Friday 5 January 2018

Murder Highway Corporate Sponsors

To help me celebrate selling out

Something I've needed  while. Advertising and sponsorship are a big part of racing and a easy way to get extra cash for hardware. Contracts often include clause like don't use rival products ot limits on who you kill. Usually the target audience or people they like.  Even if you don't want cash and attention rivals do and billboards everywhere. Some racers are very associated with a product or business chain and use every oportunity to sell sell sell. Others are a embarrassment. Contract change or change or representative might be part of a plotline or beef between characters. Winning a race or just getting good TV features might get a cash reward to cover the cost of bullets.

Single televised event c list league $1000
SIngle televised event b list league $5000
Single televised event a list league $30 000
Quarterly race season c list league $5000
Quarterly race season b list league $15000
Quarterly race season a list league $150 000

d10 Quick Product Type

01 Snack Food
02 Beverages
03 Restaurant Chains
04 Alcoholic drinks
05 Medecine
06 Groceries
07 Narcotics
08 Industrial
09 Automotive
10 Building and media

d100 Corporate Sponsors

01 Wallaby Jerky, chewy, salty, chilli blast that gets you hopping
02 Cheeze Flying Saucers, the out of this world snack
03 Vegemite cheese crisp fingers, if you don't eat them you must be foreign
04 Cobber meat pies, the gourmet treat with real synthetic lab meat substitute
05 Hellfire habanero cheese snacks, like a firestorm in your mouth
06 Croc crackers, you cant eat just one box, you cant stop eating just one box
07 Chico Roll, you can't knock the roll a deep fried dim sim roll
08 Chunky Custard family fun pack, building your future the custard way
09 Hot Yak Fat, the gelatinous flavoured synthetic lard jelly treat
10 Ratbags snack packs, bring out the mongrel in your kids
11 Wizz soda with the great taste of lemons like you remember
12 Koala Kola you want can't live without it
13 Supermax energy drink, now with 90% less addictive colours
14 Humongous body building protein drink with improved steroids
15 Rage energy drink, nothing gets your blood boiling and your fists pumping
16 Carnage energy drink, the kill crazy formula that brings out your roar rage
17 Lemon Barley Water, a civilized drink for an uncivilized age
18 Jewels Lemonade, sparkling, sophisticated and sensual carbonated lemon soda
19 Bulk the high energy protein slurry for all your muscle formula needs
20 Green Meanie soda, with twice the daily recommended dose of methamphetamines
21 Kraken cafe snack house, its a way of life, home of krakencola and kraken burgers
22 Standard roadhouse cafes, reliable and regular, you know it's good
23 Salty Seagulls seafood, chips and chowder from the briny deeps to you
24 Kasim's chips and curry house, we challenge you to keep it down
25 Aussie Steak King with real meat or substitute meat for the budget conscious diner
26 Cockatoo Grill and Grog, you want believe our quality or service
27 Drongo's Pub, chain of outback shed pubs rapidly deployed in airlifted prefabs
28 Crazy Cheesy Clown, where you can leave your children all day every day29 Hot Buns the best pies, bread and more all with the finest algae flour substitute
30 Sharky's Steaks and Seafood, eat like a cool shark with a side of reef fries

