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Dark Forest of the Wicked Fairy Court

Ditto from last time
Revising these forest encounters Original Here
Mere d50 tables from early days on the blog
First 50 are original 51+ are new
Altered the preamble a bit again

Darkwood (Dark Fey)

Dark Elves with their goblin serfs have ruled this wood since the dawn. Weakened by wars they have become decadent and lazy and adventurers have begun raiding them. Dark elf defences are crumbling, their goblins and monsters have run wild too long. They may even consider trading with humans not just tormenting them. But most think humans are apish cattle that only mimic free will and culture.

There is a gate to the dark faery under realm inside the great Dawn Blackthorn tree in the Elf Kings Throne Grove. The Dark elf court dwells seasonally in these woods in winter and autumn. Many giant tree forts and towers and monsters keep mortals at bay. Many large animals dwell here, with evil tempers. There are evil sprites, brownies, dwarves, nymphs, dryads, gnomes and pixies aplenty too. Goblins in the dark fey lands are not just on the borders or in the service of nobles, they are everywhere busily working and serving elves. The are part of the society but the lowest caste. Dark elves use beastmen, undead, goblinoids and orcs in their armies with many monsters.

People mistake dark elves as enemies or bright elves but nothing is further from the truth. They are kin and more likely to turn blind eyes to each other or ignore each other but they have united against enemies in the past. The bright elves practice slavery, eugenics and magical surgery on human slaves to make new creatures and think of themselves as gardners on lesser races. Dark elves are more into torture and curses but dabble in slavery and surgery. Dark fey deal with human cults more and might even deal with demons and devils and compete with them for cultists. They welcome cultists to meet  in their lands. Dark Elves regard themselves the persecutors of the lesser races. They reduce the weak and keep survivors strong. Their job is to hamper and sicken and abuse lesser beings to keep their numbers modest and healthy.

They have utterly failed with humans and orcs populations and their folksy and sadistic pranks don't seem to cut it the last 3000 years. So dark elves are considering changes in their approach to dealing with humans. Turning orcs and giants on humanity have been in most of their schemes world wide the last century. Collecting offerings so farmers don't get dark elf pranks is a common racket and this seems not to bother empires and kingdoms. Dark elves have seriously under estimated humans and how they have changed.

d100 Dark Forest of the Wicked Fairy Court

1 Black Goblins scouting and harrying enemies, sadistic, sneaky and cowardly
2 Dark Elf scouts harass with drugged darts and curses and destroying supplies
3 Dark Elf Knight challenges single combat - he rides a giant monitor lizard or gecko
4 Giant Bat or Wasp riding goblins drop puffball spore bombs or wasp nests on the party
5 Black Unicorn, Level draining horn, those killed return as wights, perhaps a dark elf virgin rides it
6 Young Green Dragon, inexperienced and fierce but uses terrain cunningly, only a puny horde  and has a evil brownie familiar
7 Dire Wolves, half the time with goblin riders as well
8 Bewitched humans attack players - see them as dark elves, have been lost here hundreds of years
9 A Dark elf witch in disguise pretends to be lost and needing help - will charm party one by one
10 Wicked mushroom men silently stalk the party and often hard to detect
11 Giant Spider - black hairy giant hairy tarantulas and their deadly dance inducing bite
12 Giant Horned chameleon hiding in a tree near a dry path
13 Goblin slave escapee will spill beans on local elves
14 Zombies of adventurers or villagers made by dark elves for fun
15 Wizard Spider - intelligent spider also a 1d6 lv wizard
16 Evil tree men hunt and kill anything not native to forest
17 Ogre band, carrying sacks of chopped mystery meat as treasure
18 Dark Elf Hunter with Dire wolf stalk party and attack at inconvenient moment
19 A Dark elf witch busy in orgy with zombies and goblin saves
20 Dark Fey herd of deer are surprised and enraged, the stag lord casts as a 6th Druid
21 Giant black rooster and hens outraged by humans attack, get cursed if you eat their yummy flesh 
22 Nest of giant eggs - hatch into who knows what, parents may return
23 Gorgon, Basilisk, Cateoplas or Medusa on a blasted heath of sour-land poisoned by its presence
24 Evil treeant squeezing animals blood onto roots of his inanimate friends
25 Crazy Axeman looking for victims to slaughter, driven mad when tried to chop treeant 
26 Hidden Sinkhole into a cave entrance - 50% chance of starving creature trapped and bones
28 Evil Dryad with her various slaves charm then blackmail loot from party
29 A black dwarf looking to test his new poison axe on anything he encounters
30 Black Druid meeting his dark elf lover and their followers, assume humans are enemies
31 Dark elf child with a toy, actually 3rd Lv and hundreds of years old, offer reward to take home
32 Angry parents with screaming goblin baby, looking to swap back their own child
33 Herdsman trying to herd his now undead animals home, while they are off to a dark elf feast and orgy
34 Hobgoblin mercenaries who are employed to drive humans away, all with halberds and halfplate
35 A Forest Tako bandit challenges a duel or the parties money, he could be befriended
36 Goat Men having a ritual dance and holy sacrifice, will chase party of defilers
37 Witch appears as old woman offering apples and other treats to weary adventurers
38 Warlock needs some human fat and elf blood for a potion - your party will do
39 Bugbear Assassins troupe with wanted posters of party from the dark elf king
40 Giant Mushroom man (use treeant) looking for stuff to make nice compost, youll do 
41 Dark elves are smacking around a devil swine in human form, he begs for help
42 Devil swine merchant tries to sell fake potions
43 Devil swine cult leader with gang of goat men engaged in a blasphemous ceremony
44 Goatmen and dark elves dance, human arrival sets off erotically charged insane mob
45 Goatman Warlock and his goblin cult assume humans are cultists and approach to trade
46 Dark elf slavers with trained troll, skeletons guards and a coffle of human slaves
47 Goblins cutting and cooking a mushroom man alive 
48 Discover the mushroom field you've been walking through is a explodestool field
49 Cyclops thinks you want his sheep or trees, hunts you with sling long range
50 Wild man in bark clothes offers party shelter in his hut so he can axe murder them
51 Chaos mutant dogs with disease that makes them berserkers and is contagious
52 Evil treant with gibbet cages hanging from him with ghouls inside he releases at will
53 Savage batmen cultists dragging screaming sacrifices to their cave altar

