Thursday 25 January 2018

Forbidden Forest Update

Revising these forest encounters Original Here
Mere d40 tables from early days on the blog
First 40 are original 41+ are new
Altered the preamble a bit

Forbidden Forest (Bright Fey Forest)

Humans are not welcome here - non human fey, goblins, elves and magical animals dwell here. Many are good or neutral even the goblins. There is evil here but as part of a balance not for humans to comprehend. Also some sylvan and faerie beings are capricious or think of humans are dumb animals.

Some guests like druids and cults are given permission to be here with documents from a noble or the king like a letter or passport. Some are given passwords, phrases and signs to be able to pass.

The humans have built a great Lodge where unicorn hunters from around the world visit. Unicorn hunting is now illegal but outlaws still hunt them. Wild men here are green fur covered primitives rather than cavemen who are mostly naked or clothe themselves in leaves or furs..

d100 Forbidden Forest of the Bright Faerie Court

1 A collection of beings dancing will be outraged at humans they call hue and cry on them
2 A collection of beings dancing will magically draw the intruders in and lose time
3 Enraged unicorn tired of its friends being slain by humans attacks
4 Satyrs demand wine and women (only for a few days guys)
5 Tiny faerie steal coins one by one invisibly
6 Unicorn hunters killing everything in their path accuse party of being poachers
7 Centaur stalks the party - may ride by grapple and carry off opposite sex in one round
8 Dark centaur wizard with poison blood wants party magic - uses his blood to poison arrows
9 A group of druids and bards with a temporary passport from the elf king, warn visitors to leave
10 A diminutive Piskie follows the party till it curses everybody with random embarrassing curses
11 A lone Druid stalks the party, assumes they are elf killers or unicorn hunters and tries to drive them off
12 An elf hunter with his werewolf hounds sets them on the party
13 Blood Druids, want to capture and slaughter party to atone for their presence here
14 Elf knights riding stags demand your surrender to the elfking or die
15 Elf maids try to seduce you with charm spells to come to the faerie realm
16 Wild man being trapped by hunters, will aid you from future encounter if helped
17 Wild maiden demands sex, beats her hairy chest and grunts this as she knows no language
18 Wild hunt and entourage pursue you for defiling this sacred place
19 Poaching peasants looking for easy game or magical unicorn dung mistake other humans for the law
20 Dryad and her enthralled lovers try to enslave the party
21 Treeant outraged at humans goes berserk, grapples humans use as a club
22 Kindly huge ancient treeant scolds you for being here and offers to carry to borderlands
23 Green Goblin horde swarm the party in waves of suicidal maniacs
24 Goblin scouts riding bats/wolves circle the party and pepper with arrows
26 Elf Sniper, maxed out in bow skill, stalks the party, shooting then running
27 Madman, wants to return to fairy land, try to kill party if they refuse to help
28 long lost warrior who has been here for over a thousand years, speaks no modern tongue
28 Gnome with animal friends tries to drive off party from the woods
29 Redcap gnomes, will polymorph self into Ogre at will, will demand loot and a slave
30 Young Green Dragon, wild and savage looking for gold to attract a mate or build a nest
31 Intelligent animals abuse party but avoid direct conflict - 2 legs bad, four legs good!
32 Intelligent animals having a dinner party, scream and panic when they see party
33 Bard and his dancing werebear, will perform and demand money. Bard is a werebear too
34 Fox or cat spirit maiden claims to be lost, try to marry hero and ruin his life
35 Giant forest Iguana troupe hungrily interested, diseased bites then track you for days
36 Lion or panther or cave bear, outraged by humans in the forest attacks
37 Elf bard wants to accompany you, wants to record your exiting doom
38 Red Dwarfs trading post under roots of a giant tree - will help any well mannered folk
39 Talking crow follows you, talks about other humans who met doom here
40 Wizard familiar animals gather for secret business for their masters
41 Faerie dragon teaching gnomes and sprites and brownies and pixies
42 Elven wizard showing students how to make orcs from mud then they kill them
43 Elven carriage stops and 
noble elfmaiden wants to meet some filthy humans
44 Elf youth gang sneer at travelers they are amatuer by have powerful families
45 Green Hag brewing potions with her goblin slaves
46 Elfmaid talking to her adoring goblin enterage
47 Gnomes building a mushroom house ask for help
48 Willow the wisp follows for a while will attack if fight any faerie folk
49 Nymph wil question travellers and will try to kill them if she is not satisfied
50 Siren sings and charms men so they climb over vicious crevice to reach her
51 Harpies teaze then hurl diseased feces at them
52 Elven wolf riders interrogate travellers to be sure they are invited here
53 Small lake with a mermaid who tries to charm humans to swim out to her
54 Fauns having a meeting about woodland hygiene with tea and cake

