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d100 Tiny Doors In Trees

Teeny weeny folk live inside trees and sometimes you can see them. Especially when you journey up a magic tree that connects to the great cosmic tree and before long you are in between all worlds. Seeing a tiny door most people will tell you to just go and don't come back and don't even talk about it. Some faerie folk are secretive and willing to silence a troublemaker with a curse or crippling illness or kidnapping. Because children see faerie things better than adults children often end up in faerie forests and most end up serving elves

When in faerie type lands most mortals are called children or son or daughter or boy and girl. Everyone looks puzzled by other suggestions. Witches are common here and don't seem to be a menace here for some reason.

"This place is more likely to make you fat than dead"

Doors can appear in trees, rocks, hills and even houses but mostly in trees close to faerie land.

What is in there?

1 More like a fancy closet or just enough to sleep inside and store some stuff
2 A single room tiny cottage that is cramped but functional
3 Several rooms with a private bedroom and storage space
4 Cottage with bedroom and lots of secret storage chambers and a safe room
5 Several level apartment like cottage with additional storage above and below
6 Several connected cottages or apartments usually with extended family inside
7 Fancy lodge decor with several guest rooms and servant rooms, cellars and attics
8 Huge sprawling manor house d4x10% is abandoned or sealed up any anytime for reasons
9 Elevator up or down to a large mansion with 30 odd rooms
10 Elevator takes you to another universe or dimension of some kind

What lives in there? (occasionally do a d4 cohabs)
1 Talking animal small to medium humanoid size
2 Beastman of various types but often squirrels or mice
3 Changeling animal, plant or nature spirit in human form
Wood elves most common but other elf types like dark or bright elf types 
5 Gnome of various tribes denoted alignment by their hat colour, some are mean
6 Other humanoid d4 1=halfling 2=forest dwarf 3= 4=
7 Magic human d4 1=witch 2=wizard 3=priest 4 druid
8 Sylvan Being d4 1=faun 2=dryad 3=satyr 4=hag
9 Humanoid d4 1=goblin 2=hobgoblin 3=bugbear 4=tree kobold
10 Unique magical humanoid or planar being or spirit in physical form

What are they up to now?

1 Cooking a meal or a snack
2 Doing repairs around the house
3 Cleaning the house
4 Working on hobby or craft
5 Writing a letter or in journal

6 Have guests for tea
7 Helping a friend in trouble
8 Reading or studying
9 Emptying chamber pots
10 Evoking arkane forces of eldritch power

Is there anything they need?

1 Fetch me a recipe from this person at this address dear 
2 Need you to do household chores like cleaning or laundry
3 I need one delicious ingredient i really miss
4 Magic momento stolen by someone, bring it back please
5 Help deceive minions of the dark forest lord
6 Get one thing from a witch by fair or foul means
7 Get this thing i want off a faerie or elf
8 Get a gnome to build something
9 Get a potion from a magical person or elf
10 Fetch me a pretty thing to decorate my house

d10 Tiny door decor

1 Lovely brass knocker
2 Postbox slot
3 Bell
4 Big lock and bar heavy door
5 Peephole for occupant to see visitors
6 Name of resident on a sign
7 Grumpy note on door to someone
8 Name of cottage on a plaque
9 Good brush doormat
10 Curtained window

