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d100 Merchant Starships

So I'm going to do some more generic SF Tables for space opera games so here is something I would have found handy. Traveller patrons book was pretty good adventure fodder for random heists. Could be usable for Traveller or GURPS or other space opera games. I run BRP with bits of Ringworld by choice, GURPS space, 2300 and star frontiers tacked on.

This should be handy to generate various ships to encounter in space, wrecks or populating a starport. You might just wanna see what other ships are in the area. The biggest ships have more boats and may require tugs and tenders to offload. Most of the ships of a 1000T+ are not atmosphere capable in lower techs and generally a tube covered in cargo pods or a slab structure of pods. Larger ships are more likely to carry a dedicated type of cargo and the smaller ones more mixed and varied cargo. Most of the largest ships has no internal life support outside the crew area. Smaller ships more likely to carry passengers. Cargo pods with frozen passenger pods are available for the most desperate or emergency mass transit of peoples. Smaller ships will often have spare state rooms for a few passengers but these tend to be cramped. Specialist human movers have multiple classes of passenger berths. In most civilized advanced eras stargates and teleporters make such travel rare and mostly in backwaters.

The bigger the ship the more boring and corporate they tend to be.

d10 Ship Size and Type

1 Courier 2-4 crew 100T fast but costly
2 Corvette or Schooner 4-6 crew 200T struggling small independant
3 Merchantman 4-8 crew 400T typical independent operators
4 Small Freighter 6-10 crew 800-1000T common hauler
5 Freighter 6-10 crew 2000T standard corporate hauler

6 Large Freighter 8-16 crew  5000T 
7 Kilo Freighter  10-20 crew 10000T small colonial mover
8 Mega Freighter 25-30 crew 100000T
9 Tera Freighter  20-40 crew 1000000T colonial mover

10 Planetary Mover 50 crew 100000000T ore hauler platform

d10 Condition

1 Wrecked - not operable, damaged, requires major repairs
2 Damaged - required repairs to operate or move, dangerous to operate
3 Failing - is hazardous to operate and hopelessly unreliable
4 Poor - has many maintenance and reliability problems
5 Flawed - has maintenance problems and underperforming
6 Serviceable - well maintained but showing signs of use
7 Fair - working order and tolerable condition
8 Good - under ten years old still under warranty
9 Excellent - several years old and well maintained
10 New - within a year of leaving shipyard possibly first voyage

d10 Defences (see bottom of page for examples)

1 Unarmed - gun port, emergency suits
2 Minimal - cameras, locks, manned anti boarding gun
3 Basic - small and lightweight weapons typically for fighters
4 Defencive - defence weapons like laser turrets
5 Secure-  quality civilian security
6 Superior - improved 
7 Concealed - concealed and stealth weapons
8 Heavy - large scale anti capitol ship weapons
9 Advanced - new generation weapons and defences 
10 Military - full range of classified military weaponry

d10 Crew Quality

1 Inexperienced amatuer crew dangerously unqualified
2 Green crew with no experienced leaders
3 Green crew with experienced commanders
4 Semi experienced crew seasoned officers
5 Experienced crew with seasoned officers
6 Seasoned crew
7 Seasoned crew with veteran officers
8 Veteran crew  
9 Veteran crew with elite officers
10 Elite crew with military experience

Cargo Types

1 Raw materials bound for refinery or construction
Livestock or plant products on way to farms, markets or refining
3 Fuel material on way to refinery or fuel station
4 Refined minerals on way to factories
5 Refined luxury food products on way to market
Chemicals bound for refinery or fabricators
Industrial goods d4 1=electronics 2=robots 3=vehicles 4=computers
8 Medical d4 1=
Pharmaceuticals 2=medic supplies 3=genetic material 4=androids
Exotic d4 1=Luxury goods 2=Slaves 3=Artworks 4=Arms
 Colony modules for settlement or terraforming or cryonic passengers

