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Fallen Colonies

So interest in space stuff seems pretty big right now and Im pleasantly surprised my my interest in this kind of stuff. Im alternating between my murder hobo town maps, beastmen and stuff like this which is probably one of the easier options.

This is to generate lost colonies who's tech collapsed centuries ago. Such colonies have reverted to primitive or pre template level without colonial fabricators. Some have had terraforming operations revers which often puts a modified humanoid bloodline put in a position of superiority vs standard humans. In many cases rebelling humanoids engineered for phases of the terraforming are the reason Fabs and Terraformers were destroyed.

Most such colonies have been out of contact for hundreds or even thousands of years. Yes you could end up with a planet of stone age robots riding quadruped humans.

Possible useful stuff

Planer Gann - turning my setting into a anime mecha horror space opera
Simplified Eras, Tech Templates and failed colonies

For a more diverse colony d3+1 rolls for different regions of the colony
You could roll extra populations for more balkanised planets or combine several of the d100 hundred entries

d10 Dominant Climatic Features

1 Frozen tundra and ice pack with glaciers spreading from poles
2 Equatorial deserts and wastelands wetter towards poles
3 Aquatic wet world with island chains and several large islands
4 Thick jungles and vegetation highly humid and rich in life
5 Primitive life with some areas terraformed with more diverse life
6 Marshy swamps teeming with life
7 Rocky wasteland with patches of rich life on plateaus, canyons or lakes
8 Rich grasslands teeming with herd animals
9 Great thick ancient forests cleared in areas with survivors or ruins 
10 Strange alien vegetation or fungus

d10 Great Cataclysm that ruined civilisation

1 Civil war destroyed important infrastructure
2 Vital components of fabs or colony systems broke down
3 Raiders from out of system attacked and ruined infrastructure
4 Disease, biowarfare or genetic flaw shattered the civilisation
5 Natural planetary disaster like volcanic action or climate change
6 Star system disaster like a comet strike, asteroid impact, solar flare
7 Terraforming disaster wiped out dominant human population
8 Fabricator or terraformars or power plant exploded
9 Orbital structures or colony deployment array fell from the sky
10 Interstellar war swept through area destroying key infrastructure

d10 Fallen Colony Current Tech 

1 Stone age civilisation
2 Bronze age civilisation
3 Iron age civilisation
4 Dark age with steel with steel armour and weapons, crossbows
5 Medieval-renaissance with steel armour and weapons, cannons and crude guns
6 Napoleonic era with gunpowder, crude observation balloons and muskets, sail exploration
7 Early 20th century with rail, primitive flight and automobiles, steam ironclads at sea
8 Recovering tech often salvaged with some sonic air travel
9 Recovering tech and some limited in system travel an nuclear weapons
10 Have recovered enough tech to explore the system, establish bases and asteroid mining

d10 Colony Former Tech Remnants

1 Huge crater remains where colony fabs and terraformers once were
2 Toxic irradiated wasteland where colony structures once were
3 Wrecked remains of spacecraft
4 Ruins of terraforming complex
5 Ruins of original colony settlements
6 Damaged ruin of colony fabricator
7 Remains of colony ship structure heavily salvaged and in decay
8 Remains of colony transfer orbital array
9 Remains of colony terraforming modules maintaining planet climate
10 Remains of powered down fabricator possibly could be repaired

d10 Other Tech Remnants

1 Some advanced personal vehicles remain
2 Some advanced weapons remain
3 Some synthetic inhabitants including androids or brains
4 Some advanced medical technology
5 Some advanced manufacturing technology
6 Some advanced weather control stations
7 Some advanced mass transit systems
8 Some advanced sensor or comms array
9 Some construction technology
10 Alien ruins or archaeological site

d10 Occupants

1 Human baseline
2 Humans with minor cosmetic alterations
3 Humans with caste specialised enhancements
4 Humanoid with rampant mutations
5 Humanoids with major mostly cosmetic alterations
6 Humanoids with environmental adaptions
7 Humanoids with low or high gravity adaptions
8 Humanoids with animal hybrid features
9 Synthetic androids, cyborgs, robots or replicants
10 Alien species mostly some past human ally

d10 Balkanisation

1 Survivors mostly isolated in one area near original colony point
2 Survivors have spread over a single land mass
3 Survivors have split into several warring factions
4 Survivors have distinct population types and are hostile
5 Multiple survivor populations spread over a large area
6 Colonies across planet with limited contact
7 Dense pocket colonies highly diverse and often fighting
8 A great empire has assimilated other populations
9 A aggressive empire is taking over other populations in a awful war
10 Survivor populations fighting over last ancient resources

