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12d12 Factions For Your Post Crash Mega Space Wreck

Handy for all my sf settings really. Forces on ship can accelerate evolution, destroy memories and contaminate living beings or artificial intelligences. Lots can happen in a short time span. If wreck in overspace anything can happen.

DIY Space Sargassum Ship Wrecks:
Post crash space hab modules 2 features infrastructure type modules

Post crash space hab modules 1 features hab type modules
biological infestations for space wrecks 1 scenery & 2 inhabitants
Mecha ecology

Could do industrial and eco habs, possibly pre crash encounters

Im going to run a metamorphosis alpha clone in con later in year
Still torn as to if will do a SF based on dnd or brp

d12 Quick Spacewreck Faction

1 Pre crash culture survivors (1in6 ruled by AI)
2 Post crash feral survivors (1in6 ruled by AI)
3 Mutant survivors
4 Aliens (?) mostly alien creatures
5 Robots (1in6 ruled by AI)
6 Androids (1in6 ruled by AI)
7 Outcasts including scavengers, pirates, mutineer survivors
8 Necrovirus Undead such as zombies, ghouls or wights
9 Morlock degenerate cannibals adapted to living in dark among machines
10 Cyborgs adapted for survival or from deep space exploration (1in6 ruled by AI)
11 Humanoids like fresh crew clones, eloi or replicants
12 Abhumans modified clone lines with animal features or ecological customization such as apes, dogs, otters, etc

d12 Faction Subtables

(1) d12 Pre crash culture survivors (1in6 ruled by AI)
Human stock with link to pre crash ship and some idea of how ship should operate. Some operate on  given mission but not all agree on best plan or what is most important

1 Team unaware of conditions outside section operate according to protocol

2 Team aware of outside but keep hidden and gather intelligence
3 Team aware to some degree but isolated and awaiting rescue patiently
4 Have turned into a cult following ways of crew before them
5 Crew just revived recently still confused and dealing with new world
6 Led by benevolent despot with some eccentricities
7 Thanatos mandate personnel plan to kill everything on ship and repopulate
8 ISIS protocol personnel try to cooperate to fix ship with everyone, destroy non cooperators
9 Marduk protocol personnel trained to seize all resources by force and terror and intrigue
10 Prometheus mandate crew try and provide help and aid but from secret
11 Military crew hostile to all threats and martial law for non military, aggressive
12 Seem pre crash but are insane, such as a crew of decadent elitist cannibals 

(2) d12 Post crash feral survivors
These are crew who have become feral possible they are decantered clones with no skills or crew with mind wipe brain hack attacks. Regress to ancient earth civilisation modes. Most have shamen and chieftains and some with priests or wizards (?). They think in pre modern terms in a world of magic and spirits and gods (AIs)

1 Have become a gang, led by strongest warrior, fight for turf and survival

2 Have become tribal hunter gatherers who migrate from section to section
3 Have become nomads with herds d4 1=mutants 2=animals 3=triffids 4=robots
4 Have become scrap age hunters with own tribal language
5 Have built a temples for controls and AI systems, ruled by programmer priest kings
6 Warrior barbarian kingdom has had many battles willing to seize needs
7 Cult of fanatics become a savage cult of killers with strict rules to follow or die
8 Have become monastic cult with sacred litanies of protocol and regulations
9 Savage head hunting feral pierced and tattooed tribes men, all outsiders fair game to eat
10 Screaming madmen survivors attack anything, afflicted by mind hacking now insane
11 Cult is anti tech and against original crew hunting wicked ancients who broke the world
12 Cult priesthood worship tech and sacrifice victims to the machine gods

(3) d12 Mutant survivors
 Mutants divergent race infected by bio agents or alien DNA have diverged from mainstream humanity and mostly hated by normals or treated as sick if more kindly. Mutant tribes often more savage and hateful, many are monsters obsessed with base instincts to eat, kill and reproduce

1 Mutant flagellants do anything for a cure from curse, shunned by others and self hating
2 Community of mutant humanoids living in harmony with other beings in peace
3 Hideous tribals hide faces in shame with masks or sacks with eye holes or hoods
4 Hideous chimera creatures roam section constantly fighting, aroused and hungry
5 Mutant colony driven here by other groups, a depressing mutant refugee camp
6 Mutant cannibal hunter tribe, rejoice in mutation but wary of outright monsters,
7 Crawling with tentacled shoggoths screaming, fighting, biting in the dark
8 A strain of mutant with stable bloodline but mutant feature in common, wary of outsiders
9 Dominators, a strain specialising in infiltration and mind control rule a horde of monsters
10 Mutated animals have attained culture and blamed everything on humans 
11Triffid hybrid plants mostly hostile and chase meat, some becoming more sentient
12 Mutated crewmen do best to act like pre crash culture but spurned by most humans