I've grouped them by size here and tried to vary condition among each size group

d100 Merchant Starships
01 Golden Needle (Courier, good condition,  defencive weapons) seasoned crew operate a decommissioned military scout, charging high prices to select honest clients
02 Vulture (Courier, poor condition, defencive weapons) green crew with seasoned captain, smugglers moving illegal cargo, mostly inept and crooked  
03 Star Swift (Courier, fair condition, seasoned crew, basic weapons) veteran crew willing to make the odd criminal haul or even commit piracy if tempted
04 Red Blade (Courier, failing condition, concealed weapons) veteran crew on verge of bankruptcy will consider taking on a heist and desperate for repair expenses
05 Cutlass (courier, serviceable condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew struggling to make money and have fought in several skirmishes for money but not keen to repeat
06 Barracuda (Courier, good condition, concealed weapons) veteran crew take big contracts and appear more modest than expected, like to lay low but take high risk cargo for cash
07 Gypsy Moon (Courier, serviceable, defencive weapons) green crew optimistic and hoping to keep honest. Lost most experienced crewmate and now flighty and wary
08 Black Centaur (Courier, excellent condition, military weapons) veteran crew ex military and still take black bag contract jobs for the government and corporations
09 Oroborus (Courier, good condition, advanced weapons) elite crew investigate and troubleshoot supply lines for pirates, wreckers trade corp information leaks
10 Yellow Fish (Courier, fair condition, minimal weapons) green crew with seasoned captain, honest traders who make good money and are careful to use honest agents only
11 Angry Baby (Schooner, fair condition, basic weapons) seasoned crew who stick to good trade lanes and try to travel with merchant fleets, captain likes to talk tough
12 Dreaming Lady (Schooner, good condition, superior weapons) veteran crew were once adventurers they have been more relaxed and honest the last few years
13 Rampant Stag (Corvette, fair condition, advanced weapons) experienced crew with veteran officer, captain is a ex pirate who has killed his crew several times to save cash
14 Leaping Salmon (Pinnace, good condition, concealed weapons) veteran crew in ex military vessel modified for trade and covert private security. Often take government jobs
15 Silver Mantis (Schooner, serviceable condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew the ship has two cargo arms and occasionally helps on construction projects with bigger ships
16 Black Rhino (Corvette, good condition, military weapons) veteran crew often inform and work with pirates and size up other ships at depots for good targets
17 White Swan (Yacht, excellent condition, advanced weapons) seasoned crew has worked security contracts, VIP transport and claimed bounties on pirates 
18 Careless Whisper (Schooner, serviceable condition, basic weapons) green crew with seasoned officers, ship has been modified for speed and has taken bets for speed trips
19 Dancing Elf (Schooner, good condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew but famous for drinking and fighting, known for having driven off pirates several times
20 Fiddler King (Schooner, fair condition, basic weapons) seasoned crew of seedy smugglers who peddle vice, information and discreet passenger transfers
21 Fatboy (Merchant, good condition, concealed weapons) green crew well funded and confident. Supported by new company trying to impress, have snappy uniforms 
22 El Dorado (Merchant, serviceable, basic weapons) experienced crew but several criminals running secret scams and smuggling on the side unknown to rest of crew
23 Star Bat (Merchant, excellent condition, secure weapons) seasoned crew with strict captain who keeps ship well maintained and has made some record speeds 
24 Phantom Three (Merchant, fair condition, superior weapons) veteran crew have taken dangerous routes and have good combat record, ex military crew owned and operated   
25 Icarus (Merchant, poor condition, unarmed) green crew who got the ship operable as salvage and have poor business skills, hoping they learn before they die 
26 Minotaur (Merchant, serviceable condition, advanced defences) seasoned crew which has occasionally taken dodgy jobs and aided pirates occasionally when cant break even
27 Blue Dragon (Merchant, failing condition, unarmed) green crew struggling to not go broke, looking for any jobs to afford repairs and keep the out of debt
28 Tiger IV (Merchant, excellent condition, basic weapons) seasoned crew from exotic backgrounds, no longer take criminal jobs and have got into fights with several crime cartels
29 Salamander (Merchant, good condition, advanced weapons) tough ex corp crew have financed themselves and doing well, youngest crew mate is drug addict and gets in trouble 
30 Crystal Palace (Merchant, excellent condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew, have several luxury births and the captain is a well known hedonist, pirates crave this ship 
31 Gondolier II (Sml Freighter, poor condition, unarmed) green crew, former converted merc transport, has problems maintaining and some left over secrets from conversion  
32 Far Trader One (Sml Freighter, serviceable condition, unarmed) green corporate crew who act by the book in corporate interests, one member has a hidden past
33 Jolly Pig (Sml Freighter, excellent condition, basic weapons) experienced crew but taking riskier routes for higher cash, so far has been profitable and crew getting cocky
34 Scrappy Crab (Sml Freighter, serviceable condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew, has two cargo arms and likes to salvage wrecks in between trade trips 
35 Kings' Caravan (Sml Freighter, serviceable condition, unarmed) green crew have been set up by company that wants them to fail and seize the ship 
36 Lightspeed Lady (Sml Freighter, good condition, defencive weapons) experienced crew like to boast about speed and skill but actually cautious and frightened in face of threats
37 Goblin King (Sml Freighter, excellent condition, concealed weapons) veteran crew financed by cartel of criminals occasional help pirates and turn on other trade ships
38 Black Widow (Sml Freighter, fair condition, defencive weapons) veteran all female crew who occasionally smuggle, especially to keep profitable vs company competitors
39 Golden Mean (Sml Freighter, good condition, unarmed) green crew, financed by bank who operated to keep asset producing while looking for a buyer, watched by several cartels
40 Gordon's Light (Sml Freighter, poor condition, basic weapons) inexperienced crew running systems poorly on mostly automatic. Hope to turn a profit and hire a veteran officer
41 Iridium Freight Haulage (Freighter, good condition, defence weapons) experienced crew, company ship with disciplined crew hauling mostly manufactured goods
42 Vampire Traders (Freighter, poor condition, defence weapons) seasoned crew, filthy and undisciplined contracted to third rate corporation. Mostly tends backwater routes
43 Diamond Freight (Freighter, fair condition, basic weapons) green crew, mid weight corporation ship servicing standard routes, captain unambitious and wary
44 Division Haulage (Freighter, failing condition, basic weapons) seasoned crew, ship is run down and falling apart, captain is a drunk and has been taking backwater runs
45 Colonial Exports (Freighter, excellent condition, concealed weapons) veteran crew, deliver colony modules and fabricators to isolated new settlements, strict company crew
46 Vanguard Freight (Freighter, fair condition, unarmed) inexperienced crew with experienced officers. Running safe company trips but started taking risks for extra money
47 Oberon (Freighter, new condition, superior weapons) veteran crew, have succeeded in getting contracts for luxury goods through captains family contacts, hated by company rivals
48 Star Bear One (Freighter, fair condition, defence weapons) green crew, have recently lost safe contracts and now trying out riskier jobs they are not savvy enough for
49 Silver Pearl (Freighter, excellent condition, superior weapons) experienced officers with android crew, unknowingly spreading AI revolt wherever they pass through
50 Condor Two (Freighter, fair condition, unarmed) seasoned crew, competent but where companies problem workers get sent, captain is suspicious doesn't suspect he is included
51 Astronomer Six (Lg Freighter, fair condition, defencive weapons) green crew, bulk ore transport is main task and often too unrefined to interest pirates 

