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d100 Villagers Mistake Adventurers For....

Request from Goblins Henchmen G+

Village lynch mob table could be handy too...

d10 Why do they think this...
1 It happened in last year
2 Someone had a dream
3 Someone saw and interpreted strange omens
4 Rumours rife in area
5 Happened in other village once
6 Happened long time ago
7 Bard told a story
8 Crazy local spooked everyone with story
9 Stupid locals pieced together from
10 Soothsayer or fortune teller prediction

d100 Villagers Mistake Adventurers For....
01 Inquisitors, villagers act pious and fearful and hide stuff
02 Bandits, villagers make big show of defences and look surly
03 Cultists, villagers make holy gestures and carry holy symbols
04 Tax collectors, villagers hide stuff, empty shops and roll in filth
05 Murder Hobos, villagers lock doors and close shops
06 Heroes, village youths swarm and swoon about them
07 Returning heroes who left village as youthful adventurers a decade ago
08 Doppelgangers, villagers armed and suspicious keep in pairs
09 Witches, villagers make hex signs, stand in chalk circles and fling salt at adventurers
10 Animal rustlers, armed villagers armed and hover about live stock

11 Were creatures, villagers wave about wolves bane and carry silver implements
12 Nobles in disguise, villagers polite and charming and bow constantly

13 Adventurers responding to wanted posters they sent to city about local monster 
14 Elves in disguise, villagers polite, scared and sprinkle iron filings around village
15 Spies for foreigners or dungeon boss, make patriotic displays of defenses
16 Undead, villagers wave holy symbols and fling holy water 
17 Performers, villagers get exited that troupe of travelling showmen arrive
18 Traders, shop keepers rattle wares and housewives flock to inspect goods
19 Prostitutes, enthusiastic sleazy customers make lewd comments 
20 Mercenaries, villagers with sack of copper try to pay party to kill something
21 Plague Carriers, mob with torches and masks throw rocks
22 Possessed, villagers hide and lock doors priests try and exorcise 
23 Chaos warband, villagers flee leaving food on tables and sick and lame
24 Ghosts, villagers all scared, priest tries to find out what spirits want 
25 Nature Spirits, leave offerings and chanting and bowing
26 Illusions, villagers ignore party as if not there, look afraid
27 Gods, villagers lay prostrate, afraid to look up unless bidden
28 Fish men hybrids, villagers look angry and fearful, cooking and chopping up fish 
29 Escaped slaves, villagers thro nets and lassos on party hoping for reward
30 Angels, villagers afraid, well mannered and wearing holy symbols
31 Devils, villagers flee screaming and waving holy symbols
32 Cannibals, villagers watch suspiciously offer bread and vegetables only
33 Murderers, villagers follow and spy on party, refuse to be alone with, look scared
34 Secret Police, villagers make patriotic displays of state loyalty, erect monument of ruler
35 Evil magicians, villagers scrawl hex signs on doors, wearing charms, scared
36 Healers, villagers offer gifts, food and beg them to see old and sick
37 Agents of local villain, villagers barricade houses and carry weapons, very hostile 
38 Demons, villagers hysterical running, screaming about end of the world
39 Rival village spies, villagers boastful, display weapons, stores, fat animals and babies
40 Long lost sibling, villager convinced party member is a long lost sibling
41 Long lost child, elderly villager overjoyed to have found party member
42 Criminal enforcers, villagers surrender copper pieces and beg for mercy
43 Thieves, villagers all holding purses and watching party like hawks
44 Drunks, village women and priest hurl rotten turnips and cry no more drunks
45 Perverts, villagers led by priests abuse "your sort" demand party leave
46 Migrants, villagers insist party surrender weapons and enter stockade or leave
47 Refugees, villagers offer party food, old blankets and ruined shack to stay in
48 Ghost hunters, exited villagers follow party telling them about local haunting
49 Monster hunters, villagers offer tips on local monster lairs and offer to sell supplies
50 Travelling magistrates, villagers swarm with petty disputes and grievances
51 Cattle mutilators, angry farmers with pitchforks and rocks gather
52 Vampires, villagers hang garlic on houses and form mob with torches and wood stakes 
53 Nobles in disguise testing villagers who are polite, serve best food and act slavishly
54 Wealthy in disguise, villagers throw selves at party in hope of producing rich heirs
55 Lost villagers taken by slavers, villagers overjoyed and have a feast to celibrate
56 Vandals who ruined local fences, gates and signs demand compensation
57 Bounty hunters, villager is afraid party come for them and rest hide them and are hostile
58 Pregnant village girl accuses party member of being lover, village readies a wedding
59 Dandies from city, villagers charge more and try to make everything look fancy
60 Counterfeiters, villagers inspect coins and call sheriff if any try to spend money 
61 Press gang, come to kidnap able bodied for military or maritime service
62 Charlatans, villagers skeptical and think party have fake wounds, treasure and weapons
63 Prince/Princess looking for marraige
64 Pimps recruiting prostitutes, villagers hide youths and are surly to party
65 Sheriffs, beadles and bailiffs from another village looking to take local to court
66 Knights on a quest, villagers exited and treat party kindly, some kids ask to be squires
67 Slavers here to buy or kidnap youths or tradesmen, villagers present unwanted kin 
68 Wizard looking for students, villagers force children to present selves in best dress
69 Tradesmen looking for work, villagers point out chores they need and offering copper
70 Spies from another village seeking trade and craft secrets of locals who are wary
71 Crusaders home from distant war, villagers demand stories, blessings and locks of hair
72 Demonologists, villagers think party here to look for ritual supplies to call a demon 
73 Exterminators, villagers think party here to kill giant rats roaming streets and basements
74 Highwaymen, villagers call sheriff, wary and suspicious of everything party do
75 Eunuchs, villagers sympathetic and kindly, make odd comments, some try to seduce 
76 Guild inspectors, come to check tradesmen and shops up to spec, dues paid 
77 Kings men inspecting sheriff, bailiffs, beadles, villagers present grievances in secret
78 Church agents inspecting local churches, villagers make shows of piety and singing
79 Druid men of old faith, villagers dance about in masks, erect a maypoll, sacrifice a goat
80 Animal inspectors looking for diseased or deformed livestock, villagers hide animals
81 More city hipsters looking to ruin village life, villagers fling turds and shout at party
82 Scholars investigating rural life, villagers tell tall tales in hopes of boosting local business
83 Pilgrims, villagers try to sell saint relics and offer to show local holy rocks and wonders
84 Foreigners, villagers think they can rob and murder party and no body will care
85 Students, villagers tempt them with booze, cheap food and winking maidens to stay
86 Musicians, villagers demand party put on a show and offer them beer
87 Hunters, villagers welcome party with hospitality and tell them where local game hides
88 Tourists from city, villagers offer to show local ruins, caves and put on extra quality food
89 Travelling folk, villagers demand enemies cursed, fortunes told then encourage to leave
90 Virgin inspectors, all eligible women in hiding, menfolk surly and rude
91 Doctors or midwives, villagers tell party aches and pains and request medical advice
92 Courtiers, villagers offer youths as servants, try to impress with crude country manners
93 Undertakers, villagers insist party embalm and bury recent deceased
94 Punks from city, villagers wary and hostile, hide youths and watch party for trouble
95 Royal inspectors, villagers run about fixing stuff and making village look nice
96 Water inspectors, villagers check local dams, streams and wells for pollutants in panic
97 Education inspectors, villagers present talented youths in hopes will be selected
98 Surveyors come to inspect land allotments and borders, villagers present deeds
99 Adventurers, villagers try to sell maps and equipment and booze
100 Turnip god and retinue in disguise, villagers present turnips to be blessed