(4) d12 Aliens Outsiders (?)
Aliens or beings made to seem alien have intruded on the ship, possibly crashed or stranded or just exploring. Some might have a ship. Some just grown by AI for some mind game but they are convinced they are really alien. Often superior, secretive and hidden. Some do extensive remodelling or have own ships fused to superstructure

1 Humanoid psionic clone species with energy weapons, shy and like abducting
2 Metamorphing crystalline narcotic fungus evolves into monsters and can infect others
3 Entities from overspace dominated minds of a humanoids and drive them insane
4 Horrible arthropod monsters overtakes reproductive process to adapt into killer hybrids
5 Insectoid horrors loose giant maggots, warrior, tech and other castes, use bio tech
6 Flesh eating beetlemen use human weapons on infantry mission of extermination
7 The virus a strain of mindhacking nanite turns to faction of ancient extinct aliens
8 Kraken are space cephalapods with strange powers, various clan dispositions
9 Reptilian scouts with strange weapons from dawn of galaxy just looking from overspace
10 Biological system overgrowing ship with own ecology, a gigantic living hive of monsters
11 Parasitic alien (?) worms sentient if hijack humanoid brains, seek to infect others
12 Humans from outside the ship but overwhelmed by crisis so act in secret to help

(5) d12 Robots
Most robots follow pre crash orders and designs but some built post crash by factions or reprogrammed. Some robots have had several make overs and system wipes over the years or could even flip between behavior modes. Most dont kill but many hacked or virused ones do

1 Drones mostly at work and ignore humans unless bothered, mostly toolboxes with legs
2 Borgs with human or synthetic brains but more prone to irrational behavior and madness
3 Humanoid service and security robots but obviously synthetic operate as if everything ok
4 Humanoid service bots with superficial human skins act as if everything ok
5 Rich ecology of machine types with hive structure in many sizes
6 Industrial and tech drones mostly concerned with repairing the ship systems poor talkers
7 Microbot ecology of tiny drones, wary of giants scuttling everywhere, may form swarms
8 Feral machine ecology of robots fighting and scavenging off ships systems and each other
9 Security robots with stunners hunting trouble makers, often have humanoid model to talk
10 Millitary borgs containing area and destroying enemies on a mission
11 Borg units looking for organic brains to replace ones that have gone mad
12 Emergency team of robot paramedics looking for survivors to help

(6) d12 Androids
Androids are biological or synthetic biological robots, mostly human to be more appealing to humans. Robots and Androids may mix but some AI prefer one or other. In shipboard struggles and confusion from virus some androids prejudiced against robots and vice versa. Access to materials may be a consideration to build one and not other or local virus threats

1 Obviously synthetic model worker drone androids on some errand
2 Human looking service drones looking to serve humans (1in6 sex equipped)
3 Human looking mixed androids believe they are the makers and master race
4 Security androids looking for unruly mutineers or trouble makers to lock up
5 Military androids on a mission, no nonsense or talking unless required by order
6 Assassin android kill team sweeping area for targets
7 Sex androids looking for love (1in6 have a pimp or madam of some other type)
8 Android workers but human looking performing higher profile labour
9 Thinker android with team of other androids selected for a mission
10 Infiltration androids on a spy mission for information, seem friendly
11 Thinker androids feeling vulnerable, on some mission or research project
12 Android but animal form or duplicating a non human form

(7) d12 Outcasts 
Including scavengers, pirates, mutineer survivors and other scum. Some links to original mission but have broken protocol of mission and know it

1 Pirate gang descended from mutineers, against the old crew and steal what they can
2 Mutant pirates with tentacles, weird pets and even a few monsters as members
3 Criminal syndicate evolved from crime cartels and black market mobs
4 Mixed pirates will accept any from synthetic to abhuman or mutant
5 Scavenger gang just after parts for own needs or profit, happy to steal your life support
6 Tinkerers wander ship trying to fix stuff by improvisation, well meaning but flawed
7 Traders wander ship trying to deal in goods, might have guards or fortified shop
8 Travelling carny folk looking to entertain, fleece a few rubes and kidnap some kids
9 Convicts escaped a prison and now looking for any opportunity to survive
10 Mutineers acting as if crash still happening, wary of ship authorities
11 Terrorists trying to destroy ship systems to cause chaos or destroy all
12 Cult of old earth or something weirder since crash openly work together vs outsiders