d10 Outside Contact

1 Long isolated, population ignorant of interstellar civilisation
2 Long isolation, ancient myths of interstellar civilisation
3 Have been raided by hostile space travellers in distant past
4 Once traded with outsiders but that was long ago
5 Outsider warlords came once and established a independent state
6 Outsiders come in secret to manipulate local peoples
7 Every few generations have seen ships in orbit and seen strange things
8 Outsider traders come to do business bringing tech for some basic resource
9 Outsiders come to plunder ancient technology or archaeological interest
10 Outsider raiders come for treasure, slaves or recruiting local barbarians

d10 Other Interesting Features

1 Some outsiders offworld group operate a secret hideout here
2 Terrible war machines control a wasteland area
3 Remains of space elevator, huge cargo rail gun or solar farm
4 Huge buried complexes containing lost ancient tech
5 Psychotic personality cult or dictator causing planet problems
6 Fabricator tech could be repaired or reactivated if keys or schematics available
7 Exploitative outsider mining and/or slavery operation
8 Dangerous alien ecology or organism
9 Ruins of pre human civilisation found
10 Remains of synthetic or known alien occupation briefly

d10 Extra weird secret features 

1 Highly advanced individual or AI in hiding here
2 Crashed mysterious vessel here of a type that shouldn't be here
3 A local ruler has somehow become effectively immortal to maintain power
4 Some dangerous remnant of pre human alien civilisation sleeping here 
5 A major faction or race is hidden and unknown to most of population or basic scans 
6 Ancient AI brain manipulating population like a god
7 Some of the hostile animal life was once human
8 Secret society or cult rules planet by proxies, possibly with offworld connections
9 Something native to the planet has formed symbiosis with survivors
10 System has remains of some structure like a stargate or huge colony transport ship