 Tiny Doors In Trees
01 Red door of a friendly gnome offers you poppyseed cake and ginger beer for big boys
02 Blackdoor with elevator to a mansion of evil gnome slavers who have several children and a bearboy captured so far
03 Human kids live here, they get free faerie treats and don't want to go home
04 A red haired jolly dwarf happy to share a beer and local gossip over a smoke
05 Black haired angry dark dwarf hates visitors offers them sour beer and rotten meat
06 Moggug a goblin youth always up to pranks for the faerie trickster chaos god
07 Mr Moony lures mortals in house with drugged candy, sells to moon men as slaves
08 Korindell a dryad and her four charmed adventurer lovers, she would like a few more
09 Lysandra a dryad who is kind and has sprites and brownies fawning over her
10 Kaboonash the tree man will tell slow rambling tree stories and offer you honeycomb
11 Mara the elfin baker makes delicious cakes that increase your faerie nature over time
12 Magulp the witch usually mixing a potion and fairly lonely and wants conversation
13 Mr Squirrel worries that other squirrels are winning the war over a cup of tea 
14 Faun who likes checkers, poetry and serving guests cakes and grape juice
15 Nannygoat looking after a few local animal babies with a apron on clumsily makes tea
16 Jolly treecat invites you in for stew, but don't tell anyone it's squirrel stew 
17 Mrs hedgehog and her two fat sons, they welcome you in their cramped home
18 Mr Tree rat lives here with his children anter an eagle ate his wife
19 Grumpy Mr Hobgoblin is sick of kids pranking his door, he waits with chamber pot ready
20 Witch offers candy and lemonade, magical sugar makes you drug addict for life
21 Bunnyman who's kids were killed, now hates human children and invites them in for cake
22 Beaver family crowding over kitchen table playing dominoes laughing 
23 Goblin who warns human "children" about the elves and their interest in slavery
24 Hobgoblin flasher will drop his towel and swivel his hips lewdly
25 Dark elf grannies would love to have some young people over for dinner
26 Working class squirrel doesn't want a bar of you stuck up humans dirtbags
27 Squirrel thespian society needs you to read parts of a newly written play
28 Frog bard wants you to hear his new love song "i can feel your heart beat inside me"
29 Pigeons family look nervous about to have dinner relieved if you don't eat them 
30 Swanmay house where she has two "sisters" staying over and is too busy to talk
31 Goblin lives here where he stocks his snack pushcart that he sells faerie treats from
32 Dark elf witch brewing potions with her pet spiders, she is curious about strangers
33 A bugbear invites you in to crack open a candied head, a delicious treat he is fond of
34 Mrs bunny has lost her children and is wondering if you could check on mr fox
35 Mrs Doomdrake the duck widow and she is waiting for her hot date Mr Fox to arrive
36 Mt Tortle lives here and is teaching various animal children the litracy
37 Alf lives here offers elf cake and elf beer while his familiar fetches the elf slavers
38 A wise old centaur healer and prophet lives here he will heal any one good for free
39 Mr owl lives here and is unimpressed if woken in daytime as he works late shift
40 A frog dandy lives here and wants to try out his exotic magical fattening treats on you
41 An ancient elf here paints naked elfmaids and always asks visiting ones to pose, he has over a thousand of these paintings in his attic
42 An elf matriarch lives here with many pictures of her many children. She offers to knit things for visitors and rambles on about the god wars in the dawn age she saw
43 A satyr alcoholic lives here with his wine making supplies and he will always offer drinks
44 Mrs Wren lives here always baking seed cakes for young birds in her family
45 Mr Robin is a vain bard who loves his beautiful red chest and sings about himself
46 Insect band is staying here till they can get some gigs. Mostly they starve and practice. They are pretty good and deserve a brake
47 Mr Newt lives here and he makes a living from visitors who pay him a sliver to lick his hallucinogenic skin. He smokes cigars and is kind of depressed
48 Mr bear lives here writing poetry and wishing he would be a famous poet. He is terrible as a poet but it keeps him alive when not drinking. He is really good at drinking and goblins deliver daily
49 Shifty goblin bootleggers live here avoiding tax and selling sly grog. They might threaten you if they think you will blab
50 Bugbear clown lives here because of all the children he can scare, is quite unpopular
51 Nilbog lives here and only talks backwards gibberish and throws up feces for guests