(8) d12 Necrovirus Undead
Undead such as zombies, ghouls or wights all created by out of control virus or nanites, possibly alien or biological weapon to create troops

1 Infected humans seem alright at first but carry early stages of virus
2 Infected but savage and ignoring wounds, cravings for flesh begin but unaware of problem
3 Infected but only turn to zombies if killed from a more passive strain of virus
4 Hoard of zombies mindlessly plodding around searching for food
5 Corpses in stasis will awaken as zombies if sense exhaled breath or blood or motion
6 Emaciated feeble brittle skeletonised undead barely held together
7 Screaming ghouls, fast hungry and insane, with toxic paralysing claws
8 Attractive humans actually sexually transmuted pheromone enhanced dead
9 Wights, intelligent, fast, leaders over other undead, chilling nanite death touch
10 Lich, intelligent leader type undead upgrade existing dead and other weird powers
11 Vampire, seems human but drains living biological fluids to continue life
12 Vampire, aged into hideous monster, often with strange nanovirus powers

(9) d12 Morlocks
Degenerate cannibals adapted to living in dark among machines. Crude but mechanically gifted cannibals who like dark interiors of infrastructure. A mutant strain, bio plague weapon survivors, colonisation automation gone wrong or somehow evolved faster in ship infrastructure. Morlocks may also herd humanoids or prey on them in secret or just eat frozen relief crew or get clone vats to feed them. Eloi are their choice herd human as they are pretty, weak and passive. Drugs are preferred control for meat slaves but chains or crippling all accepted if drugs out

1 Huge albino tribal morlocks with scrap age tech hunting weapons
2 Mutant morlocks generally more primitive and driven by base desires to kill and eat
3 Undead morlocks infected with strain of necrovirus but mostly zombies or ghouls
4 Cyborg morlocks have discovered cyber tech implants now tribe linked to tech
5 Alien hybrid morlocks attempting to infiltrate morlock tribes, others useless
6 Wall morlocks have become smaller living in vents and pipes as savage hunters
7 Derro are hateful psionic morlocks who drive populations to self destruction from hiding
8 Blue skinned morlocks with primitive steam age tech and weapons
9 Morlock anti tech cult blame pure humans for everything and seek to punish them
10 Black skinned tall warlike morlocks built for war and exterminating humans (Morks?)
11 Morlock nomad herders with coffle of slave and food eloi foraging for food and shelter
12 Mixed gang of morlock types with mix of herd humans drugged into obedience

(10) d12 Cyborgs
Many cyborgs on crew and and a common means or medical treatment in hazzardous work or military occupations. Most prefer regenerative therapies but not always available. Many cyborgs are virused or slaves of AI. Some adapted for survival or from deep space exploration and have found ship. Many such returned cyborgs utterly inhuman and insane, unconcerned about normal humans or ship crew

1 Weaponized levitating pod with a brain, long lost space explorers modified for space

2 Exoskeleton military unit, with inbuilt battle suits, deadly but capture for intel if they can
3 Concealed cyborgs posing as crew or rescuers actually opportunist scavengers
4 Wired troops with networked hive mind controlled by leaders minds
5 Brains in borg bodies, squat heavy walkers with inbuilt tools and weapons
6 Some small inbuilt cyborg implants in community of ship crew culture humans
7 Some small inbuilt cyborg implants in community of survivor culture humans
8 Some small inbuilt cyborg implants in community of savage feral humans
9 Human hating servants of virus or AI raid humans for parts and new cyborgs
10 Undead cyborgs kill and infect living and infect with nanites that implant cyborg tech
11 Mutant cyborgs created by some unstable person or machine
12 Resemble humanoid robots but still some meat left and keen to assimilate humans
(11) d12 Humanoids
Clones are a back up to support frozen crew and for colinisation. Not intended to be left in charge but a possible survival strategy to be run by AIs. Replicants are simpler clones with a use by date (4 years) built to be ideal mass produced specialists. Other tweaked DNA humanoids come under this category

