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d100 Imps and their wicked ways

Imps are awesome - i played a few in RQ. One became one of 700 king golab demons in a particular legion and went of to climb up the demon hierarchy. Another One was a half chicken half imp lord of the chaos coops who was part of a plan to breed earthborne demons. I got to drive away the most powerful player in campaign by arguing I was better than all the other minor demons. I've always been fond of bottled imps for some reason too. DnD imp metaphysics a bit different but still fun and better than quasits.

Imps have secret diabolic names but are too low rank to have a talisman like propper devils. Other devils regard them as children even if they are smarter and more magic than more powerful devils. Most imps adapt a common nick name. They might go for a fancy name if pretending to be a god.

Ips are not just out for a random laugh. They seek to break people, corrupt them, soften them up to sell their soul. These pranks weapon communities, help corruption and present a cruel world where you may as well be evil and struggle for power and influence. Rather than chaos these operations are planned and documented for weeks by committees with manager oversight.

d10 where do you find that imp?

1 Trapped in a magic circle possibly even one of chalk or salt
2 Trapped in a bottle
3 Bound within a magic item to make it intelligent
4 Sneaking about in dungeon air vents invisibly causing trouble
5 Pretending to be a small animal or child
6 Acting as cultist or wizards familiar
7 Serving someone who sold their soul or in process of deal
8 Advising a crazy person who really does hear invisible voices
9 Spying on adventurers for hell for some future scheme
10 Actually the secret power behind some cult using tricks to be more impressive

d10 What does the Imp do for fun?

1 Trades in souls
2 Seeks promotion up the ranks of hell
3 Manipulate people with tricks
4 Seeks worshipers to stroke it's ego
5 Acts of sadism on earthborn mortal creatures
6 Corrupting wizards with temptation of powers
7 Likes mortal vices like smoking, sex, drugs and booze
8 Plotting some machiavellian scheme that takes years or centuries
9 Likes to take peoples greatest love objects and use to have power over them
10 Corrupting the innocent and tricking them into calling on powers of hell

d100 What habits does the imp have?
01 Likes to grill snacks on tiny pirchfork
02 Flatulant which sometimes hurts disguises
03 Likes to throw beer bottles at cats
04 Prefers to walk about naked
05 Plays with tail, swings it about
06 Likes to poke creatures in the bum with fork too much
07 Enjoys arson and bathing in coals when misses hell
08 Namedrops devil lords and awful historical friends
09 Likes to tag diabolic sigils everywhere
10 Likes to spy on people undressing or in the toilet

d10 What special knowledge does the Imp know?

1 Knows d4 names of secret corrupt officials, noble cultists and witches
2 Location of great but cursed treasure
3 Personal secrets of a high ranking noble of hell
4 Names and rituals to call several more powerful devils
5 Location of trap filled dungeon
6 Location of ancient long lost cultist places of worship
7 How to find a entrance to hell
8 Knows means of getting past a gatekeeper between the layers of hell
9 Knows d4 other imps, devils or hellcats operating in the area
10 How to find the gate to the black library where evil wizards learn from devils

d10 What cool powers it's tiny trident has? (most only a d4 and are wand size to most humans)

1 +1 hit and damage
2 shoots magic misslie x3 per day
3 casts charm person x1 per day
4 can shoot a d4 normal flame once a round but rolls to hit
5 +1 damage heat, can start fire or brand victims
6 Harms magical creatures up to +2 but has no bonuses to hit or damage
7 Can use as a burning torch for light or burning people but a bit more red
8 Can cast sleep once per day
9 Can cast fog cloud once per day but smells more like sulpher
10 Can open a magical lock somewhere

d10 Other favorite Stuff

1 Notebook of evil deeds and victims, some works in progress
2 Stolen letters or diary of victim dispairing over unlucky misfortunes
3 Talisman of a technicaly superior devil and truename
4 Tiny chest of gold and a naughty forbidden parchments
5 Hellgem that curse owner to paranois, jelousy and murder
6 Grimoire of evil magic with some curse, trick or trap
7 Fake d4 treasure maps leading to awful traps
8 Evil candle which has a spell like effect for ten minutes only once
9 Numbered dosier on a party member and notes on family from hell
10 Cursed or fake magic item

d1 Pimp my Imp - What to wear to the imp party?

