Monday 1 January 2018

Angelic Mutations for Paladins

"Paladins don't get mutations, they get holy powers from the god's"
"Thats classic mutant talk son, mutations are mutations no matter whatcha callem"

So most people don't think of a holy blessing the same way as you might a mutation. Holy mutations are considered blessings and the body parts of such blessed are revered as holy. Many saint relics are made this way. 

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations
Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations

d10 Sources of Mutation
1 Blessed by holy creature for good deed
2 Related to hoy person from mythology
3 Blessing from the gods
4 Visited a holy place
5 handled a holy relic
6 Holy ray or bolt struck you
 Blessing from holy servant like a angel or saint
Ate a holy wafer sent by an angel
 Read a holy message on a scroll or book
 Read burning letters on rock or in sky or on water

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Mutations
01 Sparkling clean hair
02 Sparkling shiny pearl teeth
03 Amber eyes
04 Bejeweled eyes
05 Holy symbols in pupils
06 Golden perfect teeth
07 Always smell sweet odours
08 Everything sounds like music
09 Glowing eyes, enough to read by like candle
10 Flames inside mouth can spit spark to start fire

11 Soft feathers all over
12 Taste like delicious sweets, even a kiss 

13 Sweat of fine perfume and musk
14 Feathers instead of hair
15 Holy scripture tattoos on body
16 Brazen skin +1AC
17 Golden skin +1 save vs evil
18 Silver skin can harm some creatures with bare hands
19 Blue skin +1 save vs magic
20 Pearl like skin with dim glow
21 Holy symbol of gold embedded in chest
22 Small feathered non functional wings
23 Hold breathe round per CON point
24 Toughness +d3 HP
25 Platinum Nipples
26 Bejeweled niples
27 Resist fire +1 Save -1HP per dice of damage
28 Resist cold +1 Save -1HP per dice of damage
29 Resist electricity +1 Save -1HP per dice of damage
30 Urinate holy fluid once a day d4 type 1=holy water 2=acid 3=lamp oil 4=wine
31 Bellybutton gem
32 Never need to go to toilet or flatulent
33 Your flatulence is sweet angelic music
34 marble six pack of perfect muscle
35 Perfect marble buttocks
36  You excrete a d20 copper coins a day
37 Resist poison +1 save -1HP per dice of damage
38 You are fed by being in sun all day
39 Resistant to natural diseases
40 Lion or ox tail
41 Mother of pearl fingernails
42 Gold fingernails
43 Have 12 fingers, better at counting
44 Holy knuckle duster +1 magic holy damage on punch
45 Bird claw finger nails d3 unarmed
46 Can play religious music on any instrument
47 Can write with beautiful calligraphy 
48 Golden rings on fingers with church designs
49 Any only wooden weapon +1 to hit (club, staff, stick)
50 Heal a d3 damage by touch once a day
51 Small feathered non functional wings on ankles
52 Extra digits with 12 toes and beautiful feat
53 Gold or silver or opal toenails
54 Holy glowing footstep trail 30 feet behind
55 Feet smell and taste delicious animals like too follow your trail
56 Your feet smoulder on unholy ground and feel hot
57 Bird or lion claw feet d4 unarmed damage
58 Legs covered in feathers and scales +1AC
59 Lithe legs +d3" move rate when running
60 Leave nectar in footprints animals think is delicious
61 Bird beak face or leoninne teeth d3 unarmed attack
62 Serene voice
63 Unearthly voice
64 Musical voice 
65 Speak in verse +1 reaction
66 Can quote scriptures at will
67 Sweat breath like incence
68 Everything tastes delicious
69 Bejeweled ruby lips
70 Golden perfect lips
71 Silver circlet can sense d4 1=devils 2=lycanthropes 3=wights 4=vampires)
72 Colden circlet can sense unholy beings or places
73 Gold cow horns d4 headbutt for unarmed attack
74 Golden Crown +1 Followers morale
75 Tall domed forehead with bulging intelect
76 Jewel set in your forhead
77 Tiny coin size angel orbits around skull occasionally
78 Glowing Halo, enough to read by like candle
79 Glowing arcane letters on your forhead
80 Blazing arcane eye appears on forehead an any stress or effort situation 
81 Heart can keep beating until -20 HP instead of -10
82 Holy Vigilance once a day +3 Initiative
83 Blood is holy water causes +1hp damage on weapons and unarmed vs unholy
84 Holy bile +1 vs unholy for one ten minute turn once a day or righteous rage 
85 Holy Spittle can make a unarmed or weapon make one magical hit, spit x1/lv/day 
86 Sexless, genitalia vanishes and can live without any sexual characteristics or interest
87 Holy pineal cast detect magic once a day
88 Holy wrath +1 STR for one ten minute turn once a day or righteous rage
89 Holy word, round a day your words come out as burning writing or form from smoke
90 When you slay a evil being a chord from a holy bell or choir is heard from your body
91 Learn a new language including elemental or outer planar alignment languages 
92 Know key scripture off by heart
93 Always tell the truth
94 Cannot swear or say anything offencive
95 Cannot tolerate injustice
96 Love all people  and only speak kindness
97 Cannot strike enemies first
98 Cannot touch blood
99 Cannot touch excrement or filth
100 Always dream of religion visions