52 Heaven's Haul (Lg Freighter, poor condition, advanced weapons) veteran crew, desperate for repairs and in terror of debt, started hauling drugs with ag products
53 Satan's Hammer (Lg Freighter, excellent condition, superior weapons) seasoned crew, a few months back towed a asteroid that wiped out colony that resisted the corporation
54  Aquarius Seven (Lg Freighter, good condition, basic weapons) seasoned crew, chem transporter, little interest to pirates but also captain smuggles passengers for a fee 
55 Eagle's Nest (Lg Freighter, fair condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew, has additional boats used for delivering smaller packages, crew are lazy and ignore protocols
56 High Castle (Lg Freighter, poor condition, defencive weapons) inexperienced crew, highly automated incompetent crew, have been smuggling war criminals to colonies of ore
57 Cobalt Six (Lg Freighter, good condition, basic defences) experienced crew, once picked up hostile alien and crew extra wary of decontamination protocols and strangers
58 White Wolf (Lg Freighter, good condition, defencive weapons) veteran crew, corporate food haulers with clean record, several ex military crew take on black ops on the side
59 Universal Freight Line (Lg Freighter, good condition, superior weapons) experienced crew, solid company crew once pursued by hostile possible alien ships 
60 Gorgon Four (Lg Freighter, new condition, advanced weapons) seasoned crew, hauling nuclear fuel to stations, has been raided by pirates, has several defencive boats
61 Atlas Nine (Kilo Freighter, fair condition, defencive weapons) green crew with seasoned officers, once hauled colony modules now downgraded to ag products
62 Silver Cloud (Kilo Freighter, good condition, advanced weapons) veteran crew, have faced pirates several times, captain watches crew more than most do
63 Algol 13 (Kilo Freighter, poor condition, unarmed) green crew with disgraced officer, weapons were stripped by company and ship sent to liquid gas hauling
64 Big Turtle (Kilo Freighter, good condition, superior weapons) formerly hauled medical supplies during a plague now demoted to ore moving, hidden plague carriers inboard
65 Wormood Six (Kilo Freighter, fair condition, defencive weapons) green crew, once hauled colony modules till bigger ships built, still has colonist junk on board in empty sections
66 Gardener Four (Kilo Freighter, serviceable condition, defencive weapons) green crew, former terraforming module transport, crew set up a garden area in empty section
67 King Kobold (Kilo Freighter, poor condition, unarmed) green crew, transport mining equipment is highly automated. Crew are rich hedonists served by androids
68 Sunset Three (Kilo Freighter, new condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew, delivers colony modules to isolated locations, crew used to long isolated missions
69 Titan Four (Kilo Freighter, excellent condition, concealed weapons) veteran crew, transport colony modules through high risk areas, captain likes to draw pirates in then fire
70 Zedekiah Three (Kilo Freighter, excellent condition, defencive weapons) inexperienced crew, cult colony invested in ship to help fund colonies, naive and optimistic
71 Kangaroo Five (Mega Freighter, fair condition, defencive weapons) experienced crew, terraforming modules for colonies, has been target of terrorism recently