55 Halflings having a picnic with elf friends
56 Elf bard leading human children in dance to be taken to faerieland
57 Young noble hunters with entourage and trained werewolf hunting dogs
58 Forest Giant, dopey, friendly and curious asks for food
59 Angry forest giant hates humans and ordered to smoosh them with his tree-club

60 Unicorn with elfmaid warrior entourage and guards
61 Elf out hunting with pet d4 1=sabretooth 2=direwolf 3=owlbear 4=bugbear
62 Tiny forest fairies glowing like fireflies everywhere buzzing cheerfully
63 Goblins cheerfully rolling around giant fruit playfully

64 Koboldi of the woodlands drunkenly frolicking and fornicating
65 Orc patrol for human interlopers to arrest and take to a human prison camp
66 Elf wizard with orcs he made needs some humans for making some beastmen
67 Changeling spirit bathed in magical light comes in human form to ask you to leave
68 Tree spirit becomes interested in party member and turns human to follow them
69 Curious animal spirit adopts animal form to follow party out of curiousity
70 Forest spirit follows party to report them if they break any elf laws
71 Witch and her forest giant son think party look like fair game to attack 

72 Forest trolls hiding in leaf litter, their matted fur looks leaf like, insane and starving
73 Lions out on patrol for unwelcome humans
74 Bull with pixie friends, if pixies displeased they set the bull on travellers
75 Old druid wants to tell off unwelcome visitors and give stern warnings
76 Talking animal follows asking lots of questions
77 A halfling offers to be your guide and takes you to a camp for human captives
78 Herd of panicked deer, will kick while running over travellers
79 Chariot driven by horned stag beastman pulled by giant stags and wildmen followers
80 Elven Archers shower spells then arrows on unwelcome visitors
81 Wildmen with huge maul clubs challenge you to feats of strength

82 Elves picnicking challenge you to eating contest with addictive faerie food
83 Bathing elfmaids invite you to join them but don't mention the guard kelpie 
84 Banshee forms in the mists ahead and tries to drive you away
85 Sprites invisibly pepper visitors with magic darts that cause confusion 
86 Dancing Korreds at a monolith challenge you to a dance off
87 Young druids on training field trip try to offer directions back to humanland
88 Wild boars ridden by squealing goblins attack
89 Wild beastmen attack, trained to hate humans (rabbit, wolf, boar, stag)
90 Treemen pull out their concealed weapons and hunt fleshy intruders
91 Tree spirits turn from tree to human surrounding intruders

92 A goblin child want to follow to see if travellers enslaved forever or killed
93 Peryton fly overhead looking for human hearts to eat
94 Leucrotta on patrol for delicious humans to eat will feign child cries for help
95 Gnomes in trees above on treehouse walkways pepper crossbow bolts over visitors
96 Earth elemental with masses of roots inside body roaming for elfland enemies
97 Sylph will demand you head home using magic and winds to persuade travellers
98 Pond with nixies invite you to join in swimming, then nymph reveals herself
99 Ogre thugs on patrol for edible humans they can rob
Hydra being herded by elfmaids to a new pond, goes crazy if sniffs humans

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