Sunday 28 January 2018

Art contributors for update of Planet Psychon

Im looking for some art contributors for a pdf update of my Planet Psychon Setting - originally based on my want to not choose between gamma world and dnd
Planet Psychon Revision: Acid Punk Edition

Post apocalyptic weird science fantasy since 2013

Anyone want to contribute images to Planet Psychon?
A free crowd sourced non profit not for profit venture
Id happily feature all kinds of doodles, fanart, outsider art, or images preferably B&W that you own. Old art you have already sitting about is fine you don't need to make new stuff. This edition will be a acid punk theme version made to be more zine like cut and paste. I'm doing some collage for it and will be more "zine" in my design

I would consider other offers of input...
-like maps made with psychon tables
-pull quotes about how awesome Psychon is or what it is

Artists will be welcome to print multiple copies for various purpose

Images only to be used only in this mostly B&W free edition

It will be released on my Patreon and to contributors at least a month before public release

You can just email me image/s preferably as JPG or PSD + 30 word bio and contact info or a business card image to

Contributors info will be on dedicated pages

Stuff looking out for
-anachronistic incongruous tech in use or ruins
-strange or outre landscapes or ruins
-strange monsters and mutants adventurers

Last Version

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