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d100 Elf Dungeon Dressings

This is a similar idea to Dwarf Dungeon Decor I did to make any map more dwarfy when making my random dungeons. This is to turn boring dungeons into elfy dungeons. Mix with gothic zone or goblin mine or other dungeon types for repurposed dungeons. Elves live underground frequently so as not to to scar nature with obscene monuments. Many elven structures are hidden by good design or magic to keep uninvited guests out. Enemies may not be sure where a elf structure is or even what plane it might be on.

Anyway elf decor is more florid and vegetal and organic. Someone once said dwarves are deco and elves are nouveau which is pretty good. This list includes monumental features, decorations, traps and room functions you can place around a dungeon. A dark elf one would be different, i was kinda awed by Gygax's descriptions in the D1-3 adventures. Feel free to reimagine these as decayed, corroded and ruined. If goblins trashed the place possibly vulgar graffiti everywhere too. Maybe a goblin dressing table could be slapped on top of a elf or dwarf table.

d100  Elf Dungeon Dressings
01 Secret door with opening mechanism hidden in woodland scene carving in stone
02 Secret panel with elf bow, 20 silver arrows, healing potion, silver dagger
03 Ornate carved stone door requiring knowledge of elf poetry to find secret keyhole 
04 Stone door with scene of bard playing harp, requires a tune to be sung or played to open
05 Trap activates bright light that dazzles many races of darkness but not humans
06 Stone globe with elvish hymn, if read correctly will not release sleep gas
07 Gold leaf on fragile fairy ornament, if broken room fills with tangling vines
08 Relief carvings of naked elfmaids bowing before the sun rise
09 Relief carving of a hunting scene with werewolf hounds at the front
10 Statue of an archer will shoot anyone evil with stone arrow 2d6 each round 
11 Stone bearded treeman at rest sculpture, secret panel with scroll inside nose
12 Fountain with fish and waterfowl statues and a naked elfmaid figure
13 Oakleaves carved in stonework with treetrunk colums supporting roof
14 Leaves carved in stone with tiny faces peeking out from in between
15 Stone stag statue wearing gilded crown and antlers
16 Elven knights carved in walls as if on guard looking solemn
17 Beautiful clear pool with fish mosaic tiles with water flowing from ceiling
18 Walls covered in mirrored tiles some panels quite large with crystal chandelier
19 Glowing spheres wander around the room iluminating the tapestries
20 Statue of elf queen and king holding hands in regal clothes with crowns
21 Fine stone screens almost translucent with fragile lace like designs easily broken
22 Stream flows through middle of room with stones to cross and stone ribbiting frogs
23 Stone insects carved into cracks and spaces where stone blocks meet
24 Stone flowers carved in walls with a great stone urn full of alabaster flowers
25 Portraits of ancient elves of legend with names and dates in old elvish
26 Stone tree pillar with carved squirrels running up trunks
27 Archway with elvish text if key phrase not spoken as enter shoots magic missile at them
28 Stone beehive on pedestal with a tap that contains delicious mead or pure honey
29 Depictions of dozens of elf tribes carved in stone relief, many unknown to modern folk
30 Statue of a unicorn ridden by a naked elfmaid
31 Statue of a naked elflord being attended by sprites
32 Carved scene of a woodland orgy with animals, centaurs, satyrs and elves
33 Wooden panels with coats of arms of great houses some are unfamiliar to modern folk
34 Statue of elf king banishing a tentacled leviathan into a half sunken sea crypt
35 Crystal pillars hold up roof, with gems on ceiling where stars were long ago
36 Ceiling fresco of tree canopy with birds, squirrels, sprites and brownies
37 A huge four post bed with ladder and four guard posts and a secret chamber inside
38 Indoor archery range with man sized straw figures on mechanism that once moved them
39 Room with bench, loom, spinning wheels and a half finished tapestry with nature scene
40 A large bathing pool with warm scented water flowing over a glowing crystal feature
41 Ceiling has a carved huge eagle with wings spread covering room span 
42 Walls are engraved with roots with occasional burrows with sleeping animals
43 Carved wooden golems with bows animate if any non elf languages used
44 Opposite walls, spring and winter scenes with elf king and queen in seasonal forms 
45 Floor is a ancient map of elfland in brilliant coloured mosaic tiles
46 Mural of the world tree connecting the wolds of the cosmos together
47 Painting of a dryad, mortals must save or stare till they collapse from starvation
48 Painting of a naked nymph, mortals must save or die from her beauty
49 Wine cellar with hundreds of barrels and bottles of fine elf wine that keeps forever
50 Library with bark scrolls and wooden books dating back to the dawn age in old elvish
51 Stone tree holds up the ceiling, a hidden treasure concealed in branches

