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d100 Flesh pits of the space gods pt2: lifeforms

Thank you for d100 suggestions - mounts and doom of kingdom have done well and will do some variants of in future.

Bio-dungeon systems might adapt readily producing new strains or mimicking things it has contacted or developing a strain with resistances or a new environment.

You might want to add magic or psionic abilities too depending on the setting (1in6 if available)

More situations for alien flesh dungeon zone:

Flesh or steel? Who will Win, this vs mecha environment would be a nice campaign
Inside giant snail
Inside huge clam to find a giant pearl
Inside a giant egg
Alien ecology growing from crater
Created by madman or intelligence as future of all life
A species which has assimilated most of the universe
Time travelled from future as run out of room there
Has taken a universe, seek a new one
Remnants of old gods still semi alive in crust of planet
Part of god fell in battle, still alive eons later
Demonic presence takes over skyscraper with investigators inside
Trek to dawn of time, only one organism
Alien wizard threatens to break elder gods seals, kill him in his alien flesh palace or else
In the garden of the chaos goddesses womb
Some change could do a plant or macrobe or fungus based one too
Taken to inside of Azathoth to live by Nyarlathotep as a trick
Alien or elder gods dreamlands or operating a Tillinghast resonator
A complex being taken over grows worse and more alien

1d10 Quick Inhabitants
Or use more complex d100 version

1 Gelatinous horror
2 Plant or fungus like
3 slug thing
4 Grub or caterpillar or worm
5 Centipede armoured segmented
6 Crustacean nightmare 6-12 limbs
7 Deep sea fish like, glass like flesh and bones,glowing body or lure
8 Quadraped or hexaped mostly air breathing
9 Biped humanoid possible made to combat or made from other humanoids repurposed
10 Outsiders

1d12 Colony variations
1 Fungus, mould or yeast
2 Giant microscopic horrors or macrobes
3 Plant based
4 Everything made of raw meat and bone
5 Everything basically gelatinous slime, often semi transparent or green
6 Colonial Arthropod, perhaps even forming big creatures from modular ones
7 Reptilian full of dinosaur like monsters
8 Hideous tentacled oozing alien mutant horrors
9 Hyper evolving starts simple but develops fast, even faster if consumes more advanced life
10 Technological mimics living or vice-versa
11 Hybrid roll twice a d10
12 Unusual spacial and temporal properties

1d12 Size
1 Microscopic colony
2 Swarm of coin sized
2 Rat sized 1 foot
3 Cat sized 2 foot
4 Dog or goat or sheep sized 3-5
5 Man or pig or dear sized 5-6 foot
6 Lion or tiger or bear sized
7 Horse or cow sized
8 Oxen or draft horse size
9 Hippo or rhino size or elephant size
10 Gargantuan whale or megafauna size
11 Titan, colossus or huge dinosaur size
12 kaiju may be unable to leave room

1d12 Ecology
1 Placid grazer or filter feeder beast
2 Feeds from system walls placidly produces or filters chemicals
3 Scavenges materials from internal system damage or dead organisms
4 Collects and feeds from outside, adapted to environment and target
5 Seeks outsiders to purge from system and hunts parasites or intruders in disguise
6 Parasite off system, feeds of natives and hides within, disguise form or at least pheromones
7 Repair and sealing damage feeds on unwanted or damaged beyond healing structures or fauna
8 Symbiotic species found a niche in biology feeding on some waste
9 Symbiotic species used as food organism by others
10 Symbiotic predictor defends system, harvests food and shares with system
11 Nurse cares for eggs and children, defends if needed
12 Butcher harvester species evolve into warrior drones if numbers increase to certain % pop

