Monday 8 January 2018

Hobo Skull - a Murder Hobo Shanty Town Year 1

Will do several of these showing a murder hobo shanty town grow over several years in a boomtown ecology. Mislabeled one of the encounter tables but will fix.

The beginning
The first thing anyone noticed here was a collection of murder hobo tents and some old drunks.

The next structures started with a grog and food tent and after a year several wooden shacks went up. Master Duran brought in his thieves guild to operate the village shop, the dorms and brought in Doc to be the local healer who had lost his licence in the city. Duran himself moved in i his fancy fortified hut. Half the village are members of his thieves guild.


Only a few people were eaten a month mostly one a week from the old owlbear and a few from the wolves. Humanoids started scouting and bandits robbed a few people on the way to town to sell treasure. Things in the local hills became aware of the humans but waited.

Badger Hill - family of badgers live near here which someone saw when naming it

Newt Hill - someone found a huge newt here once and it was delicious

Camping Ground - where travelling adventurers set up camp, is a bit muddy and filthy now with a few stray dogs, a pig and a goat who help clean up. Cost is 1cp a day to stay here no gruel included

Kitchen Tent - Mrs Molly is the camp cook and mostly cooks beans and pork with bread or gruel for followers. She has several urchins who help her out and Master Duran maims anyone who touches her. She gave some scraps to boblins and they like her now. Gruel is 1cp and a meal with meat is 1cp and a boiled egg is 1gp

Guest House - a large shack with triple bunks and a stove, 1sp a day board including meals
Dorm Cabin - where Duran's gang live. They watch the camp, patrol day and night and send a gang  to the local dungeon. They also spy

General Store - Mrs Norman runs the store with frightening marked up goods on food and good grog but old monster weapons and armour are cheap

Master Duran's Fortified house - a nest of comfort in this well made portable house with fine carvings, varnished panels, furs, carpets, silk pillows, fine wine and tapestries. A four poster bed for the master to entertain. Servants have a room and a kitchen where masters meals are cooked. The house is fortified with slits for crossbows to fire from

Doc's Shack - Doc's a healer from the city and brought here by Duran. He accidently killed some patients and lost a court case costing his licence. He is good enough for murder hobos though. Doc drinks too much and once fought off goblins trying to kidnap him for some reason. Duran gave him a helper and bodyguard who keeps him sober at least while adventurers are out in the dungeon

Grog Tent - Talia runs this joint serving rotgut and home brew beer and stout a copper a drink

Into the next stage

Lots of trees were cleared and seasoned to build a future stockade and wall. The creeks were well fed and had freshwater cave cray and albino cave fish in them.

Someone suggested all the cliff caves be investigated. A organised latrine area was dug and camp followers were given the job of looking after it. They also had to drive off the huge snakes and spiders and stray dogs.

Besides a stocked the camping grounds will grow and more craftsmen will arrive. Other trails to nearby dungeons will be made and the local caves will be explored. Monsters will respond with monthly attacks. A sizable dump forms in the original camp area and starts to foul the river.


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