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Heroes In Hell pt1 ANZAC day & birthday Game

So as ANZAC holiday near my birthday and Im not really a professional drinker much now Im having a DnD day in. Set at 13th lv and inviting ppl to use characters from my last year High level Exile DnD game Planet Psychon and other characters hothoused if needed. Looks like I will have 6-8 players?

So this is my notes based on Dragon articles from 1st hundred issues, MM1 and MM2. I know not of hags or or other things ruling a layer of hell or Tiamat not being in place. I let them have some shopping for magic loot and considered giving them a Item from the gods of balance that let you be replaced by an alternate universe version if you die but must change your class, race, gender or alignment or something major. As it turned out close but not needed. The Psychonians Had been gathered by a AI orbital god in the Druids celestial orbital garden space port where the gods of the palace came to give them the mission. The druid already had a mutation bomb and was given a sentient light fusion bomb which he made friends with.

Players - Character
Olaf - 13th level kobold queen mentalist
Nick - 13th level angelic sorceress with a cult of self improvement
Karl - 13th lv Black Dwarf gunsmith packing pistols
Conan - Moritasgus the Psychoninian Druid with gammaworld nukes
Steve - 6th Morlock 7th level theif from Psychon in power armour
Rod - 13th Warrior "The Wall" solid muscle and untroubled by intellect
Andz - 13th Bard and recruited 8th lv Psychonian falcon man
Conrad - Gold clad cleric of Sin the moon god
Skinner - Acrobatic Theif

So in Shadel port mighty heroes assembled as word that a raid to hell was in order for plunder and adventure. Even three weird strangers came through a gate from some place called Psychon. They were sent to get revenge on Dispater the Arch Devil for what he had done to the poor Morlock city in a ancient buried Wallmart. The Dwarf announced he could get to the Iron city of Dis through his forge in the mountains. Linden the bard knew the reptilian folk of monster island lived on a super volcano entrance to hell where all the dragons and dinosaurs had come from the fist layer Avernus. The Barron offered them an airship as his spies let him in on party plans.

So boarded the ancient black dwarf airship. Barron had banned all such flying machines 800 years ago so this surprised them a bit. Run by nasty dwarf and given an escort of deathknights on nightmares.

As aproached the volcano over monster island some pterodactyl air riders tried to attack but bever got close. Into the volcanic vent to hell they flew. A bit bumpy and some guard dragons but escorts got them through. Crashed in sight of Tiamat's mile high volcano in Avenrus on the blasted plains. Cleric looked at soil and saw it was ancient and sucked dry with grains of semiprecious stones too small to be of use to anybody. The Dwarf who made friends with the pilot and crew left his followers to help airship and they started to move to the great mother of dragons lair. The Druid turned to his giant rainbow furred ape form and party rode him as he galloped off to the volcano. Lesser devils tending the lemure and sou larva pits scuttled away thinking party important devils. A ancient black Dragon came down and asked them to identify themselves and what devil they served. The Druid demanded hell leave his dimension alone and the Dragon realized they were madmen who wanted trouble and hosed acid over the lead heroes. Mostly splashed they got out of the way and fired at the dragon back killing it instantly. Poor ancient black dragon. They dissected it determined it was male and forced an imp to take sheets of its hide back to the airship to help repair. Imp did as was told by Lawful Evil Dwarf as rest of party wanted to kill him and put in treasure sack. Druid collected dragons gonads and someone else cut off head and stuck tail in its but and did graffiti on corpse.

Well onto Tiamat!

Avoided the 10 story cavern crawling with ancient elder dragons and went in smaller side vent. Met a lion headed giant toad crawling with dripping sores. Psychonians thought he seemed normal and happy to chat. Said he was a cursed prince an wondered if they could help each other get revenge on hell. Nobody trusted him and cleric checked if illusion but why would anybody want to look like that? When he said was Nergal others raised eyebrows.

