Thursday 4 January 2018

No goat helm, no life: 13 Special Treasures

Inspired by this which has been riposted a bit on g+, possibly my snappy title

Sitting about unfinished for way too long
I hoped to do a hundred but failed and so you just get 13...

Am settling into new home possibly playing marvel superheroes and dnd soon
Living with professional biochemist and mathematician

So here are some magic helmets inspired by historical helmets I've seen but first some alternate forms in case you get sick of helmets.

d10 Alternate Forms+1AC is the basic ability of helm, but you could swap with other form and ability 
1 Helm +1 AC
2 Crown +1 CHA
3 Mask - magical disguise
4 Boots +1" Move
5 Scepter - is a fancy ceramonial mace makes loud banbing things noises
6 Belt +1 on STR
7 Medicine Bottle d4 hp cured per day
8 Armband +1 CON
9 Torc +1 WIS
10 Necklace +1 INT
11 Ring - stores a 1st level spell
12 Gauntlets +1 DEX
13 Cloak - 2 in 6 ambush
14 Broach +4 HP
15 Weapon +1 with +d3 once per fight
16 Shirt or Dress Always clean, repaired or dry by next day always comfortable
17 Heraldic Shield +1 Morale of hirelings
18 Horned Crown
19 Wreath of vegetation
20 Severed Hand or animal foot +1 HP

1 Goat Helm of Prince Rudolf
+1AC +1 Attack with a d6 headbutt. May speak to goats and climb as a goat. Gift of the goat king, son of Nanny Binx to human mortal leader who saved nation with goats vs chaos. Rudolf was a bandit who replaced his evil despot twin brother after years of adventures. Some say when he was crowned true king he was granted a magic scepre by Nanny Binx and was gives a sword by grass men. Some say all three would bring favour and interventions from the many goat gods and spirits

2 Bull Helm of he Minotaur
+1AC can make d6 headbutt or two separate d4 kicks. May speak to cattle and +1 STR and immune to fear. Worn by champion of maritime emperor an aeon ago. Occasional receive dreams from sea god every year or so of use. Wearer is highly fertile and can breed with most animals creating beast folk offspring or hybrid monsters.

3 Boar Helm of the Moon Sow
+1AC +6 HP +3" Mov when hp below zero go beserk as a beserker and can sense truffles within 3". Used by forest warlords of the past and made them rich, hero brought back from the pig dreamlands. The great sow had piglets taken by bad men and a good pigfriend mortal. Every time the heroic wielder produces offspring they have a thirteen healthy babies at a time and the mother may choose the gender of each.

4 Cat Helm of Black Tom
+1AC +1HP +4" Mov can see in the dark and speak to cats. Halves falling damage. Used by thief gangs for centuries and constantly stolen. The lightest of these items the helm is more a leather cap helmet with a mask. Cats treat the wearer well and offer unwanted advice and tips.

5 Dog Helm of the Good Dog
+1 AC +3 HP Alert senses of a hunting dog can track by scent, hear prey or sense danger, user and becomes and short sighted. The great jolly rescue dog gave to a rangers son for rescuing abandoned or about to be eaten puppies. The boy grew to a hero with lots of woofing friends and adventures protecting the commoners. Shrines to him are scattered over the country side and all good dogs woof at them in praise when passing and will try to urinate nearby.

6 Werewolf Helm
+1 AC +6 HP can smell blood from a mile away at night and can take a wolfs form one night a month of their choice but must see moonlight. The taint of evil is +1 for bearing this and activating the shapeshift ability for first time. A wolf demon lord or other beings like elves or devils might distribute them to spread fear among human kind.

7 Horse Helm of the Sky Ponies
+1 AC +3 HP  +4 Mov can smell fear very flighty 1in6 to be ambushed and can run a hour per level a day at full speed. Also wearer speak to all equines. The horse helm was warn by a rebel princess as a gift from the sky pony queen. She was the best at running away and wore down the bear demon

8 Rhino Helm of the Great Horned Ancestor
+2 AC +8HP ATT +1 d6 headbutt or double with charge. Increases smell but short sighted poor
quality vision. Dislikes fire and will want to stamp it out. Old man Rhino gave it to the first of the tribe who used it to drive the old beast lords into the north.

9 Stag Helm of the Golden Elk God
+1 AC +2HP +2 Mov  ATT +1d6 headbutt or double with charge. Can speak to deer and elk herd beasts and have +1" on all jumps. Given by lord of the hunt to a tribal ancestor hero king. A crown worn by warrior kings buried long ago but now has returned to light.

10 Great Bear Helm of the Ursine Ancestors
+1AC +5 HP When in werebear form Attacks Bite/claw/claw d8/d6/d6. Can turn into a bear for one round per level per day and used by barbarian chiefs when weapons lost. Wearer becomes able to find nuts and berries and dead animals to live off and can travel without penalty in wilderness terrain.

11 Gold Lion King Helm
+1 AC +4 HP +2 MOV +3 morale +1 of men under command and makes voice booming and loud useful for yelling orders a mile away or singing. This was worn by great Paladin of the second Empire a gift from the lion of heaven he used to destroy a demon tainted city. +1 Taint on Law and Good

12 Frog Helm of the Green Prince
+1AC +3" leap range, full move in waters and understand frog songs to learn local wetland secrets. Wearer can see under water and converse with aquatic humanoids and hold breath for CON in minutes. This was made by druid from face of a bad frog god who served chaos +1 Choas Taint and at the end of each year gain a chaotic amphibian minor mutation

13 Bird Helm of the the Feathered King
+1AC Bird device crest can turn into a bird scout once a day for 10 minutes and report back to wearer. Bird helm was used for kings to gain advantage over rival tribes and allows communication with starlings which can be amazing and boring "give us seeds or we will shit on you". The bird god Yurundoo granted it to a hero to win against the chaos raven and keep him humble after. Sometimes the bird god decides to carry a false vain hero close to heaven then hurl them to death before quite reaching it.

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