1d12 Bioweapons
1 Pincers like a crab for stabbing, cutting and nipping
2 Claws, hooks or blades for stabbing and slicing and skewering prey
3 Teeth for biting and eating
4 Biological missile launcher like a dart gun or bolt launcher, 1in6 poison
5 Biological chemical launcher like acid, napalm, tear gas, poison
6 Biological explosives propelled missile or suicide bomb
7 Drone hive to release swarm attacks of tiny creatures or to scout
8 Mind control parasite or chemical
9 Web shooter for entangling, building cocoons or structures
10 Quills or spines that damage attackers, 1in6 poison, 1in6 shoot
11 Tendril, tongue or tentacle limb for ranged entangling or edged attack
12 Biological energy weapon like laser, plasma gun, shock touch

1d12 Biodefences
1 Armoured articulated exoskeleton
2 Armoured rigid shell can retract into or roll into sphere
3 Gas attack if threatened, obscuring fog, irritant or poison
4 Chaff swarm released if attacked to distract foes
5 Slippery skin secretion acts as armour, resist entangles or grapples
6 Toxic flesh or skin secretions
7 Spikes on surface injure attackers
8 Stealth field or chameleon skin
9 Acid or flammable blood
10 Sonar or other superior senses
11 Cary toxic disease on skin
12 Regenerates wound frighteningly fast