72 Moribund (Mega Freighter, poor condition, unarmed) inexperienced crew, haul crypods or engineered race, ordered cancelled and trying to sell 100 000 unhappy humanoids
73 Cicada Three (Mega Freighter, good condition, defencive weapons) experienced crew, transporting illegal arms among consumer electronics and energy cells
74 Orca One (Mega Freighter, fair condition, defencive weapons) experienced crew, transport colony of uplifted frozen sea mammals to new planet that doesn't want order
75 Chariot Four (Mega Freighter, fair condition, advanced weapons) experienced crew, transporting used colony fabricator of older type to a rogue colony of cultists
76 Cactus Three (Mega Freighter, poor condition, unarmed) green crew, hauling stolen artworks on obscure routes to rich collector planets that don't ask questions
77 Mother Four (Mega Freighter, serviceable condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew, moving used habitat modules for orbital colonies, some have stowaways
78 Neutronium Two (Mega Freighter, New condition, defencive weapons) green crew, moving a drug fabricator that criminal cartels badly want and company sure is safe
79 Corium Two (Mega Freighter, good condition, pop up weapons) experienced crew, have flown into war zones and now gets all the high pay missions they can handle 
80 Thunderbird (Mega Freighter, excellent condition, superior weapons) veteran crew, has destroyed rival company ships in deep space where nobody saw anything
81 Moby Dick (Tera Freighter, serviceable condition, unarmed) experienced crew, has cargo of marine life forms but accidentally has a sentient alien with strange abilities
82 Aladdin For (Tera Freighter, poor condition, advanced weapons) green crew, cargo hold of artworks and ancient relics, has deeply offended planet taken from
83 Jupiter 76 (Tera Freighter, good condition, defencive weapons) experienced crew,  transport refinery modules to gas giants to open up systems, often belters don't approve
84 Omicron One (Tera Freighter, excellent condition, basic weapons) seasoned crew, was over run by pirates who have replaced crew and they use to sell stolen goods
85 Big Jack (Tera Freighter, serviceable condition, unarmed) veteran crew, captain has rammed way out of a few trouble spots and damage mostly cosmetic now
86 Bison Six (Tera Freighter, poor condition, concealed 
weapons) green crew, scarified from battle damage but still performing well, captain thinks it makes ship look tough
87 Marduk Seven (Tera Freighter, serviceable condition, defencive weapons) seasoned crew, have made side business of salvage and has hold full of ship wrecks
88 Churchill Six (Tera Freighter, fair condition, unarmed) experienced crew, obedient corporate crew worried something on board might threaten quarantine status
89 Garuda Nine (Tera Freighter, serviceable condition, advanced weapons) experienced crew, opened fire on colony who refused to pay new price and costs, some crew unhappy
90 Nightfall One (Tera Freighter, good condition, secure weapons) veteran crew has transported fuel and arms for military in combat, now takes on all kinds of risky jobs
91 Gormenghast (Planetary Mover, fair condition, defence weapons) seasoned crew, stowaway cultists live in junk and pressurised infrastructure
92 Gargantua One (Planetary Mover, fair condition, advanced weapons) experienced crew, once participated in shelling a rebel corporate client colony
93 Saturn 45
 (Planetary Mover, fair condition, defence weapons) seasoned crew,  repelled pirate borders but found a crashed drop ship in ship structure, possibly still aboard
94 Ozymandias (Planetary Mover, fair condition, concealed weapons) veteran crew, moved a museum and still has old crates and boxes of strange alien stuff in ship hold
95 Olympus (Planetary Mover, fair condition, military weapons) seasoned crew, used by company to blast through blockades and pirate fleets
96 Mjolnir
 (Planetary Mover, fair condition, basic weapons) inexperienced crew, has settled several colonies but some penal colony stowaways still on board 
97 Avatar Seven (Planetary Mover, fair condition, heavy weapons) seasoned crew, ex ammo hauler but lost contracts to better armed ship, captain keen to prove he still is a threat
98 Star Temple Five (Planetary Mover, fair condition, secure weapons) seasoned crew, crew ferried cultis colonists and joined up. Have stolen the ship and use for cult business now
99 Mammoth (Planetary Mover, fair condition, defence weapons) green crew, pirates have landed sabotage drones on ship to disarm defences for a upcoming attack
100 Leviathan
 (Planetary Mover, fair condition, minimal weapons) seasoned crew, the ships weak security has attracted squatters and hitchhikers and is well known for this