d10 basic types

1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Major Mutations
01 Corona of divine flame aurora +1 CHA
02 Light emits from eyes illuminating as 3" cone 30 foot indoors 30 yards outdoors
03 Face has a golden mask appear at will to hide identity
04 Perfect porcelain face is a work of art +1CHA
05 Detect evil in 1"/lv by sight or smell
06 Detect chaos in 1"/lv by sight or smell
07 Detect invisible one ten minute turn per day
08 Blazing eye night vision with burning pupils
09 Second sight can see through illusions one ten minute turn per day
10 Face can alter appearance for a ten minute turn per day 

11 Metallic steel armour as if wearing plate mail, slows move and noisier
12 Skin can burn for a ten minute turn once a day anything hitting mutant takes d4 fire 

13 Immune to non magical fire, half damage from magic version
14 Immune to non magical ice, half damage from magic version
15 Immune to non magical electricity, half damage from magic version
16 Immune to non magical acid, half damage from magic version
17 Immune to all poison
18 Immune to all magical disease
19 Holy Mesh +2d6 HP
20 Skin is wrapped in sacred linen casts protection from evil once per day
21 Lactate sweet blessed heavenly milk once a day
22 Feathered wings Lv 1-3 as featherfall 4-6 as glide across as far as height 7+ as fly
23 Loud religious music pours from your body on command
24 You require magic weapons or gold weapons to be hit or harmed
25 Can change into small creature and back daily d4 1=eagle 2=cherub 3=dove 4=lion cub 
26 Can change into a animal and back daily  d4 1=lion 2=ox 3=horse 4=wardog
27 Roar a cone of sound d6/3lv three times a day 3" range 
28 Chest Ray a 1/3lv three times a day from a eye or mystic letter appears on chest
29 Cloak of burning gold +2 AC 
30 Summon Monster three times a day (d4 1=cherub 2=dogs 3=rams 4=spectral minions) 
31 Can urinate a small bucket of beer three times a day
32 Can excrete a d10pg per day instead of natural waste
33 Can heal a HP per hour in sunlight
34 Immortal
35 Does not eat
36 Can eat any matter for food
37 Regenerate a HP per ten minute turn
38 Resilience +1 CON
39 Blazing  below the belt is a holy fire inflicts a d4 to unholy beings by touch
40 Shapechange into a centaur for a turn each day including your armour
41 Once a day can remove any ropes or chains or bonds on mutants hands or feet
42 Knock spell once per day
43 Glowing sigil on palm casts light spell
44 Blue glowing hands cast cure light wounds once per day
45 Lion claw +1 d6 extra unarmed attack
46 Shocking grasp with one hand three times a day
47 Hand of silver +1 DEX
48 Hand of gold +1 CHA
49 Conjure sceptre a +3 golden mace for three ten minute turns a day
50 Conjure +5 sword for one ten minute turn a day
51 Bird feet can hang from feet and +1 d6 unarmed attack per round
52 Silence one ten minute turn per day
53 Walk on water once per day
54 Featherfall at will
55 Angelic legs +6" run
56 Leap add +1" per level
57 Footprints burn for a round after with holy light 3" around route for a round
58 Dimension door once a day
59 Teleport once a week
60 Levitate at will
61 Food enters your mouth is purified
62 Immune to recreational drugs and alcohol or sleeping potions
63 Lion Maw  +1 d6 extra unarmed attack 
