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d100 Magical Forest Canopy Encounters

This is for things that happen invisible to ground level. When you climb into the canopy you are in another world. Or into the boughs of a magical other worldly tree. I intend to develop a magic woodland and elfland campaign lines later in the year and a compilation on everything so far for my patreon shortly. Inspired by the wood between worlds or william morris ripped by cs lewis, myths like the norse world tree and a diet of uk fairy stories including the magic faraway tree. Probably mythago wood too. Will work on a few new forest things this month.

d10 Treetop Terrain Paths

1 Trunk - climb up using good hand and footholds surface with branches
2 Branch jumping - hop across some gaps in path or fall or use safety ropes
 Branch walkways - long straight paths connecting treetop terrain types
4 Skylit Branch - breaks through canopy and can see other trees or clouds or sky

 Steep thin path with good hand holds goes around the trunk
Pleasant winding path with branches forming a rail around the trunk
7 Mushroomy branches - dark area where fungus thrives popular with goblins
Grassy branches - where grass grows and animals like bunnies and deer graze
 Bushy thick growth - good for lairs and easier for smaller size creatures to cross
10 Inside Trunk - winding stairs, complexes and even houses or elevators inside

d100 Magical Forest Canopy Encounters 
01 Huge talking squirrels holding their nuts having a chat
02 Tree goblins throw acorns at you and tease you with mean names
03 Nasty black hat gnome invites you into his tree door for cake and tea
04 Jolly gnomes and animals having a tea party
05 Faeries frolicking with animals playing music and dancing
06 Tiny coloured door where a d4 1=gnome 2=goblin 3=faerie 4=squirrel lives
07 Squirrel tribes having a war throwing bad nuts around
08 Fancy brass door where a friendly modron lives in his mechanical house
09 Giant caterpillar with a hooka, can sell you a hit of whatever you need
10 Family of bramble micelings having a picnic with halflings in best clothes
11 A foxman trying to talk some young rabbits of see his carrot collection 
12 A redbearded tree dwarf playing an accordion leading animals in a bestial chorus
13 A witch glides by on a broom or in cauldron with her familiars and waves hello
14 A tree ogre demands you answer his riddle, whatever the outcome he attacks
15 Elven teens have never seen humans before supervised by a teacher
16 A lady fox spirit in human form falls in love with a explorer and is cruel to rivals
17 Goblin kids and squirrels bouncing on a branch trying to reach a big nstrage nut
18 Squirrels waging war on gremlins hurling bad nuts and rocks at each other
19 Some changelings pretend to be young lost humans to score free food and hugs
20 A swan maiden playing a lute for goblin and elf children
21 Bunnymen with clubs beating a fox dandy to death then out of the tree
22 A elf scout introduces themselves is lustily interested in a explorer for a few days
23 Gnomes having a trial, thieving squirrel gets hung
24 A elf blind princess followed by seven geese actually gold dragons in disguise
25 Jack O Lantern golems looking to beat up outsiders
26 Needlemen guarding a sacred chamber of the tree
27 A mandrake root running and screaming killing everything in its path 3" in fatal range
28 Leaf covered wildmen offer to dine with you on their grubs and acorns and mushrooms
29 Fur wearing wildmen chasing some fallow deer in the branches making risky jumps
30 Giant owls question you as to your lawful purpose here
31 A wizard meets you and is delighted, invites you to his tree door cottage for tea
32 Beavers carrying bundles of wood tell you about plan to put a river up here
33 Delinquent rabbitmen children see explorers and decide this will be fun trouble
34 A squirrel sheriff asks if you have seen any missing animal children or a faxman
35 A cheerful old wise lynx will give direction to a settlement up here
36 Area with several dozen mushroom houses and patches of moss and grass on branches
37 Squirrel lookout post sees you and disappears
38 Squirrelman bandit gang with bows and acorn slings demand a toll of food
39 A charming foxman bandit demands you follow him to his lair peacefully or else
40 Large partridges or pheasants are startled, they are good eating and close
41 A giant eagle in a nest will chat to anyone friendly, if attacked other eagles help
42 A griffon asleep on a branch possibly blocking the way, if wakes up is quite polite
43 Elf delivering faerie food to magical beings in area might mistakenly offer strangers
44 A cackling ugly old wizard has a captured wailing gnome maiden or faerie lad
45 A giant spider has spread webs in area, if touched she come running
46 A giant constrictor wizard snake in the branches with jewelled beard, friendly
47 Savage tree troll swings like an ape through branches tries to grab some one
48 Several dire wolves follow explorers to snatch one while most distracted
49 Wolf riding goblins patrolling area for strangers
50 Bat riding goblins report to faerie folk about intruders
51 Goat riding goblins hopping from branch to branch squealing and bleating in delight