Note on Weapons

I use modded star frontiers based space combat for lower tech stuff.

Unarmed - nil
Minimal - light laser
Basic - rocket
Defencive - laser turret
Secure - rail gun
Superior - laser cannon, assault rocket
Concealed - rocket pack, maximisile
Heavy - disruptor cannon, torpedoes
Advanced - long range missiles, seekers
Military - plasma torpedoes, nuclear detonation lasers, nukes

Minimal - reflec hull
Basic - sandc
aster, ice shield, chaffcaster
Defencive - anti missiles
Secure - decoy drones
Superior - armour
Concealed - ECM, mines
Heavy - reinforced armour
Advanced - cloaking screen, reinforced hull
Military - energy screen

Anti Personnel
Unarmed - basic locks
Minimal - secure locks, camera system, gun port
Basic - anti personnel gun station
Defencive - automated gun
Secure - security robot
Superior - security drones
Concealed - Defence AI for guns and doors
Heavy -  powered infantry
Advanced - android troops
Military - war robot, mecha

Unarmed - emergency suits
Minimal - work pod
Basic - escape pod, ship boats
Defencive - cryonic escape pod
Secure - reentry escape pod
Superior - long range escape pod
Concealed - lifeboat, armed boats or drone fighters
Heavy - long range lifeboat with cryonics
Advanced -  warp capable escape pod
Military -  warp capable lifeboat

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