54 Trees with scary angry faces, are tree spirit folk who turn into human form with weapons
55 Treant with human corpses hanging from his branches in nooses, graffiti carved bark
56 Nighthag on her nightmare meets you and offers you wishes for service to evil powers
57 Black Annis
58 Coven of witches see you send their assassin after you so you don't recognise them again
59 Necromancer with students meeting a dark elf warlock lord
60 Dark elven archers riding black elk looking for intruders
61 Dark elf noble hunter, his followers and his hunting panthers

62 Dark Drayad and her robber knight lovers see you and want you to join them or die
63 Medusa roaming the woods making random statues of frightened creatures
64 Harpy flock will talk to see how evil you are before hurling abuse and shitting on intruders

65 Dark elf riding a wyvern over head might try a surprise snatch, sting or spell
66 Ogre hag teaching human witches how to perform a evil rite of sacrifice
67 Ogre Magi and his orcs bandits kidnapping victims to sell or eat later
68 Giant spiders in web infested treetops, intelligent and evil, some are wizards
69 Wild Wyverns out hunting drop through tree canopy by surprise glide attack
70 Giant trapdoor spiders open surprise doors and snatch and bite victims
71 Nasty mushroom men sling abuse at you and follow till you start a fight
72 Dark druids awakening the dead in a ritual they have stolen from a graveyard
73 Ruined tower where elderly witch and her three daughters live 74 Treehouse spypost with squad of elves with messenger bats
75 Swarm of nast gremlins with filthy plague squirrel pets pour out from trees
76 Swarm of magical stinging insects
77 Come into a zone of magical entangling plants, save or held for 6 hours
78 Serpent Man with lizardman guards and a giant pack lizard on diplomatic mission
79 Wildmen seving a wraith, they attack anyone it points at, then it comes from behind
80 Dark elf maids riding pet Leucrotta frolicking
81 Hyenamen cackling and laughing at promise of eating someone shortly

82 Evil spirit follows intruders and warns creatures before them with whispers
83 Evil pack of forest walrus lounging around with a elf necromancer pal who lives with them
84 Giant wasp tries to paralyse victim and fly awake to fill with eggs in their nest
85 Vulturemen in robes delivering a book of vile magic to help the visiting human cultists 
86 Necromancer visiting dark elf lover, neither want to be seen by anybody man nor elf 
87 Young witch gathering herbs, poison and magic mushrooms, singing to her familiar 
88 Dark elf naked performing ritual with human zombies, embarrassed then angry
89 Pack of wolves, the whole pack share a common mutation making them a unique breed
90 Chaos goat mutant horror with various followers including cultists, goblins and elves
91 Demon some elf released for a lark and is watching from a crystal ball for kicks

92 Hell hounds eating somebody, if they see more meat they start howling and a chase
93 Peryton with dark elfmaids riding them hunting for human hearts
94 Shadows of adventurers long ago killed now serve elves patrolling elfland as undead
95 Zombie adventurers patrolling the forest, they carry any corpses found back to their lord
96 Goblin shaman and followers challenge party, can be befriended especially with food
97 Dark dwarf killers , from the underworld to eat men or elves, both kinds of meat!
98 Grey gnomes with a mechanical steam powered war crab
99 Goblins setting up a market place for several days of neutrality and night markets
100 Dark nobel Nymph with knights and servant sprites and fairies demands parley

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  1. Awesome stuff. I've taken this and altered it to suit my dark elf jungle land.


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