31 New Juniour Beer, they newly legislated legal and fun beer for teens
32 Thunder Chunder super beer 13% alcohol in every stubby
33 Vodko the fun orange and vodka like drink now in bottles and goonbag
34 Bunderson overproof rum and cola, let the party dropbear set you free 
35 Jim Boon bourbon and coke authentic replicated formula
36 Bloodstone alcohol enhanced caffeinated bourbon vodka flavoured soda
37 Rocket Fuel, a force for fun and out of control good times, gets you shit faced faster
38 Fruityfizz wine cooler, ladies put your legs up and let it happen  
39 S&D search and destroy ale, as used by the defence forces, pure patriotic pleasure 
40 Sucker Punch, gets you stupider faster, go the full mongrel
41 Anusore hemeroid creame, stops bleeding, scabbing and leakage
42 Continence Senior, the adult nappy that lets you take your life back
43 Buzz Pills, keep you awake all night, a full pot of synthetic coffee in every pill
44 Ibis Pills, Australia's favorite pain killer, now less addictive so you can have more
45 Plasiflesh dressings save lives and looks great, now in three racially sensitive colours
46 Cogburns wellness and anti depressant pills, make you feel better every day
47 Prince Valium the chewable cool mint chill pill that keeps you relaxed under fire,  
48 Blackguards universal survival pills, protects you from neve gas and anthrax
49 Genegray the antimutagenic drug that keeps your children human as god intended
50 Necrosol the only drug that prevents zombification and keeps your loved ones safe
 Soylent Green featuring the jolly gelatinous glob that kids love
52 Algae family feast pack, the cost effective family meal and prefered food substitute  
53 Frozen triffid fronds a complete healthy meal, eat em before they eat you 
54 Top Ten bread, delicious hot like lead, if you don't eat it you'll wind up dead
55 Mushroom Meal the safe all natural lab grown nutritional food alternative
56 Dunnymaster toilet paper, the bog paper that makes your bum feel posh
57 Blitzcrieg Washing detergent, purifies stains like blood lightning fast 
58 Happy sack body bags, the friendly body bag now in packs of 12 for any occasion
59 Blu Bomb toilet cleaner, keeps your dunny fresh like a tropical lagoon  
60 Skids floor cleaner gets rid of blood, feces, mucous and semen fast everytime
61 Tiger brand stimpac, the all round fix for combat or accidents
62 Lazerus emergency meds to keep hearts beating and stops blood loss in your crisis
63 Big Boss Cigars, be the boss, pity the weak, be a man, dont be without one
64 Dazza Blue, sophiticated ciggies now in family packs so you can save together
65 Dazz Red, extra strong ciggies like smoking a whole pack in one fag, tough and cool
66 Acapulco Gold the worlds favorite marijuana cigarette now in junior strength
67 Extra Strength Elephant brand heroin, dependable and now twice as strong formula
68 Annie's Acid, its the fun safe acid in six different strengths for the whole family
69 Erectohol the erection enlargement treatment with the great tasting drink
70 Lactolite the miracle lactation aid and bust enlarging formula
 Universal Products, bringing the atom age to your doorstep
72 Kemelkom biofuels and lubricants, keeping you moving the old fashioned way
73 Biota agrichem and genetically modified animals, feeding the world for tommorrow
74 Exotec medical and cybernetics solutions, we help win wars faster
75 Hubris Industrial, dare to dream like a god, shipping, steel and mining
76 Zeus Energy, the safe nuclear and renewable energy family you can trust
77 Percival hospital co and healthcare, chain of chemists and clinics everywhere
78 Aelita Aerospace, russian and brit commercial space exploration and airlines
79 Ozwater, water reclamation, recycling, desalination and bottled water
80 Skyrail national airship freight and transport, serving the nation
81 Pluto Waste Disposal, keeping medical, biological and atomic waste locked up good
82 General Technologies, reliable and mass customised from catalogue to you
83 Nova automobiles, be elite and drive the best, be the best beat the rest
84 Trev's Auto, the best and cheapest second hand cars and car parts
85 Paris Auto armaments and artificial intelligence, a winning combination
86 Ramrod's racing and auto parts, sponsoring the highways best and brightest killers
87 Camden motors and automotive paints, best paint jobs for the best cars
88 Creed Auto, the biggest thrills at the lowest prices
89 Morningstar Motors, your brothers in the motor trade, where your influence counts
90 Dazzaco building supplies and prefabricated housing you'd be proud to live in
91 Salamander Asbestos products, keeping you and your family safe
92 Houseco apartment gigacomplexes, life is simpler and safe behind the wall
93 Bondi Concrete Co, building our nations great barriers against outlaws and immigrants

94 Isomate prison systems, waste disposal and public housing, we keep your dirt locked up
95 Blue Steel construction, all your construction and erection solutions
96 Boran sand and gravel, supplying the world with the cheapest building materials
97 Nightly News Network, you need to know now, all facts all truth 24 hour a day sevice
98 Big Brother Media, quality programing and entertainment you cant live without
99 World News Corporation, facts fast for the man of action with no time to think
100 Global Cable Co, 500 channels of the most addictive programing for your family

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