1 Adorable hat of some kind, often a professional one 
2 Tiny cape, often with a symbol or hell rune 
3 Awesome tiny boots shiy leather and point toes often with a design
4 Classy gloves that the imp adjusts and plays with as a prop constantly
5 Codpiece, huge and spectacular just the as clergy dislike
6 Sweet little collar, some fancy, some with simple devil rune metal ones
7 Jewelery, fancy red gold or bronze , some with hells dog tag run medalions
8 Smokes ofen with opium pipe, cigars, cigarettes or a tiny hooka or bong
9 Tatoos all over or just a few, military ones commo indicating their rank
10 Mising body part like a foot or eye or hook hand

d100 Imps and their wicked ways
01 Corky - red imp likes to pull roof tiles and chimney pots off and throw them at animals and children

02 Sindee - blue imp with saggy witch teats, likes to dance lewdly and imagines everyone fancies her
03 Gordo - likes to shit down chimneys and invisibly spy on victim as they discover the mess
04 Raymond - likes to contaminate shaving tools with filth found in a whorehouse or hospital
05 Gobbli - likes to torment amputees, will invisibly steal their artificial limbs and dance about with them
06 Lolli - leaves trails of sweets to lure children into danger and steals babies toys
07 Zora - sexually harrasses sleeping men to see look on their faces
08 Grumbleduke - likes to gather homeless drunks into a cult then informs on them to the laaw after planting evidence
09 Raza - cant get enough of witches, loves to suckle them for blood and follow them about drooling
10 Mingy - likes to put human body parts in fish then puts on fishermens hooks
11 Stabbio - has a pointy awl and likes to stab random people in crowds invisibly
12 Lorbo - likes to bake delicious treats and lace them with poison that causes lifelong adiction or medical problems 
13 Minya - likes to steal magic pies from hell and leave them in dungeons
14 Voran - likes to fake ghostly hauntings and scare people at night
15 Arnold - likes to play bagpipes on rooftops at night
16 Lacey - likes to steal babies and raise as evil heroes for hell 
17 Horace - lice to murder people and plant false evidence that some inocent did it
18 Ruffio - likes to pick locks and help criminals escape prison
19 Shambley - likes to leave witch objects in a house then sends anonymous tip to witch hunters
20 Vangar - goes to witch trialsand uses powers to incriminate the innocent acused
21 Borris - likes to fake vampire outbreaks and watch the fun as villagers go crazy
22 Camus - likes to collect babies teeth to make into jewelery
23 Dallas - likes to forge confessions of treason and send to secret police
24 Mindy - she loves setting fire to thatched roof cottages
25 Rogra - likes to convince people they have magic powers then abandon them at critical moment
26 Billy Zebadee - likes to lace food or medecine with adictive drugs and watch the hilarity ensue
27 Valar - likes to find people who cant escape and read them his terrible poetry
28 Shimmy - likes to have sex with farmers chickens to breed a new race of chicken imps
29 Whammy - likes to untie animals and scare them away
30 Erab - steals from the rich, gives to the poor, then informs police
31 Goby - likes to plant rot grubs and green slime around dungeons and peoples homes
32 Moby - copies exam papers and sells to students for beer money
33 Ralpher - likes to smear runny feces all over peoples homes when they are out
34 Wretcher - likes to rile up humanoid tribes by telling them hell is on their side and time to attack humans
35 Zeb - convinces students to study black arts and sciences with gifts of evil documents
36 Porker - likes to eat all food in a house, the poorer the better
37 ZumZum - finds troubled desperate people and whispers to them through walls at night bad advice like kill your boss 
38 Cammy - likes to find letcheers and scare away their victims by appearing behind the would be seducers in sight of the love interest and make lewd gestures
39 Vorby - likes to wipe his bum on fine clothing of rich people then watch when they find them and beat their servants
40 Zama - steals corpse parts to leave in peoples beds and inform on them to law
41 Philis - likes to make fake treasure maps and leave them on corpses for adventurers to find
42 Corby - she likes to replace normal items with cursed ones, beseker swords are her favorite
43 Zimla - likes to install glory holes in tavern privies then reveal herself to recipiants
44 Vardour - likes to drill holes in pumpkins and have sex with them, keeps farmers awake at night with grunting
45 Popper - likes to torment dogs, make them enraged then set them loose
46 Vili - likes to swap labels in alchemist labs and pee in empty bottles
47 Hannibal - likes to set alight mens beards in their sleep, wizards a favourite
48 Welly - likes to poop and pee in peoples laundry and rub soap bars on buttocks 
49 Reznor - whispers to orphans that nobody loves them
50 Kibbly - likes to fart in crowded places invisibly to start fights
51 Sammy - loves to edit peoples diaries in their own hand writing and confessing to horrible deeds