 1d100 Inhabitants
Example creatures

1 Floating gasbag jellyfish with stinging tendrils drift everywhere aimlessly 1in6 glow, many sizes
2 Jelly pods, thousands covering floors, fragile and nutritious
3 Man o war like colony with huge mass of stinging tendrils guards doors
4 Gelatinous brain guarded by other creatures it controls with mental powers
5 Reef like structure of gelatinous tendrils crawling with life forms
6 Huge crawling transparent jelly wanders about eating things likes to drop from roof
7 Rolling jelly sphere engulfs and dissolves intruders to system
8 Geometric crawling gelatin mass with paralysing touch fills corridors eating stray waste
9 Gelatinous pod traps prey with tendrils and stores inside life support fluid inside body
10 Eye horror resembles a huge eye may signal other beasts and has mental abilities
11 Spherical plant or plant pod rolls and bites foes, pack creature often serve as guards or hunting
12 Tripod man sized walking plant or fungus with stinging tendril and teeth
13 Shambling tree like plant or fungus with huge tentacles and toothed mouths
14 Quadruped or hexapod running predators, actually plant or fungus horror but wolf like
15 Spherical plant or fungal pod with tentacles, legs and a stinger can jump
17 Screaming fungus or plant alerts other creatures, mostly planted where needed
17 Plant or fungus with corrosive tendrils, mostly planted where needed as guards
18 Slug like colonial organism like a plant or fungus with stabbing or energy tipped tendrils
19 Huge venus flytrap or sticky tendril like structures trap and dissolve strangers
20 Huge pitcher plant like trapper lures with bait into chamber, seals then floods with acid
21 Titanic slug thing spits acid or bites intruders mostly just grazing
22 Swarm of slugs covering area in slippery slime
23 Titan snail with chambers and creatures in shell
24 Carnivorous snail with monstrous multiple heads
25 Swarm of snails encrust every surface, spray dye if hurt
26 Huge spiny shell on snail used to stab 1in6 poison
27 Savage clam toothed horror clamps ankles, hide under water or in cracks
28 Shelled tentacled horror can retreat into shell if in danger
29 Tentacled mass on slug foot stings prey and pulls inside stomach
30 Octopoid or squidlike beast, burrows or swimming varieties, quite clever, camouflage
31 Mass of squirming naked grubs feeding on scraps
32 Mounds of threadlike creeping worms looking for a host
33 Huge leeches tempted to feed from intruders
34 Worms with large retractile fern like structures for peaceful filter feeding
35 Titan caterpillars milked by other creatures or harvested for meat
36 Ribbon like flatworms entangle and digest prey by vomiting stomach onto trapped prey
37 Bristle covered worm entangles and stabs its brittle toxic spines in victims
38 Tiny grub enters body and controls brain, enslaving to will of the system
39 Fleshy flower like structure emits radiation or heat or other energy while body mostly buried
40 Savage huge carnivore Caterpillar, very fast and aggressive, hear through walls
41 Armoured centipede segmented worm with poison bite hunting
42 Swarm of grazing millipedes produce irritant gas if disturbed
43 Hook toothed worm attach to ceiling and grab things that pass
44 Armoured worms hide in holes, shoot missiles, some explosive or chemical
45 Worm with segments that detach and some attack and some flee
46 Segmented worms have a missile or chemical or energy attack
47 Disguised as fleshy food creature but traps with hooked tentacles and strangles
48 Armoured thorny starfish slow but determined predator crushes with spiky arms
49 Toothed burrowing worm hides under ground
50 Squirming worms try to lay eggs in intruders orifices
51 Crablike horror with pincers
52 Lobster like thing
53 Trilobites grazing peacefully
54 Scorpion like monster
55 Spider like monster
56 Swarm of bugs, trilobites or crabs crawl in mindless mass grazing but attack threats
57 Swarm of bugs, trilobites or crabs colony may unite to form larger organism
58 Colony of flesh shredding swarming beetles
59 Huge wasp like flyer with stinger and egg injector
60 Horned or pincer faced beetles grazing, will be aggressive if threatened
61 Horrible beast mostly all mouth, amphibious with a glowing lure in mouth
62 Glowing tentacled horror communicate with lights or can camouflage self
63 Huge elongated eel like amphibian with tooth filled face
64 Horrible worm thing uses corpses for bait for ambush
65 Huge flat thing covers floor or ceiling for crushing ambush attack
66 Huge spiny sphere roll over foes and impales with poison spines
67 Colony of luminous tentacles with stinger cells move slowly and eats stung victims
68 Rolling sphere with horizontal mouth swallows whole and rolls away
69 Tree like imobile creature with tentacles and mouths
70 Burrowing squid like creature bursts from walls or floor or vents
71 Hexapod arthropod horror with hooked butchers weapons for rapid killing
72 Winged flying arthropod horror like a praying mantis
73 Dinosaur like creature bristling with natural weapons
74 Streamlined high speed runner and ambush predator
75 Chimera like hybrid creature with multiple heads and specialist limbs
76 Draconic monster with wings and natural weapons
77 Slow moving behemoth grazing but might stampede
78 Huge grazer bristling with spines and spikes for defence, aggressive if cornered
79 A large ambush predator camouflaged to blend with floors and walls
80 Humanoids can adapt and modify form for infiltration and confusing enemies otherwise horrid
81 Biped humanoid possible made to combat or made from other humanoids repurposed
82 Exoskeletal multi limbed insectoid or arachnids or crablike horror infantry and workers
83 Brutish primitives like abhumans (reptilian or fish men), cavemen, orcs or goblinoids
84 Hideous mutant humanoids with tentacles for arms or squid faces
85 Resemble armoured humanoids but hidden features, horrible features underneath
86 Humanoid from distance but disguise easily shed or chitin splits open revealing awful thing
87 Repurposed humanoid tissue shell with colony of creatures replacing major organs
89 Gelatinous humanoids adapt to conditions and opponents with varied biological weapons
90 Biological androids created to fight and infiltrate, might be different coloured if non spy drone
91 Outsiders eaten or consumed in past just want to escape
92 Outsider lost explorers just entered
93 Outsiders lost expedition want out, starting to crack from losses
94 Outsider castaway desperate and mad alone managed to survive
95 Outsiders assimilated and loyal to the system and hostile to own kind or other outsiders
96 Outsiders become hybridized to ecology from long survival, loyal to the great world god
97 Outsiders but possibly ancient or alien beyond possibility or comprehension
98 Remains of outsiders civilisation and dead, possibly degenerate devolved remnants still surviving
99 Outsider alien intelligence home destroyed now only survive in system
100 An outsider alien presence searching for means to take over and exploit system

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