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d100 Strange roadside locations for murder highway

Across the wasteland weird things happen all the time. Some make a living out of it. Cryptofauna is big money and even remains of monsters are worth money to corporate military biolabs. Other phenomena might sell a story to the right people. City people just dont believe how mutated and unnatural the outback has become. This could be a basis for a meddling kids adventures in the murder-highwayverse. All they need is a heavily armed van.

d100 Strange roadside locations for murder highway
01 Small crossroad settlement with caravan park are satanists with a hidden corpse stash 
02 Small crossroad with nobody over 16, anyone older flees or gets eaten
03 Farmstead with cornfields ruled by feral children cultists some with strange powers
04 Small crossroads locals all live in fear of pyrokinetic witch child
05 Locals report UFOs seen in area frequently, deadly modified animals in area
06 Outback pub where locals talk of a local monster they claim is a giant mutant thylacine
07 Collapsed military fence with concrete bunkers containing waste and mutant cannibals
08 Village of fundamentalists who are suspicious of outsiders are witches in league with the devil
09 Locals warn you away from pleasant looking billabong because it is home to a bunyip with strange powers
10 A shanty town of mutants by roadside suspicious of strangers, someone has been kidnapping them every few nights
11 Local shop warns of ghosts in the hills, actually a prospector with a hologram projector growing drugs crop triffid hybrids under lighting in cave
12 Tiny bait store by river bend warns you not to go into swamp because of the gillman
13 Abandoned roadhouse and cars with decapitated bodies of various ages, a flying batman tears off peoples heads to eat brains
14 Abandoned house with skeletons, nest of mutant roaches under house will awaken if people breathe too much on site 
15 Shack of UFO spotter sure aliens have a secret base in the area, one of them is a alien hybrid MIB in disguise who encourages crazier theories of the group to make them unbelievable
16 Van of mystery solving teens empty by old three story creepy wooden house. Demonically possessed some of the teens are trapped inside. Inside is bigger than the outside
17 Warning signs about mine shafts in area, some of them new. A clan of hillbillies have decided to become subterraneans to outlast the apocalypse and have just started cannibalism
18 A grassless football field with outback kids playing football. The elders are in fact a druid kidnapper cult that play sport to pick best sacrifices. the children are mostly too scared to ask for help and elders say that one off kid has mental health problems
19 Stretch of road with wrecked cars and bloodstains. A driverless necrobion car has been roaming area eating people since it's undead master was killed
20 Rednecks in a huge 4wd utility truck have been terrorising communities and travellers in area. They worship demons and practice sacrifice and animal mutilation. Cattle an human remains litter the roadside
21 A emu army has been assembling and bothering miners. The miners are a front by a corporate cult to awaken one of the old ones in a cave. The miners are bewildered by the emus and hide behind a electric fence 
22 Small town seems to have one fortified building. Last survivors of a fast zombie outbreak are hiding here and try to signal for help
23 Local crossroad folk live in fear of some creature Complain that the secretive corporate lab bunker nearby wont do nothing to help
24 Truck and black SUV's burned out on roadside but look good for looting. Truck has a cage and dead humans wearing ABC hazzard suits. A horrible lab created monster is in hiding nearby and hungry
25 House off road tries signalling with flares and shiny mirrors. A giant mutant goanna has trapped residence inside
26 Hamlet in swampy river area looking for missing children and dogs ask strangers to help, a giant Murry cod has been snacking on locals and no it is not a mutant
27 Water hole by empty camping shack has several abandoned cars and towels and eskis by water. Piranhas or mutant freshwater crayfish have eaten the holiday makers
28 Strange icy wind are felt which are totally unnatural. Even the road is covered in ice. A fenced off corporate lab seems to be at the centre covered in snow. Inside staff have become cannibals and some wendigos from experiment to commune with Iquatha the windwalker to alter the climate
29 Area is burned to a crisp and covered in ash. By night strange lights are seen. Otherworldy fire creatures were summoned here by a cult who were burned to death with their house and cars
30 Strange blasted crater with foul liquid and remains of a ruined house and cars. Scraps of notes and a occult book on calling Azathoth for wisdom are found. Anyone taking the books will be hunted by the cult
31 Crocodile farm by roadside offer free tours when they cannot get food. Part of the walkway around the pens drops into the crock pond when a lever is pulled. Paying customers are left alone
32 Wrecked house by waters edge has several lootable cars. A giant yabby (freshwater cray) called old bill lives here and by night will look for victims to eat
33 Old house with pale corpse impaled on spiked iron fence who seems to have jumped from upper floor. Inside is decorated with occult items. The ghost of a wizard is here and will protect the house from thieves. If desperate his corpse will shamble from the basement and call down a terrible thing from the stars. Mostly he scares people away with creepy signs of haunting 
34 Old house with a covered well. Signs of murder in house and locked freezer full of rotten chickens. If opened the horror in the well, a tentacled mutant thing will come out for food
