Wednesday, 30 April 2014

EMO BX Warrior revision

Well I have a slog ahead of me with the main classes fairly written up just a little balancing here and there, some classes need more than others after play testing. I cut back extra damage and included all abilities from 3 versions i was using. More happy with example kits of warrior schools and more suitable to my setting. A few typos as always but If i can do a few a week will be happy. A bit of unifying data from the sheets I put up other day and these versions too. 

My games for years focused on spell casters and body guard followers with whole parties of casters with STR of less than 0 and high CHA scores. A mix of adding a few features and diverse range of club players has turned this around. Now wizards look impressed when a fighter swats monsters dead or hold back a small horde of humanoids.

This version explicitly states fighter superiority even though some other classes can do many of these things just not as well. Improved weapon proficiencies are available to other classes but not unlimited like warrior. Critical on a 20 also to Dwarves, Abhumans (formerly beast men) and monks (with specialty weapon or unarmed) but with other classes having to by a WP slot in critical. Warrior and other classes that start with a critical hit ability can increase score probably with a level limit.

Make my followers more consistent from class to class too. Weapon groups will be for warriors only now. A few NWP to enhance command radius and to provide it to other classes but will never be as good as a fighter. Might do exaples of Warrior School kits and proficiencies up to 10th level as examples in appendix. Kits should shortcut fighters lots.

Specializations Titles need something so i dont call +2 one specialist - will think about but welcome suggestions. Using term "specialization" twice a problem

+1 for 1 WP Slot
+2 for 2 WP Slots
+3 for 3 WP Slots

Possibility 1

Possibility 2

Under all this a 5th level warrior could dish out 40+ damage over a few targets but spell casters would still be doing heavy artillery, weird stuff and with familiars and the right NWPs fare fine. Summoned monsters have been better than fireballs frankly and a bit of work on them needed.

Thinking of something like this:

Arcane summons 1 being per lv with spell level equaling monster HD, they appear instantly then depart and can be used in combat.

Nature summons not Instant 1d10 rounds from local animals or giant ones, preferably from encounter table but will hang around longer and Druid could convince to stay but HD and numbers like arcane.

Divine Summons takes a 10 minute ritual and call a single being more powerful and possibly more magical but being demands payment if alignment not same with duration between the two.

Just possibilities really.

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