d100 Some Brief Lost Colonies
01 Judas - humanoids at war have reduced population to steam age barbarism
02 Corona - tropical hellhole where most medium animals niches are devolved humans
03 Tyron - colonists seem to have disappeared but became aquatic savages
04 Volcona - geological instability ruined civilization, barbarians, dinosaurs and volcanoes
05 Shaan - desert planet with warring tribes and burrowing giant mole rats
06 Kleos - occupied briefly by alien starfish who left a stable atomic age civilization of humans
07 Kaleff - orbital AIs watch warring human barbarians and act like gods
08 Orgone - cloudy hothouse where naked green humanoids live in bioengineered trees houses
09 Hazzard - nuclear war finished off most of humanity, survivors are battling warborgs
10 Tirion - wandering exoplanet with engineered cave system with atmosphere controls, once home to space pirates who's civilization crumbled and varies from cavern to cavern
11 Zenra - samurai states waging war and complex intrigue with battlesuits most advanced pre interstellar tech12 Gann - has a damaged stargate and colony states war with mecha and kaiju to regain space travel
13 Phiton - rival states used intelect reducing bioweapons, raging psychotic humanoid and mutant tribals live among ruined cities waging constant war
14 Liberty - fractured colony civil war has raged for centuries carrying on ancient nationalism from old earth, possibly fabricated with no historical links. AI shut down fabricators which every faction wants to sieze
15 Vornan - great forested canyons support  human tribes, some operate from ancient bunker complexes but most tribal savages of rival humanoid tribes
16 Kindax - humans fighting to take fabricators from machines which barley try to keep human barbarians at bay with their superior tech and orbitals
17 Loris - orbitals operating at interplanetary level lord over barbarians and factory serfs on the surface
18 Zorion - great biological cities roaming with savages fighting over territory and humanoid supremacy. Bio city brains have bred control predators to reduce human numbers
19 Cordon - nuclear winter world with automated nuclear ramjets circling planet at mach9 spewing out radiation, small population live in ancient bunkers two miles under the crust in military bunkers 
20 Harfang - jungle dinosaur planet with military colonies at early atomic age fighting each other. Biological agent ruined more advanced electronic tech and still active
21 Islan - ocean colony sent backwards when fabricator sunk.  An aquatic alien colony have kept humans in the pre atomic era
22 Tylos - a synthetic species built a arsenal here during occupation. Backward human barbarians took several arsenals and wage war with warmechs to get more weapons
23 Kyber - synthetic invaders destroyed colony fabricators but warmechs were rendered immobile.  Ruined cities are still unsafe and humans are still fighting drones with backward tech
24 Vadan - androids built a fake colony of replicants to trade with humanoids. When visited the androids pretend to be subservient. Humans were mostly killed of centuries ago 
25 Bilan - cloning tech has run rampant with factions all cloned from two hostile leaders who constantly wage war on each other
26 Pandras - jungle principalities wage war and are obsessed with beauty, flowers and blood sacrifice
27 Frostbite - ice planet where terraforming sabotaged. Humans in bunkers fight cold adapted hairy troll humanoids
28 Kandor - occupied by insectoids who enslave and eat humans. Some collaborators aid the occupants in their hives built on ruined cities
29 Krator - broken surface from volcanic activity triggered by terraforming, humans living in ruins, but kindly slavers visit to rescue them every few months
30 Tilt - resort world sabotaged by ape humanoid workers who have taken over and enslaved humans with early 20thc tech, they seem very resentful to humans
31 Vagas - last humans are hunted by AI warmechs virused by synthetic revolt centuries ago. Cities are ruined and boobytrapped or full of armed drones
32 Tabor - human anti tech culists destroyed colony fabs and habs, and last tech users in hiding
33 Habas - insectoids dropped plague spores here killing most of the humans, most of the ones that survived are mindless cannibals hunting the last few humans who are mostly trapped in bunkers
34 Zorion - chimera spores reached the planet turning everything into hostile mutants. The last humans live in ruined cities and intact domes in hiding. Fabricator was shutdown by colonists when the AI tried to destroy all organic life on the planet. Android faction is still working on the goal
35 Rabelas - contaminated with hostile alien life forms that rapidly bred and destroyed local military and essential colony systems. Last humans wage a losing war
36 Oolon - barbarian world of warlord that mercenary recruiters visit yearly. Some want to repair the fabricators and fix the colony but the mercs don't want any changes
37 Clorus - plant humanoid hybrid species bred as slaves overan the cities and drove survivors into hiding. Carnivorous plant monsters have run rampant
38 Legion - barbarian planet rebooted a AI brain which set about creating a race of combat cyborgs who hunt the all biologicals to convert into cyborgs
39 Mingus - overrun by theme park androids who destroyed human civilization centuries ago, lure humans down now to obtain starships to liberate other synthetics
40 Koleg - alien insectoid robots ravaged the colony and have converted the colony fab to make warships. Humans and some insectoid aliens together try to stop them
41 Siren - android sex workers took over and live in luxury with human slaves. They lure down visitors to rob them of ce and ships
42 Kalax - cyborg insectoid aliens wiped out the orbitals and poisoned the planet. Last colonists wage guerilla war while cyborgs hijack factory to build more. The queen is in a orbital and her eggs are brought down to cyborg in shuttles
43 Vordan - feral barbarian colony locked in war as several empires play politics. One new empire worship a warmech which is insane and seeks to control the planet then go interstellar
44 Talbot - peaceful colony of hedonistic pacifists welcome visitors and expect to be taken to paradise, slavers have been grooming them for decades and manipulating their AI god 
45 Soran - barbarian colonists fighting more alien advanced insectoids who have modified colony fabricators and terraforming complexes int planetary digging rigs to strip mine the planet and build them a attack swarm fleet. Thay plan to detonate the planet when finished
46 Mylor - peaceful farming folk living in a preindustrial civilization have forbidden technology but a faction have been broadcasting messages asking for help. A fleet of pirates and slavers looking for a new base have decided to visit 
47 Carpenter - wood covered planet where the humans have learned to live with alien wood eating bugs. Together man and bug live in peace. New arrivals have come to reactivate the fabricator and hate the ants who they believe have duped the colonists
48 Clovis - religious colony worship the remains of the colony module that exploded on impact. The survivors regressed to a medieval condition and only the priesthood are allowed to use electricity or other tech
49 Zortan - colony reduced to barbarism when invaders came and stole their fabricator and remains of their colony ship in orbit. Now the fear and hate outsiders
50 Pallas - city states are struggling to survive in mountainous forests. Colonies battle by use of robot champions, their last advanced artform practiced by tech mystics. One tribe has begun to cheat and has built a robot army
51 Tordril - scattered knightly tribes live in isolation serving wizard priests who maintain their lives by harvesting blood and organs of commoners