52 Wise magic nannygoat offers healing milk, just get on your knees and help yourself
53 A plucky young tree octopus has moved here from the sea and thinks its ok
54 Lost peasant child no idea where home is has been lost up here for years
55 Herd of deer madly run through you in blind panic
56 Stagman hunter asks why are you here and why dont you leave
57 Witch tree door cottage, she mostly knits and offers healing or cake or tea
58 Treehag demands mortals attend her and be judged
59 Druidic acolytes surprised to see you in this holy place
60 Senior druid asks why are you here and offers to help you leave
61 Elf riding a stag in the branches
62 Goblin riding a wild boar both squealing in blind panic
63 Faerie maiden with attendant sprites and talking animals
64 Dryad lives here with charmed explorers from the past but she wants new ones
65 Treeant in a clear grassy spot in a patch of sunlight
66 Old goblin offers to teach you all wizardry but you must be his servants
67 Old shaman with several animal friends and invisible guardian spirits
68 Tavern in the branches with drunken treefolk celebrating something
69 Brothel in the branches with a witch madam and her changeling workers
70 Banshee arises from a grave on a patch of grass on a branch
71 Centaur has set up a shop d4 1=blacksmith 2=healer 3=prophet 4=sage 

72 Treemen greet you and welcome you sit with them a few years in this nice spot
73 Tree spirit folk in human form welcome you and offer to share food
74 Elven travellers are stopping to eat and invite you to join their faerie feast
75 Elven bard is pleased to meet you and wants to compose your life story
76 Harpies screaming crude abuse and spitting, demand gold or food or sex to pass, 
77 A lion king wearing a crown is asleep with his favorite elfmaid aide
78 Startle a faerie of a older reptilian bloodline with scaly wings and a snake tail form
79 Mushroommen preparing magic mushrooms for a spirit walk invite you to join them
80 Old hedgetroll, quite harmless and peaceful, nursed by a hedgehog and a sprite
81 Redcap gnomes will threaten travellers in giant form if blood dripping hats not enough
82 Goblin shrine on a branch with a goblin witch doctor making potions
83 Druid teaching various young elves, sprites, brownies and treefolk the facts of life
84 Giant bluebird with a fancy hat greets you cheerfully and offers to sing for you
85 Gnome woman offers fresh pancakes, thought you youngsters looked skinny
86 Young bramble micemen picking giant berries to make jam
87 Faerie dragon pretending to be asleep on a rock
88 Unicorn frolicing in the branches with a elfmaiden
89 Satyr offer to get you some drinks and music for a party
90 A giant green armoured knight with a axe asks who will take his challenge
91 Peaceful naked hobgoblins sitting in the sun eating bread
92 Bugbear sees explorers and follows will decapitate one by secret at bad moment
93 Ravenman messenger asks if you have any messages he can carry

94 Huge flock of birds chirping noisily all around you spreading gossip from many lands
95 A pair of evil trolls with a saw chopping a branch with family of wailing bunnies on end
96 Iceman asleep, waiting for winter to get up and spread snow and icicles
97 Goblin children licking a large unhappy newt
98 Clod of land in branch with a well covered in ornate elf carved stone
99 Temple of a nature or faerie divinity in branches with magical guardians and priestesses
100 Tower intersecting several branches d4 1=dark elves 2=witch 3=wizard 4=ogre magi

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