1 Fresh clones from vat but flawed memory programing leaves them clueless
2 Fresh clones from vat but inflexible and unable to cope with rigid skillsets
3 Fresh clones from vat but hopeless and insane or drooling idiots with limited ability
4 Military replicants grown to fight, tough and obedient soldiers, usually on a mission
5 Service replicants sexually capable grown to care for humans as slaves
6 Worker replicants large, strong, unimaginative, like repeating work and phrazes
7 Atlanteans are humans built to also breathe water and may dwell in ship wet habitats
8 Eloi bred to live decadent lives of sex and drugs, pretty but helpless without care
9 Changelings modified for infiltration and espionage now independent species
10 Mutant clones but some fragmented pre crash culture knowledge from vats
11 Secret mutants with minor mutant abilities they can hide mostly
12 Eldren humans modified for space travel possibly have returned from the stars

(12) d12 Abhumans
Abhumans are humans modified for survival and work in extreme conditions. Many types some based on animals (dog men, apes), others for extreme gravity, combat, etc. They are intended to be vat grown to be replaced by colonists but many have been grown on ship for some purpose and are feral. Intended to be sterile and replaced by humans when terraforming complete and human numbers viable. Like most pre crash plans this failed

1 Fighting type trained for security and combat with pre crash weapon skills
2 Feral tribe of hard brutes enjoy fighting and raiding and hunting
3 Anti tech anti human tribes, try to replace humans whenever possible

4 High gravity humans built for work in hostile places like engineering infrastructure best
5 Mutant feral abhuman tribe hateful of humans who broke the world
6 Abhuman horde with unstable mutations, some devolved into demonoids or shoggoths
7 Noble sophisticated tribe consider selves superior to humans and new masters of the ship

8 Type for low G and limited ability in vacuum of space but look like aliens and fragile
9 Undead necrovirus infected abhumans will eat anybody
10 Abhuman cyborgs enhanced for war or some mission of violence
11 Abhumans believe they are aliens with rich fictional history that predates humans
12 Abhumans who like humans and work with peaceably, dont understand predjudice

Artificial life allegiances
Is that an evil heavy metal virus bot or was it just graffiti victim or been a cult idol of savages? Will it give me first aid or chop me into bits for fun? Many above factions serve an AI who may be kindly, indifferent or crazy

d12 Allegiance of Artificial life

Should not be able to tell from sight in most cases. Bad robots often pretend to be helpful or indifferent. Should just keep players on toes. 

1 Benevolent AI controlled for good of ship pre crash mission

2 Benevolent AI controlled for good of ship life as is now
3 Insane AI controlled, benevolent despot with few eccentric bugs
4 Insane AI controlled, paranoid tyrant and secretive
5 Insane AI controlled, conqueror seeks power over all
6 Insane AI controlled, enjoys terror and murder and vivisection
7 Independent and cooperative with biologicals and ship
8 Independent and hostile to organics
9 Virus but pretend to be "normal"
10 Virus but superficially "normal"
11 Virus but adorned in skulls blood, red LEDs, black paint and play heavy metal
12 Virused but independent mutation and will betray virused units

d12 Artificial life Appearance
Don't over use this but good for random encounters or within a section

1 Fresh from box, shiny and new, some foam packaging peanuts and plastic still on surface

2 As new condition, a few scuff marks, under warranty
3 Well maintained and serviced with correct parts by authorised service crew
4 Well maintained with some improvisation and substandard party
5 Servicable with many improvised parts
6 A hybrid made from several other models
7 Totally improvised non standard built from trash
8 Decorated by machine cult monks with arcane tech runes
9 Has been made to look fearsome and terrifying by a gang
10 Has been vandalized, covered in graffiti
11 Worshiped as idol by trash cult covered in tribal marks, scrap and animal parts
12 Unfamiliar model built from specs or customised for unknown purpose

d12 AI Control Style

1in6 communities controlled by AI 1in4 if artificial life like cyborg, android or robot

1 Secretive rules through limited communications
2 Leaves minions to own devices mostly as too busy

3 Appointed leaders or priest caste receive messages
4 Signals several basic protocol modes (work, emergency, quarantine, etc)
5 Rules through established protocol set long ago, mostly too busy

6 Rules through established protocol set long ago, destroy those who disobey
7 Personally communicates with every member of community from time to time
8 Hands on dictates orders directly in public to leaders and population
9 Personally orders everybody all the time

10 Infiltrates leaders with a infiltration mouthpiece that looks like rest
11 Establish a order of leaders specializing in various fields
12 Intervenes in crisis or new situation, mostly trusts leaders

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