35 A military zombie hunting drone has become damaged and now decapitates travellers with his light anti tank rifle from his foxhole
36 The road has a huge open pit blocking travel. A giant mutant carnivorous mole lies in wait and several empty cars are nearby
37 A battered old milktruck on road swerves to block travellers. The milkman is a zombie and all his load is stinking and rancid. It has enough awareness to drive as a means of hunting
38 A fenced and ruined corporate lab complex only recently looks destroyed. Several bitter psionic feral kids live in the ruins and hate adults
39 Dozens of robed cultists are having a ceremony, when they see witnesses they jump in their mostly family cars and station waggons and give chase
40 Strange burned circles are on the ground and several unconscious people are found who think it is still the 1980s. If their story gets out MIB will persue them
41 A burning crash site nearby has several black SUVs and MIB watching. They will bully curious people away and they are cyborgs and their cars are armed with asers
42 AI sanctioned op car with dead driver at the wheel has gone mad. Most of it's ammo is depleted and it is now suicidal
43 Sole survivor of a burned out settlement begs for help, says a burning spirit attacked the town
44 Fortified cult compound selling sex and drugs and food advertised on billboards, they are a cannibal sex cult desperate for fresh victims
45 Large tent with smaller tents where a mobile church has set up camp. The have a buss and trailer and are looking for the promised land. Elder Palmer will try to use his hypnotic powers on visitors to make them join up
46 Three attractive women and their black billy goat live in a shack. A sign offer assorted fruit pies $10. They are witches and the goat is a demon. They want sex then sacrifices after revealing their hideous true forms
47 A ghost town truckstop has several intact vehicles and working fuel pumps. Everyone was eaten by carnivorous mutant moles who wait for strangers to get out of their cars then attack anyone trying to flee. They might even collapse a tunnel under a car to make it immobile
48 Shimmering coloured salt pans from dried out lakes and coloured salvation jane and sth african daisies makes the landscape seem surreal. The heat shimmer on the road gets worse. Psionic otherworldly parasites cause hallucinations to wreck cars and feed off the dying. There are several stones with signs on them they require to exist in this world
49 A abandoned motel seems to still have power and fridges of food and beer. Notes found indicate a stranger with a metal cylinder came to stay. By night severed body parts hop and flop around the area attacking people, some of the parts eventually form into a monstrosity that can even attack cars. 
50 Strange misty imaterial hands reach from the fog and try to stroke your skulls. The alien beings make psionic attacks and want host bodies to spread their kind. A meteor nearby houses them at the moment
51 A cistern water pump complex seems to have lots of empty gang vehicles parked around it. The former gang base is now a charnel house as several deep one hybrids in the gang evolved into monsters when they took their first swim inside

52 A BBQ rib diner offers delicious smoked hog ribs and pulled pork. Unfortunately the management are a cannibal cult that poking around is not too hard to uncover
53 Church offering free lemonade. The congregation inside sing cheerily but are all mutants but don't realise it due to medication and hypnosis from the pastor. He gives drugged lemonade and invites victims to join the congregation
54 Abandoned creepy house in basement has strange organic sacks and webbing. The upper floor has many interesting artworks and books. By night horrible creatures swarm the house seeking food 
55 A fenced corporate lab complex has corpses laying in the grass in lab coats. The lab is full of fine loot and notes about their zombie virus research. Eventually the zombies rise and swarm looters. After the zombies come the corporate clean up crew who is worse
56 An abandoned sheering shed has a generator and several beer coolers sitting under the veranda. Crazed mutant sheep live here use the loot as bait for delicious humans
57 Row of faded pastel holiday shacks on shores of a mostly evaporated polluted lake. Remains of humans and canned food is in the shacks. Horrible giant mutant worm creatures live under the mud and are awakened by sounds of humans
58 Ghost town of abandoned quality buildings are here with vintage loot to pilfer. A zombie cyborg gunfighter lives here and eventually awakes to challenge visitors
59 A quiet ruined town seems to look unlooted. A ned kelly fan gang wearing metal helmets and chest plates live here and eat visitors tempted by easy loot they place enticingly around town. Once killed they arise as zombies shortly after
60 A large old house in the middle of nowhere, suddenly a storm breaks out and the road is washed out. Someone in the house signals travellers to come in. It is the elderly servant of a vampire who invites guests in for the night so master can eat them. Lots of fancy art objects and loot
61 Strange lights are visible in the distance. When closer find a strange grunting attractive naked person (or several) who wants food and sex. They don't want to leave area so their saucer can collect them. They are an alien android
62 Wrecked house and cars scattered by road. A giant mutant razorback boar is on the rampage
63 Farmers barricaded in shearing shed wrapped in wire. They signal for help. Carnivorous zombie rabbits are swarming the area. They have a nearby warren complex and their numbers grow daily
64 Roadside house with free beer sign. Inside a serial killer has made his own murder museum. Shortly after travellers seeing the horrible interior a gang turn up wanting revenge. In the basement the serial killer has set traps and a ambush if more than two people investigate