64 You can cast charm person with a kiss three times per day
65 Flame breath extra attack +1 2d6 1" range x1/lv/day
66 Can live of any plant matter including grass and foliage
67 Holy Shout 3d6 to unholy creatures in 3" three times a day
68 Call a d4 blink dogs once a week for ten minutes
69 Holy Kiss casts bless three times a day
70 Healing Kiss three cure light wound spells per day
71 Head is a glowing golden skull 3" light always on
72 Head is a holy templar helmet can resist charm magic
73 Inside of head glows like a tiny sun at will 6" radius, face not visible
74 Golden Crown +1CHA
75 Golden Crown +6" Command radius +2 Morale
76 Unicorn Horn +1 d6 extra unarmed attack
77 Vibrating visage, face becomes a blur, +3" move +2AC ten minutes per day 
78 Eagle Head +1 d6 extra unarmed attack can change on or off at will*
79 Ox Head +1 d6 extra unarmed attack can change on or off at will*
80 Lion Head +1 d6 extra unarmed attack can change on or off at will*
81 Golden heart +d6 HP +1 CON
82 Golden blood can heal any one a d3 once per day by touch
83 Holy tears can make a weapon harm magic creatures for ten minutes
84 Sacred crucible - eat a gp to heal a hp per round, abdomen glows with heat and power
85 Cast sanctify once a day - use to make a place or thing hostile to hunholy things 
86 - astral travel for ten minutes per week
87 Ethereal travel once a week for ten minutes
88 Speak tongues ten minutes per day
89 Pineal probe - dan see chaos or evil within 9"
90 Third Eye - can see magic or invisible spirits inside 6"
91 Exorcism once per day
92 Raise dead once per week
93 Keep a pet like a lion or horse in limbo can summon and hide one per day at will
94 Can keep one item like sword in limbo at a time and summon into your hand at will 
95 Hear instructions from heavenly voices comune once per day
96 Does not sleep ever
97 Speak to dead once per day
98 Hold Person via holy words once per day
99 Comprehend language once per day
100 Neutralize undead once per day can destroy an undead in 12" that fails a save vs death
*you can have all three like some awesome gnostic neoplatonic angel

d10 Apotheosis Paladin Mutations

1 God rewards you with a mission to invade the infernal realm and fight a archduke
2 God rewards you with mission to thwart demon kind in your world
3 God rewards you with mission to destroy a evil god and thwart there worldly schemes
4 God makes bet with enemy deity and they torment you with awful sufferings
5 God strikes you dead so you can serve in the afterlife
6 God sends a horrific land ravaging monster to punish you for hubris
7 You are made a saint so god plans a terrible ordeal of suffering for you
8 God commands you to lead a crusade against a enemy or herasy
9 A enemy of your god declares your death sending their minions to ruin your life
10 God takes all your loved ones to paradise so they are safe for you to enjoy in the afterlife
11 God sends a test where you curse or aid the world depending on your success
12 God calls you to afterlife to serve in celestial court of the gods


  1. I like it. "He must be blessed indeed he's got an ox tail and an eagles head"

  2. This looked like fun to put together. Good job.


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