Monday 1 January 2018

Farmland Encounters Revised

Expanding this to a d100 as it gets used lots and from older era when my tables not as long....

As part of village comp im working on
a few old tables i need to revise

d100 Farmland Encounters

01 Farmers at work in fields
02 Farm workers relaxing over meal and drink
03 Children picking berries
04 Singing farm women and children
05 Stray dog follows you
06 See some elves watching from the distance
07 Stray goat follows you
08 Beggar tells a sad story
09 Wandering bard looking for a group to follow
10 Wandering drunk used to be a murder hobo
11 Travelling workers looking for farm work
12 Youthful rich having a nature ramble
13 Nomad waggons parked while they sing and dance
14 Monks or nuns chanting
15 Preacher out to convert troubled souls
16 wandering soothsayer with sacrificial sheep
17 Stray hungry ogre looking for food
18 Prospector will sell dungeon location maps
19 Hunters returning home with game 
20 Village women off to holy place
21 Bored kids follow adventurers
22 Child leading some animals
23 Villagers travelling to market
24 Waggon train of traders
25 Waggon train of settlers
26 Coach service on the road
27 Highwayman on horseback with pistols
28 Wild forest folk might be brave enough to trade or steal
29 Lizard men visiting other clan don't want to fight
30 Muddle headed drunks trying to find place to keep drinking
31 Healer making rounds of villages
32 Priest with pilgrims on way to holy place
33 Druids with ceremonial waggon and guards
34 Village idiots visiting other village
35 Merchant caravan with guards
36 Goat hereders with animals
37 Poacher selling rabbits
38 Cattle with herders
39 Shepherd looking for stray animals
40 Herd of sheep with shepherds
41 Waggon of livestock being taken to butcher
42 Waggon of vegetables going to market with farmers boy
43 Waggon of bread going to market with bakers boy
44 Waggon of grain going to market with farmers boy
45 Militia leading bandits to be executed in city
46 Beadle with waggon of drunks in cage taken to be dumped somewhere
47 Sheriff with posse looking for a young criminal
48 Local sherif and beadles escorting prisoner
49 Local militia on patrol
50 Wagon loads of rendered animal fat from Bloodsand to Shadelport
51 Wagon load of criminal scum sent as workers to Bloodsand
52 Cultists feign peacefulness to get close and murder
53 Cultists demand sacrifice or gold from party
54 Villages with produce for Skullport
55 Villages with hand made goods for Skullport
56 Villages with wood for Skullport
57 Miners with waggon of metal of coal for Skullport
58 Empty wagons return home from Skullport
59 Elves stalk party
60 Wolves hungrily track and chase
61 Werewolf if by night, wanderer by day
62 Magical being in disguise visiting humans from curiosity
63 Lynch mob looking for victim for some crime
64 Witch hunter searching roads for evil
65 Cultists looking for missing new recruits
66 Kids on the run from cult
67 Cultists looking for new member from anyone who listens
68 Cultists mutilating animals
69 Cultist sacrificing villager or animal
70 Tinker with backpack of wares
71 Food stall offer treats
72 Roadside shrine and priests attending
73 Professional bandit scum looking for victims
74 Escaped work gang looking to rob and kill
75 Killer cannibal clan from caves hunting game
76 Barbarians traveling, attack anyone they think they can beat
77 Workgang on way to Bloodsand, kill any softies they pass
78 Scum from Bloodsand expand definition of animals to abuse to include travellers
79 Evil halfling letches and pickpockets
80 Puritanical halfling farmers taking goods to market
81 Adventurer party on way to dungeon happy to swap maps
82 Orcs from the swamp looking for human prey 
83 Goblin gang out looking for trouble and mischief
84 Kobolds out hunting for “giants”
85 Warg riding goblins stalk party looking for weakness or right moment
86 Bat riding goblins swoop by
87 Shadelport Militia out patrolling roads
88 Imperial Knight looking for good deeds and duels and jousts
89 Barron’s secret police black riders on horseback on a mission
90 Bandits from Freecamp liberating wealth for the poor by robbing the rich
91 Imperial Agents of the empire spying in disguise as merchants
92 Witch pretends escaped from bandits to get close
93 Lost village idiot will follow anyone with a free follower slot
94 Farm kids off to city with bright eyes for future dreams
95 Wagons of manure on way to farm
96 Mercenaries clearing roads of criminals
97 Wizard school class smiting bandits for credit d12 students d4 Lv + 5th Lv tutor
98 Nomad horseman bowmaster tries hit and run
99 Vikings willing to trade or fight
100 Local youth try charging illegal petty toll

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