Wednesday 3 January 2018

SF Things To Do

So Ive been wanting to do some more SF stuff again

In recent years my best effort was gammaworld and planet psychon and my roadwar games that have SF elements. Ive also run Cthulhu SF and I have a new sourcebook in the post now. Id like to do some more again but at this stage space cthulhu most likely to be run. I just got a pile of GURPS sf books on the way also. Ive done lots of Apocalypse/cyberpunk stuff. I have lots of note on this including TV programing for cable tv shows and channels.

I have lots of setting notes from over years enough for a whole BRP game or setting

If anyone likes the sound of any of this let me know...

Other games I would like to run would include:
A dnd SF engine of colonial gunships visiting the lost colonies - kinda a parody of star trek. With dnd engine you know your gonna live

BRP space opera based on battle of the planets  which i ran for several years before. Can flip between gritty and even occasionally funny. Ran as space force psionic science ninja game for years in the caste clone corp era. Was very anime inspired.

BRP Engine of my space opera game of immortals trying to find earth in the 30th millenium - kinda gritty and characters weird and powerful

I have a mecha setting and figures all ready to run and have been accumulating space ships

These all kind of the same setting at various time periods

List of Unfinished SF Stuff to do:
Robots part2 - i never finished my robot spell list but it worked very well also for cyborgs
Mutant characters class - now i have lots of mutation tables to make viable

Spaceman characters class? A psionic class?

Mindhacking tech - more on psychotronic warfare, dollhouse style tech

bio dungeon treasures - biological tech
races/planets - all hand written up already
space patrol in different eras with personal kit
d100 alien space ruins
d100 missing exploration vessels

d100 explorer mission shipwrecks
d100 cargo ships and payloads
space immortals - ways to live on the edge of forever


tech templates - long descriptions of the three tech templates my setting uses
weapon lists for BRP for my sf and cyberpunk era weapons
space patrols crew kit various tech levels
I've divided my tech into three templates which are standard tech levels that fabricators can make this stuff if authorised or hacked
-T1 2300, Cyberpunk, Low Traveller, slow FTL, not FTL coms
-T2 Simple Anti gravity/forcefields, energy weapons, FTL coms
-T3 Advanced fields and antiG, Star gates, high Traveller, Star Trek
I could do a longer work on tech describing these in detail
Each template is the universal print codes used by colony fabricators
Most powers limit the availability of tech on colonies

Gigastructures and gen ships
megaship interiors for gamma/alpha gaming post crash games
I always liked space hulk stuff and have done some biological ship sections already

1 Engineering - power and engine sections
2 Ships boats, docking, drone rack, fighter bays
3 fabrication, factories, industrial 
4 superstructure
5 gunnery, weapons and defense systems
6 exodus storage and supplies, terraforming
7 medical, suspended animation, dna vault, life support sections
8 crew quarters, mess, training, relaxation, hab modules
9 Sensor/coms/electronics/computer section
10 Bridge and command sections

a whole book of this would be good
Zak has been talking about this before  and recently too
Ive been running this since the 80s "Fate of the Skylords" Fasa module and Serpieri comic Morbis Gravis in heavy metal

In my setting most alien races actually man made. Some races became cyborgs or left only. The first alien race proximen were made from uplifted pigs to scare colonists into joining the commonwealth when it discovered FTL coms. Synthetic 
races were left behind by some heavily modified colonies (I had a race of robot cat men for a while)
I use hivers (traveller) and pentapods, kafer (2300) for genuine aliens

Id also like several insectoid races like the ones from Humanx and Zuraquor from star frontiers. I kinda liked star frontiers lizard races and the original 4 races including sathar. The volturus racer were ok too. Occasionally real humanoid aliens appear and everyone assumes they are human stock. My main alien partners of humanity are insectoids or tentacled things. 40k has lots of gold ideas ind i ran a 40k rpg in 80s for years but everyone being zealots or cultists is pretty nasty.

I like lots of things about traveller universe. I enjoyed star frontiers for several years and wouldn't say no to running again. Ringworld RPG is one of my favorite BRP versions. Eclipse Phase and Hellas have some nice stuff too. Starfinder had some niche character images but a bit too much science fantasy for me. Starwars and star trek not so much of interest to me. I cant say any SF setting as is would really suit me. GURPS space probably the best overall SF product I could use. I have spaceships and spacemen and I kind of liked the Buck Rogers RPG though I generally like grittier games.

Im a big fan of outer limits, old Dr Who, Quartermass but haven't really thought too much about them as much but sources for ideas. I've considered using Call of Cthulhu for a 50s strange science investigation game but I cant see this happening soon. My quatermass Cthulhu mod worked well and I quite like recreating san tables for variant horror genres. I've considered a hammer horror set of mods too. Non cthulhu horror settings for players over cthulhu seems worthwhile. Ive had interest in my cthulhu-espionage-superhero game and might do something on powers based on Superworld. My Quatermass Cthulhu mod might make a con game.

I have a few steampunk things and have plenty of content for those settings but not alot more original than anything published. Some good victorian wargames available too.
 I like decopunk too but cant really justify more work on this.


  1. I have been a fan of your work for awhile now, though I have been a quiet lurker. Your ability to make these awesome d100 tables quickly, is well, awesome, especially how often you put these out. Have you always been able to do this level of output, or was it a skill you honed as time went on?

    1. ive always been creative and a story teller and worked in creative fields - my posts after a point were mostly d100 but it took a few years training. My busiest years are when i was sick or couldn't work, Possible will be working again soon. Have moved about a bit last few years so internet a main source of friends andI dont game as much as I would like.

      I am hoping on being employed with course and paperwork hurdles i've gone through and of getting more into publishing so I might not be as productive this year. I appreciate comments and talking to readers which often inspires me to do more too.


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