling grin from a box
51 A puppet show but the goblin puppeteers keep breaking into fights

52 Elven bard singing a incredibly long epic poem that takes days to perform
53 Elven bard makes sleazy advances to the party
54 Hobgoblin selling human clothes and tools from a waggon
55 Vultureman astrologer with Hyenamen bodyguards, really is a mind reader 
56 Dark elf selling arcane drugs used by the most depraved sorcerers and wizards
57 Druid selling healing berries good for a day
58 Giant spider being milked by dark elf selling spider silk clothing and rope
59 Elf valkyrie selling silver weapons and holy items to fight evil
60 Unicorn rider selling unicorn poop, heals d4 if applied to wound or eaten
61 Dark elf sadist operating a whipping booth where people bring their naughtiest slaves
62 Bugbear selling shrunken heads, home made garottes and plush monster dolls
63 Executioner hobgoblin with beheading block and axe offering decapitation service
64 Butcher hobgoblin selling mead, giant bugs corpses and a frozen cube of trollmeat
65 Baker hobgoblin selling bread from cart, bone meal bread most popular with goblin kids
66 Hobgoblin selling wooden boxes and chests some with traps and locks
67 Kobolds selling traps, easy to install packed in boxes from a wagon
68 Haughty lizardman shaman with followers selling swampweed, bogweed and locoweed
69 Goblin selling pornographic fertility idols and erotic scrolls
70 Molemen selling potted flowers and baby fruit trees with roots wrapped in bundles
71 Goblin selling gremlins in bottles "just shake and throw to sabotage your enemies"

72 Hobgoblin shaman selling poison for blades and arrows or wells
73 Goblin selling mushrooms that cause minor mutations and 1in4 are permanant
74 Human selling kobolds in sacks with adorable accessories and costumes
75 Elf elder selling pipes, hookahs, pipeweed plus skull and wizard bongs
76 Goblin selling his grandma, "she can do anything and has loads of experience"
77 Elven book seller selling several beautiful illuminated elf books and some human woodblock printed works
78 Bugbear selling catfish and mushroom stew from stove in a barrow
79 Elf selling exotic tea from a samovar on a pushcart steered by an old goblin butler
80 Elf selling addictive magic novelty candy from huge jar carried on fat goblins head
81 Goblin running a bobbing for frogs stall in a half barrel, "winner gets a frawg!"
82 Elfmaid selling magic apples, some poison, some reduce age, some both
83 Nannygoat led by goblin selling magic goat milk
84 Goblin auction for a magic intelligent hen
85 Hobgoblin sailor selling strange idol from the south sea cannibal islands
86 Elf trading sea shells with other collectors very patiently (it was cool 800 years ago)
87 Goblin selling a monkey mr shanky, goes on stabbing rampages if he gets a knife
88 Elf selling hairy wildmen in a cage growling and spitting wearing only leaves
89 Dark elf selling zombie slaves, good for farm work and pickled in brine
90 A large treeman with goblin servants selling treeman sap potions that make goblins into hogblins and who knows what to humans
91 Goblin selling jumpers made from bugbear hair, outback 
bugbear barbers are busy
92 Satyr selling erotic statues of elmaids, dryads and nymphs
93 Centaur selling healing potions and manure in sacks, also tells fortunes

94 Goblin selling "huge melons, wont somebody buy my huge delicious melons!"
95 Goblin shaman selling idols that grant +1 on a save once
96 Goblin wizard apprentice drop out selling cantrips torn from his book
97 Rabbitman selling fox fur capes, hats and gloves
98 Elf selling slaver accessories and costumes for human prisoners
99 Dark elf selling bags of goblin seeds 2d4 viable in a dozen, take a week to grow a pod
100 Goblin teens selling drugs and stolen wine, keep giggling

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