52 Peaceful natural sounds like crickets, frogs and woodland breeze
53 Beautiful sombre harp and flute music, walls decorated with sheet music
54 Floor has a hedge maze pattern if followed for ten minutes opens a secret door
55 Choir music fills room with images of joyful faeries frolicking
56 Stone mushroom stools in a circle with great stone mushroom table
57 Ornate dining table with elegant chairs and dinner setting for a feast
58 Thousands of candles arranged on shelves ever burning, each with a elf name tag
59 Incredible moving glass fountain with coloured fluids mixing random colours 
60 Huge decorative bowls with ceramic fruit and vegetables with increadible detail
61 Tapestry of unicorn maidens riding under the moon with fleeing evil creatures under hoof
62 Statue of a lion asleep with a elfmaid asleep in his arms
63 Butterfly house with wire doors to keep insects inside with butterfly motifs in wirework
64 Walk in aviary with feeders, stands and spectacular song birds and peacocks
65 Stable with bath for horses, with beautiful crafted troughs, saddles and other fittings
66 Kennels where hunting dogs or werewolves or other beasts kept
67 Statue of a elf hero riding a griffon, if you say his name a secret panel in the base opens
68 Acoustic chamber where elves perform and practice music, strange resonance
69 Stone archway if the correct elvish phrase read next to it the gate opens to faerieland
70 Gallery of beautiful paintings and small sculpture on plinths by famous elf artist
71 Pipe organ chamber with throne like chair and amazing acoustics

72 Shrines to elf heroes and gods with idols and altars with sacred texts on them
73 Crack in floor, strange mist coming out, ornate high chair over the crack where seers sit
74 Spectacular temple with marble and crystal and gold statue, altar, pews and murals
75 Greenhouse magically lit with narcotic herbs and carnivorous guard plants
76 Scent library with hundreds of crystal bottles with coloured fluids with nice smells
77 Elf crypt with stone sarcophagi with lid depicting the occupant
78 Anatomy lab with scrolls, charts and human and animal body parts preserved in liquid 
79 Lab where beastmen were made with magical surgery on table with restraint straps
80 Apothecary with hundreds of medicinal bottles and operating table with silver tools
81 Astrolabe showing postion of the stars and a mural of astrological signs
82 Hospital with many beds, supplies of bandages, bedlinen and lotus resin hookahs
83 Barracks where hundreds of sprite and brownie footmen lived while serving elves
84 Greenhouse with magic lamp and treefolk inside in long deep slumbers
85 Amphitheatre with backstage area for props and costumes
86 Wardrobe with at least a hundred fine gowns and robes of some elf noble
87 A crystal teleporter pad that connects to another pad in a distant elf complex
88 Magic scrying pool where seers watched events of the world and spied on enemies
89 Art studio with incomplete paintings, sculptures and valuable art supplies
90 Scriptorium with fine scribe desks with racks of scrolls and paper making presses
91 Room of goblins in comical poses frozen in stasis on plinths, words in elvish free them
92 Maze Room with taunting goblins in crevices and bones scattered about
93 Kitchen with elegant designed fixtures and tools with a stove that lights on command

94 Rows of chairs and tables for playing chess with ivory and ebony and crystal pieces
95 A fountain of d4 1=fine wine or 2=mead 3=fruit juice 4=flower nectar
96 Greenhouse full of flowers with a stone beehive inside
97 Copper fruit tree with silver and jewelled fruit and mechanical songbirds
98 Magical laboratory with a huge spellbook and shelves of magical research in elvish
99 Fine wooden dance floor with vine leaf motifs and a crystal chandelier with magic light
100 Laboratory chamber with apparatus to change children into faerie beings

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