52 Norker goblin lives here thanks to goblin housing scheme, he just wants to club and bite people
53 Small formarian horror lives here is hideous and causes fear but desperate for true love
54 Crazy goblin shaman lives here making potions and can sell random ones but he forgets what they do
55 MrJip the monkey lives here with his wife and wants to talk about his lord and saviour the sun god to you if you have a meal with the family
56 Grandmother Goose lives here a local amatuer detective and sage well respected by locals and always stalked by Mr Fox her arch enemy. She almost always has a guest over and often is solving a new case about half the time
57 The frog prince lives here but a wizard stole his sweetheart and polymorpherd her into a human. He pines for her and has forsaken his kingdom. Dad has offered a wish to who makes the son happy  
58 Grandpa Withershins lives here a bearded old hermit thousands of years old from living in faerie land mostly. He offers advice and best dining tips in the area
59 Mr Pidgeon collects coins and will show his precious collection while Mr Fox peeks through the windows
60 A Mr Fox lives here in hiding from the law with a poison heavy crossbow waiting by the door
61 Witch Ashley lives with her hellcat Maggogmog. She would happily make biscuits for visitors and tell them amazing stories exploring other dimensions with her cat and drugs
62 Gateway to a invisible elven castle overlooking human lands possibly on a island
63 Goat, a chicken and a gnome live together. Welcome strangers in for a drink happily
64 Gnome tailor makes pants for all the best dressed animals, a bit snooty but fair
65 A wild elf boy who never wants to grow up will live like this till something bad happens
66 Werewolf lives here trying to avoid being tempted by living beings which he lusts to murder, he often has some other lycanthrope over to stay
67 Gateway to a gnome village in hills in gnomeland
68 Gateway to a dark forest filled with undead and cursed ruins of the plague era
69 Werefox lives here pretends to be girl in hiding and invites strangers inside to stay
70 Family of were rats, one is a minor wizard in human form. They all try to pretend to be normal
71 Hobgoblin seems friendly as long as you don't swear or mention the war

72 Goblin who collects fancy shiny gewgaws and trinkets, happy to trade or offer info
73 Cross dressing werewolf currently is dressed as "grandma" invites you in for tea
74 Nearly blind old witch with ear trumpet, easily confused but friendly
75 Gateway to a dark elven wood with spiders and humanoids and lycanthropes and witches
76 Gateway to a bright elven wood with treefolk, animals, centaurs, dryads and more
77 Several batchelor rabbits, layabout drinking and smoking and talking about girls 
78 Old mr badger knows about everyone and lots of local history
79 A blue hat gnome lives with a owl and a rabbit who all play boardgames
80 Three witch sisters who like to knit, play cards and occasionally eat a guest
81 A family of bluebirds singing together, will invite guests in for seeds and water
82 Old lady hobgoblin will invite you in for cookies and complain about elves for hours
83 Gateway to a cavern underland near a great cave elf city. They have strange ways
84 House is full of nuts and a cramped but happy squirrel
85 Bored gnome children who want entertainment and offer keys to dads liqueur cabinet
86 A elf boy and a squirrel live here together but their families don't approve
87 A household overcrowded full of sprites or brownies or pixies
88 Leprechaun polishing his gold coin collection will tell sad stories about old days
89 Family of blackbirds worried someone is planning to eat them all up in a pie
90 Gateway to the happy hunting grounds were most souls reincarnated as animals and may evolve into beastmen or spirit animals or intelligent animals
91 Dwarf a black squirrel and a mole live together and like looking for treasure
92 Black hat gnome has several human child slaves cleaning and cooking, he invites guests in and has children serve high tea but whips children who are clumsy
93 Owls meet in this lodge to discus secret happenings and unseen forces, non members not allowed

94 Family of halflings make a good living selling pastries and cured meats
95 Family of wild boar with idol of the forest lord seated at their kitchen table
96 A family of toads croaking and playing checkers and eating grubs
97 A wood golem who insists he is a real boy has lived among animals for decades
98 Deerwoman who is kind to strangers and offer first aid and food
99 Crotchetey old dwarf drinking alone flings feces at anymone knocking on his door for another bloody intervention
 Petty god like the turnip god or some similar oddball character

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