52 Shimenee - likes to give gifts of gold to peasant then frames them for being in league with hell
53 Dingleberry - likes to masturbate under the floorboards everytime someone enters the room and makes lots of noise
54 Shimbar - likes to draw rude pictures in books and modify artwork to horrible obcenities
55 Vimbar - likes to steal baby monsters, leave trail and give them to kids as pets
56 Corey - blocks dooraways and windows then sets fire yo houses when residence inside
57 Zoggy - visit lawmakers and merchants and tell them they are doing a great job and how hell if impressed
58 Shimnee - write inept letters of recomendation for people applying for government jobs or get into fine schools
59 Bazza - steals from thieves guilds and frames some ordinary person then watches hilarity
60 Bowser - likes to modify tax records to incriminate people
61 Zorba - likes to mix flatulance potions in drinks at solemn and serious occations like funerals
62 Jibbly - likes to borrow printing presses to make wanted posters and paste them up of innocent mooks
63 Ferris - writes personal scandals and secrets on walls with stolen paint
64 Zibby - watches criminals hide evidence then puts it in their beds again and again
65 Loris - in child form encourages children to play cruel games and pranks
66 rigby - likes to act the part of childrens imaginary friends and guide them into terrible lives
67 Fonsby - leaves hell contracts in peoples houses, constantly with forged letters of recomendation from successful locals and friends
68 Snizby - leaves trails of blood about town, usually animal blood
69 Stinker - teaches children rude words and anoying songs
70 Flibjibbet - mutates bables with potions and strange unguents
71 Petro - replaces babies with changelings and sells original as a slave to elves

72 Dr Bludbutt - wears a top hat and carries a bag and a syringe he injrcts victims with lycanthrope blood. Carries d4 doses of possibly diferent types and drugs
73 Cyrano - steals all the food in town exept cabbage, eggs and beans, then adds flatulence potions to the well
74  Lorinda = invisibly pretends babies are talking and says cruel things to parents when no other adults are around, pets if no babies about
75 Jilxy - torments jelous lovers by leaving fake evidence of lover having afair just to start a fight 
76 Loopy - likes gamblers and merchants, lets some loser get rich and then ruins them back to nothing again
77 Cormis - loves to trick humans into canibalism, leaves food for homless, replaces meat in cookpots of street sellers and worse
78 Feltcher - has a limp and always one goat foot, other imps tease him. Sends random blackmail letters to people just to test them and see what turns up, the letters are vague but he likes seeing people freak and check their dark secrets
79 Trumpkin - orange imp with terrible wig, egomaniac and arse chaser, likes to encourage intolerance and predjudice in slack jawed locals
80 Flangebutt - likes to dance on rooftops at night keeping people awake and disturbing babies
81 Ricky - likes to steal nails with tongs and hide them, uses his naughty tongs to pull nails from buildings and horse shoes. He also pinches off the noses of sleeping people
82 Vinny - likes to deal drugs and give terrible advice, offers free hits of drugs from hell, always smokes. Once client is needy then he starts with making terrible life style tips
83 Pepper - spunky she imp with pigtails and kinda hot. She likes to invisibly whisper to lovers how crap they are and criticise their technique, and jump on them cheering
84 Horace - wears top hat and monacle and tie, with spats and a cane. Likes to torment persons into status and manners, points out there every flaw, then shits all down the bannisters and fancy rugs and flings poop around th house before important guests arive
85 Wizzy - likes to help people have industrial acidents with farm machinery, grain silos, mills, tools and waggons. Especialy likes to distract workers at critical moments
86 Snatchy - likes to rob the rich just to infuriate them and replace sacks of money with horse shit. Chucks the money in wells or buries it or gives to other imps to finance corruption and bribes
87 Crimpkey - likes to copy peoples ledgers and report cheats to tax collectors
88 Laurie - likes to hang around workers and whisper how they are doing everything wrong and criticise everything and shames them
89 Lenno - likes to convince people to revolt and sabotage against their masters, escalate them to criminal and treasonous activity then report them to the law
90 Gabbo - visits prisoners and teases them about their terrible failures and lies about what their friends and loved ones are doing while they are inside and pees on their food
91 Gwar - plays terrible music on rooftops at night and sings. Dogs and cats bark and screetch along and moody teenagers kind of like it
92 Patty Spice - likes to send people forged love letters and encourage terrible people to love inapropriate people and stir up married couples
93 Garbenzo - likes to fly about at high altitude and shit on people especialy if they are eating food or drinking or wearing fancy clothes

94 Mr Snuffy likes to strangle pets and hobble horses and mutilate farm animals especialy stud animals
95 Kenny - likes to offer victims contests and challenges where lose must perform some humiliating task. Kenny cheats and is awful and uses personal information and taunts
96 Mindy - likes totaint soap and beauty products with diseased filth from sewers and mummy tombs. She is quite subtle and the effects take time
97 Gobbo - likes to put on adult puppet shows and corrupt people with strange heretical sex ideas. He is a crude wit and belittles the ruling class making his shows popular
98 Sammy - she loves pets and trains them to steal, kill, attack other peoples pets or turn animals against their oners
99 Rizelda - likes to feed timed explosive potions to peoples pets, she laces animals favourite treats and has a alchemist she blackmains for suplies
100 Shitfang - likes to brush his teeth with awful substances from the foulest places and nip people to give them deadly infections. He appears to them while dying to taunt and piss on them 


  1. I noticed no entry for #99 RizeldaDoes anyone know what she's up to?

    1. thankyou! fixed
      all her crimes are now your fault

  2. By the way, I especially like the one who plays bagpipes at night - that is a remarkable kind of Evil.


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