Wednesday 3 April 2024

Morale & Guards & Patrols

More and more I'm thinking when an enemy even sees another group they will make a morale check to make the brave choices or always do the right thing with some people. I use morale to see if bored troops do anything they shouldn't or are provoked. An extension of this is what about bored guards in a dungeon all day. What about those patrols that are lacklustre. If not on red alert and no immediate danger guards can get sloppy.

Those with high morale and make rolls are more likely to perform well those with low morale are sloppier and more likely to have their throats slit while discussing recipes or looking at figurines of family. 

So I will use morale for how disciplined are guards and patrols. 

Guards are people at specific posts
Patrols are for wandering monsters or border patrols in wilderness territories

d12 Failed Discipline of Guards Table
1 Playing knucklebones or dice
2 Playing cards or a board game like chess
Having a snack
4 Chatting about sweethearts and love life
5 Chatting about retirement plans or investments
6 Chatting about religion or a cult
Humming a tune
8 Trying to stay awake
9 Handicrafts like whistling wood, knitting, weapon repairs
10 Having some sly grog and perhaps a bit of a song
11 Playing music and dancing
12 Performing rituals for religion or a folk divination or calling for spirits aid

d12 Successful Discipline of Guards Table
1 Slouching and bored but listening for peril
2 Chatting but ready in case of inspection from superior
3 Ready but needs to go to the bathroom
4 Ready but can't wait for the shift to be over and keeps checking
5 Having a smoke but alert while fumbling with pipe and lighting it
6 Alert and scanning for signs of trouble
7 Ready with missile weapons in hand
8 Ready with an alarm like a gong or horn or drums
9 Relaxed but has set up a d3 traps they are sure will cover them
10 Having some practice with weapons while alert and very ready
11 Superior rank or vet giving a pep talk while all alert
12 Silently standing, preferably in hiding or shadows with minimal lights

d12 Failed Discipline of Patrol Table
1 Can't be bothered investigating strangers and wants to keep on moving
2 Assumes strangers are some allies or supposed to be here so ignore them
3 Try and identify strangers from afar but not get too close
4 Get close enough to intruders they can yell abuse and taunts then flee
5 Close to evaluate the strangers and will consider robbery
Close to evaluate the strangers and will consider demanding a toll to pass
7 Follow strangers for a while to see if they run into trouble you can take advantage of
8 Follow strangers for a while then flee to report 
9 Flee to join up with another braver patrol then return
10 Flee to home base and report a large dangerous force coming
11 Flee to the furthest end of the territory under the belief a major invasion coming
12 Flee and will loot their own people and hijack transport or start fires to help escape

d12 Successful Discipline of Patrol Table
1 Turn towards strangers and see how they react or until identified
2 More towards strangers ready to give chase if they flee
3 Move in front of travellers and block the path
4 Move in front of travellers and prepare an ambush at a good location
5 Send a few troops ahead to demand travellers stop
6 Approach ready to charge if they seem hostile
7 Approach to ask about identity and why strangers in this area
8 Approach and demand weapons down
9 Approach and signal for a patrol inspection
10 Approach and offer escort to strangers on legitimate business 
11 Charge and demand immediate surrender, take captives to their master
12 Charge to attack and might stop if strangers surrender and act passive

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