52 Kalor - colony broke out in chimera spores creating deadly mutants and twisting the colony AIs. Mow the technological ruins are sprawling rusted hulks that the last survivors live amongst. A limited number of androids protect the humans but have failed to help the humans do anything but prolong the process of mutation and decay
53 Primord - a swampy planet covered in swampy organic ooze. The original colonists tried to use it to grow lakes of food but when the colony collapsed from a disaster many of the lakes of ooze became mobile and aggressive tentacled horrors. Primitive human live in fear of their gods the call the masters. Visitors mean sacrifices that don't come from their tribes
54 Fanril - an asteroid stripe threw the planet into a winter and the colonists mostly died. The survivors that came from their bunkers discovered that a AI had made a new species of cold adapted humanoids that hate the baseline humans and sabotaged most of the advanced technology they don't need to survive. Much technology is buried under ice
55 Malax - c bioplague was employed by a faction turning most of the population into canibal maniacs who blew up the colony core facilities. The isolated surviving sane populace constantly face being eaten by rapidly mutating maniacs
56 Dorian - colony became infected by parasitic worms that achieved sentience when the infected humans to a certain point. The AI managed to isolate the worms cannot tolerate epilepsy and "immunized" the survivors. The worm infected managed to seize the colony fabricators and essential bases and the AI shut them down. The increasingly desperate survivors need help to gain control. Outsiders will see the worms as a potential menace 
57 Terandol - colony had a civil war and a breed of humanoids were made by a general to conquer the planet. When the general died they destroyed most of the essential systems and the planet collapsed into barbarism. The surviving humans have made 20th century weapons. The increasing humanoids breed faster but use primitive weapons
58 Pylon - the colony was intended to receive additional supplies after the initial fabricator failed but they never arrived. Now the primitive survivors await the sky gods to bring the star chalice that will grant them wonders and eternal comfort
59 Voornis - survivors have developed strange mystical religion and have modified themselves for survival as the systems failed. Visitors arriving might easily mistake the locals as aliens. The colonists find visitors hideous and believe them to be mythical demons
60 Vaden - a caste system has developed puting the programmers on the top and technicians at the bottom. Other colonists fled the the two peoples now wage war
61 Kulax - the population now live as nomads avoiding the planetary extreme seasons following migrating creatures
62 Liger - a meteor strike brought a hostile alien life form, a biological weapon from a pre human war. The creatures have been dormant for decades and the survivors have repopulated but fear the return of the space demons
63 Andar - when essential systems broke down the survivors modified themselves to survive the intense solar flares. Under certain conditions the population metamorph into chrome skinned killers who turn on those who don't change and waste resources. Local animal life turns from peaceful to deadly also
64 Raiden - dangerous seasonal storms destroyed most of the tech infrastructure the first year. The survivors worship lightning and shun technology
65 Sidon - barbarian colony worship a corrupt merchant who found the colony decades. He is hostile to anyone who threatens his sweet deal
66 Sidrax - the survivors live in a oasis of life on a barren waste. The survivors are preserved by still operating machines. The tech is almost depleted but the locals believe failures are due to the gods displeasure at strangers
67 Kaypax - the colonists long ago died and the AI created a race of android replicants. It wants visitors to stay for it to care for
68 Beleron - the remaining tech is able to support the population through cloning as only a single gender remain due to a ancient massacre. Visitors of the other gender will not be alowed to leave
69 Boron - the peaceful primitive colonists have been conquered by abusive pirates who use the colony as a base
70 Medulax - the colony have regressed to pre atomic age. They are utterly disinterested in the ruins in the swamps or the primitive newts who live among them and keep humans away
71 Codova - raiding insectoid aliens were driven off centuries ago after crippling the colony. Some of the insectoids survive as savages but the brought a slave race with three castes and the humans realizing their value have enslaved them to help fight the bugs 