65 Farmers wave white flag. Complain of a black night monster menacing them. A giant mutant tasmanian devil in the area.
66 Empty cars under a nice patch of trees by water. Dropbears, mutant killer koalas live in the trees ready to eat lesser beings
67 Aboriginal old man tries to signal traffic. Says there are bad spirits loose in area and tribe needs help. In forbidden rocks he cannot enter ancient sandmen demons have awoken from a cave and seek blood sacrifices to call space demons to take them somewhere better. The creatures are very sneaky and have magical abilities
68 Gathering of locals by road looking for lost family in the scrub. Wild triffids living in area have eaten the family and they have a gnarled and twisted appearance that blends in the scrub well
69 Locals begging for help. A night monster has been attacking families through the roof and chimneys in area and swearing and whispering terrible suggestions. A black devil possum was raised by cultists after being liberated from a black lab. The insane creature leaves occult signs in blood
70 Reward sign posted on corp mining building. Foreman cant get workers to stay because mutant frawgs came from the swamp and ate some miners and now they wont come back. Forman can spare a few thousand for anyone who will shoot them. Poison just made them bigger
71 Crucified upside down churchfolk have been terrorised by a satanic biker cult for days. The gangcult have several innocent prisoners with them and the church will offer a reward to anyone saving them and a bonus for killing the cult

72 Attractive young people are splashing by a waterhole and gesturing travellers to join in. They are attached by tentacles to a horrible mutant that enthralls some victims and eats others
73 A fenced off mental hospital looks abandoned except for lights in the upper floor and gang bikes out back. A corporate sponsored gang have been testing experimental mutagens on mental patients. Gang members will pretend to be medical staff and broadcast free medical treatments on radio
74 Chocolate factory in old stone building, once a tourist attraction with a faded sculpture of a gnome eating chocolate. Inside a deranged cannibal cult use machinery to murder and chocolate coat victims. Sign sez welcome free tours and samples. Cult offer chocolate samples with human blood and drugs in them but they don't look too convincing. They have children they are fattening up with chocolate in the basement
75 Miniature World a former tourist attraction with a miniature town, mini golf and wonders of the world. Mutant rabbit tribes have moved in and stolen the dolls clothing. If giants approach they scream and flee in terror calling upon their protector a giant diseased mutant rabbit. They learned to speak from cable tv and might recognise anyone famous as a god. Myxomatosis might wipe them out in future years if they dont get meds
76 Miracle Cavern tourist attraction cabin advertises fun for the whole family. Park rangers long gone but a serpent man in human form plays the part now. He welcomes guests, offers them soda then shows them the entry to the caves under the shack. Inside the cave are albino dinosaurs and serpent men and one of their recovery shelters where they slept for millions of years. They need humans they can replace to work their schemes of global conquest
77 Large fenced off area with a sign "Pleistocene Park". Inside robots manage the former tourist attraction of giant prehistoric megafauna including wombats, kangaroos, emus, tasmanian devils, marsupial lions, platypus, goannas and more. The animals are worth a fortune and the park should have been decommissioned but owners were bankrupt. Robots welcome tourists but warn some animals are fiesty
78 Frontier Village a tourist trap now run by androids. There are several family sedans in the parking lot and a school bus. They welcome tourists and sell them food and will admit them to the park. Inside the addroids inside are insane and hate historically inaccurate guests who annoy them
79 Toytown a tourist park taken over by a cannibal clown gangcult. Robot toys pathetically wander about outside welcoming people. Inside the clowns pretend to be automatons until they are ready to ambush visitors
80 Public Swimming Pool, with some locals enjoying it. They will mention the swimming hole that is cheaper but nobody goes there now because of the beast. A carnivorous giant mutant platypus is to blame
81 Natureland a private zoo looks still functional with gang member guards. Here a ex corp scientist works on mutating creatures and releasing them. Visitors are not welcome as specimens are worth millions
82 Ghost town seemingly full of early 20th century antiques. The town is haunted by spirits who possess strangers and reenact the sad mass murder outbreak that depopulated the place years ago