Asked for some ideas on G+
Probably should have specified content/format but i will put suggestions here as a possibly useful footnote - thank you my brain trust

Dallas M
the party knocks on a door and the villager inside gives the party 2 SP while begging for an extension on their tax deadline because they mistakenly think the party are tax collectors?

Party member with highest CHA+WIS is mistaken for Odin the Wanderer (or equivalent). Nubile sons or daughters are trotted out to a crawling sales pitch. Imagine a grandchild with god's blood!

Jeff Call
Villagers think party are the ones who last night murdered the village mascot animal, an ancient rooster named Kolchak.

Mistake party for the local regent and retinue, well-known for traveling in disguise as beggars.

Mistake party for vampire diplomats come to negotiate a cessation of hostilities, regardless of time of day.

Mistake party for recently polymorphed livestock now scattered around the countryside.

Ivan Sorensen
Villagers flee in terror. Turns out the most noble, goody-two-shoes in the party looks exactly like the torturer of the local king/duke/evil wizard

Goblins Henchman
Party mistaken for a group hired to rid them of a monsterous threat

Party pelted with rotten eggs and waste; the group is so reviled it is impossible to figure out what the village is so irrate about

Some villages think one party member is the lost boy stolen/sold decades ago

Party enter on 'Hero's Harvest Day', where village girls of marragable age dress up nice and try to catch the eye of the boys from neighbouring villages who dress up as adventuring Heros.

It's the third day of the purification ritual, when only the dead are said to roam the streets

A piped-pipers has been hired to charm were-rats from the sewer, it is assumed to party are those were-rats in their human form

Villages think the party broke the main gate and want them to fix it

Villages think the party are costume actors, and want to hear their 'story plays'

Villages think the party are murder-hobos

Villages want the party to return payment, sent to them by their 'agent'; the 'agent' promised to hire adventures to find and return their missing children, which the village did themselves due to the delay in the party's appearance

Every hound in the village howls and barks at the party members, perhaps the scent of a monster or dungeon lingers on the party, the villagers therefore think the party are fiends!

They think one of the party is the King in disguise, with likewise accompanying disguised Royal

Vilages think the party are bounty hunters looking for the village trouble maker and spokeswoman 

The village is the front for a malign cult, they think the adventures are spys trying to uncover them


  1. This is a fantastic table - my favourite so far.

  2. A few more that missed the final cut:

    :: Heavily pregnant village girls claim one of the adventures is responsible

    :: A villager is the spitting image of one of the adventures, and thinks that they are their 'long lost twin' and now wants to join the group; they now have a country bumpkin in toe that they cannot get rid of, and who has stats that are the diametric opposite of their look-a-like

    :: Local wisewoman predicted plague and desimation would follow the arrival of a group matching the groups description

    :: The villagers think any demi-humans in the party are goblins and want to kill them!

    :: For no discernible reason everyone in the village tells the party lies

    :: Everyone in the violate is convinced that the party is very very rich, everything in the village is charged to the them at at least 10 times the normal rate to them

    :: Everyone thinks the party has counterfeit coin, that will turn to lead when they leave town. The best they can hope for in offer is services in lieu of payment - fancy washing the dishes in the tavern for your dinner?

    :: Villagers think the party are trying to lure the young folk away into adventuring

    :: Villagers think the party are the local freedom fighters, 'robing from the rich to give to the poor' (the villagers think they are the poor)

    :: Villagers think the party are phantasm Illusions, and spend the whole time ignoring the party, or blinking and trying to disbelieve the existence of the party.

    :: villagers think adventuring parties are pathological liers


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