72 Padua - the colonists here before collapsing to barbarism engineered various herd animals from human stock which they now feed off. Visitors are welcomed to a feast 
73 Gorman - colossal ruined cities now empty cover the planet. Gangs of feral teens lurk in them, most die within a few years of sexual maturity. Visitors will have contacted the plague by the time they find out but advanced medical startion should be able to manufacture a treatment
74 Kolos - a culture of philosopher mystics welcome visitors but have many strange customs and are easily offended. Duels to the death are the standard resolution
75 Delos - a bureaucratic culture are deep in the study of ancient technology. The arrival of unauthorised strangers cause many problems. Their inflexible legal code forbids the use of undocumented technology even that brought by travellers 
76 Memphis - the primitive atomic age people here live in terror of the return of raiders from the stars. They are prepared to use force or military to capture strangers for dissection in a secret government lab
77 Barrion - remains of a civilization dot the planet and one continent has a vast array built to research hyperspace. No traces of humans remain but some service androids and a AI in the array which they bring online when a starship aproaches
78 Iskra - the colonists here have been reduced to agrarian civilization. The arrival of strangers has them cautious but eventually they will want to seize strangers assets in the name of the people 
79 Coran - agrarian pastoral religious people with caste system who believe they are the only human survivors left in the galaxy and in hiding from the demons that destroyed humanity. They warn the demons from space will come to deceive them
80 Kronos - something turned the colony fabricator hostile and the climate controls almost wiped out the colony and ruined the civilization. Now a colossal machine sprawls over whole mountain ranges. The machine god demands human slaves which it is hardwired into it's systems, outsiders terrify the machine. It operates atomic age war machines
81 Vega - the agrarian civilization live in harmony with their planet and free from all wants. Everything on the planet has been modified to serve humanity. The humans live in a dreamy state with very little effort. An ancient AI made the planet a paradise  but the people are child like and helpless when hostile visitors arive
82 Banthan - each city state has a nuclear device primed to explode if the old planetary AI deems they break it's laws. Violence to each other or contact with aliens is enough to detonate
83 Koris - the backward agrarian people have been enslaved by pirates who use the locals to grow drugs and mine
84 Thoris - the local barbarians are hopelessly addicted by a drug and will not admit where it comes from. Of world criminals are visiting to trade and desperate to find out. It actually comes from a dangerous predator creature
85 Berris - a few seasons after colonisation a plague began to mutate victims int horrible beaked tentacled monsters. Actually the monster burst from the human body and eat the scraps, humans are larder than any native creature and have allowed the parasite to grow bigger than ever before. The survivors live in areas the parasite is rare
86 Vorgan - humans managed to liberate a slave race of space goblins from invading alien insectoids. The goblins managed to turn the humans into part of their caste system and the humans are content being technician soldiers. The old two castes that humans replaced are in the jungles waiting to arise and wipe out humans for blasphemey
87 Nitron - human civilization collapsed from strange machine failures. As the humans declined they realized a colonial insectoid intelligence was sabotaging them. Now humans war against the hive mounds and are slowly losing
88 Kish - the humans here have built stone replicas of their long lost fabricators where they sacrifice conquered victimes for gifts of the gods. Travellers from the stars for a time will be though to be gods but the priests will eventually turn on them
89 Kulon - colonists tech fell into disrepair and the barbarian humans now use modified quadrupeds as mounts. The quadrupeds are smarter and have more culture than the masters give them credit for
90 Turan - marine colony where the fabricators were washed away during a terraforming mishap. Now a uplifted marine species has been more successful than the primative humans
91 Goldwell - rich in precious minerals the now low tech natives wear lavish gold and gems. A crashed ship of pirates are trying to link up a FTL com array in orbit to call an invasion
92 Vadax - barbarians captured a spacecraft then several more and have become pirate space barbarians who lure ships down with lies of free gold, uranium and pacifism
93 Tor - undulating grasslands, rocks and mountains with many ancient hill forts and artificial mounds and megaliths made by survivors. Many of these mounds cover ancient colony infrastructure and the druids use them in secret to perform miracles while telling the people tech is forbidden

94 Sinax - colony devolved into a cannibal religions where naked serfs ruled over by a cannibal brotherhood
95 Kalora - rich jungle where savages worship totems of scrap and ancient remnants. Some hidden enclaves of colonists worship the AI and the outside tribes are descendants of the survey teams
96 Zabra - the colony modules sunk into a swamp leaving the surface savage tribes hostile to visitors. Inside the sunken colony cultists believe they are living inside the real world and outsiders are demons
97 Petra - automated fabricators have been building vast sprawling lifeless cities for hundreds of years. Robots keep animal life including savage humans outside do to vermin protocol error
98 Elan - mostly a planet of savage barbarians but they all know of a cursed automated city of the ancients. Some try to raid it but the city is shielded, uses bio weapons and has a advanced EM warfare array capable of grounding ships on the same side of the planet it regards as threats
99 Gardvorn - a atomic age culture ignorant of any offworld culture and in a coldwar. Aliens thought to be foreign plots or require vivisection. A few advanced humans are in hiding in secret even from each other, each trying to manipulate the population
100 Canto - desert planet of barbarian tribes but  outsiders have built a black market spaceport for criminal scum, pirates and mercenaries. They recruit many locals and ship them offworld from here, one of the planets main exports. Some locals hate the advanced newcomers who encourage worst elements and who keep setting up bases

ok that was bigger than i planned...

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