83 Colonial ghost town seemingly intact and with possible antique loot. On stepping into area all are time shifted into the goldrush past of 1870 and their equipment is changed also (but cyberlimbs probably hooks and wooden legs). Locals report strange lights in hills and if searched for will find crashed aliens trying to fix their warp drive which has effected local reality
84 Robot Ripple Icecream Company. Large shed with storefront. Robot with caged counter offers all natural ingredients ice creams. Inside the factory a cannibal gang have been finding new sources for natural ingredients and have a stockade full of prisoners
85 Ghost town where people have vanished leaving food on the table. A child in hiding says a monster took them all to a cave in the hills. Inside a giant mutant spider have locals bound in silk awaiting to be eaten. The spider has hungry babies on her back which jump off to help her and their venom is only patalytic while hers is necrotic
86 Small truckstop finishing off a few zombies. Some critter in town is biting people and turning them into zombies. Sheriff won't let anybody leave until the critter is gone and he already shot a scientist feller from the black lab down the road
87 A gathering of UFO spotters has met to witness a once in a lifetime landing and contact here soon. A government lab has faked a flying saucer and modified a poor mook into looking like a alien. They want to test the crowd for future black ops where they can blame aliens. At least one UFO nut is really a MIB hybrid spy
88 A silver egg flies by shutting down all electrical items then lands. A silver suited humanoid steps out and requests help for materials to repair his craft offering gold bars with alien writing as payment
89 A abandoned car by a roadside has a horrible burst corpse with blue slime on it. The car has a idol, some books and a frenzied journal. The idol if handled plunges the wielders mind into the past when alien beings occupied the world. Then further back till they see a spectral hound creature that starts to follow them to the present. Daily the hound comes closer. A aboriginal elder who comes from seemingly nowhere warns the victims they need supernatural help or they are doomed
90 A ghost town looks like a safe place for picking but ghostly tentacles appear to drive travellers away. A miner has set up a hologram projector and has a cage of meddling kids he thinks want his gold
91 Teens in hot rods and dune buggies signal for help. Some blob from a meteor has grown and is eating people in town. Townsfolk are hiding in terror. They are warning people away and looking for help
Local farmers are meeting about the monster stealing and spooking their cattle. A escaped t-rex pet has been living n a quarry and has got fat eating cows
93 Abandoned lakeside holiday shacks in pastel colours line a polluted lakeshore. A scrap prospector says nobody goes near the shore because of the lake monster. A wily plesiosaur lives herer and his head can reach inside the shacks
94 Small hamlet has a house of goblinoids locals assume are mutants. Their spacecraft from Tau Ceti crashed years ago and the survivors live here afraid of being locked up in a government black lab like others have before
95 A mutant cult have dug up some prehuman ruins. They don't like snoopers and expect to become rich from their discoveries. One vault contains a terrible ethereal tentacled horror polyp. One of the mutants possessed by a primordial spirit wants to cover the ruins and seal the place before there is trouble. Travellers with weapons and explosives are just what he needs
96 A magic child is wandering in the wasteland alone and too small to be left out. He has inscruitible wisdom and announces he need them to rescue a aboriginal clan kept in a shed by a mining company illegally exploiting their land. The miners use holograms of spirits to scare intruders away. The child possibly vanishes after or leads travellers to more strange occurrences and mysteries
97 A lone woman in a medical smock with grey hair and no shoes wanders by a roadside. She escaped a black psionics lab and her owners are after her using a surgical implanted locator. She is not very conversational but warns when enemies near and can help with her strange powers and preternatural senses
98 A small lap sized dinosaur is jumping by the road trying to get attention. He is a expensive uplifted pet micro raptor with a voicebox collar translator. His owner a courier has been trapped by a gangcult living in a old mine
99 A van of medling teen investigators signal for help. They have bitten off more than they can chew when exploring a abandoned black lab and the monster thing ruined their van stranding them here
100 A corporation have built a fenced pristine town to test their cyborg combat mutants in. The gates are wide open with lounge music playing to entice visitors inside. When in the gates shut and the monsters are released 

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  1. This is an entire campaign in and of itself. As usual, I love it.


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