"Are you affiliated with the usurper anarchist god of the underworld?"
"er nope"
"Are you affiliated with the AI on Psychon lord of the bioplagues?"
"Just a coincidence"
"Ok you can come along"

So he explained Tiamat was a bad ass goddess and they should attack palace of one of her generals instead. Chose the shapeshifter as he was able to turn into a evil smelly yellow unicorn and everybody prefers unicorns.

On way found 30 black abishi devils hauling small change to Tiamat's eternal hoard.

A good test party swarmed them. While the warrior dived at the horned devil leader, thief slew ones to rear and rest of party charged. Bard played along and Druid pulled out his sonic attack guitar and joined in. The good sorceress summoned 13 ogres which really slowed abishi down and party killed all but one the druid zapped with a stun riffle. Nergal gobbled up the neatly chopped up leader and rest of gang got the crap treasure which made them mad.

"5000 silver, 3000 copper, what a dump!"

Questioned devil but they know their lords will torture them for millennia and devolve them to mindless lemures so kept mouth shut. Denied having a gender so druid killed it and dissected it.

"He was liar!"

Cleric looking about with true sight saw hell cat and party threatened it. It sucked up to black evil dwarf and offered to serve him a year so he kept it. Nergal said the cat spies where everywhere and wanted to eat it but Dwarf liked the pussy.

Went to weakest rear entry of war duke of Tiamat's palace and saw gatehouse.

 Theief, kobold queen and cat went in through window killed guards in gate mechanism, sealed room and opened portcullis. Some smaller blue abishi ran out tried to shut but hail of missiles killed them. More came and Druid turned gatehouse entry to mud, while entangles and ice storms and spike growth turned into a mess. Some misfired grenades fired from Morlock battlesuit bounced back at party but warrior took blast and jumped on with his shield. Bard ran up to wall and sliced open wall like clay letting party inside. Gatehouse taken and party poured into courtyard to inner gate. The warrior as strong as a giant ran down door crushing abishi under him. Rest killed inner guards. Killed bearded devil and erinyes girlfriend and soat on the paltry mounds of low denomination coins.

Secured gate and rested. Druid shaped area, grew some psychoian trees, luminescent fungus and summoned a surprised Psychoian unicorn to guard. Psychonians tried eating devils but complained everything and everyone here tastes like shit. Kobold Intrigued and Falcon man gave yer a wink.

After rest made a spyhole and saw enemy building barricades. So druid made a great ripple in the earth, collapsing rear of palace complex and burying most of the guards, survivors cut down easily. A horde of horned devil elite led by a pitfiend came. Party smashed a few trying to get pitfiend. He saw thief coming to invisibly stab him and telepathicly told troops who blocked and hurt him. More devils summoned including barbed devils an towards end a second pitfiend but all vanquished. At this point Amduscias the general of Tiamat appeared as a unicorn with a cat devil girl riding him.

Nergal urged to attack but Amduscias spoke respectfully to them and asked what do you want?

Party given guest rooms and Nergal told to crawl home or else.

So he offered to help them leave plane to city of Dis by a secret route. And proceeded to make individual deals with each. Wanted truce so they would not cause trouble an Avernus and leave as fast as possible and beings of Avernus would leave them alone on his orders or were fair game if stopped them leaving.

Druid willing to go along with this and was allowed to let the garden he made remain as the Devil liked having something no other devil had. Both agreed to not bother each other anyhow. Got a +3 spear in the deal.

Thief converted to Lawful Evil and promised to be reborn as a minor but sentient devil when he died. Also given ring to call an abishi for a service for every soul he signed up for hell and a pad of soul contracts.

Lawful Good sorceress gave devil a copy a copy of her self help book and got a pile of alignment changing helmets so she could turn chaotic evil villains back home to awful good members of her cult.

Cleric got a deal that that Amduscias and his legion would not attack his home which was never gonna happen anyway which the devil was happy with as conversation started with talk of 100 000 in gems.

Warrior got some magic weapons.

Kobold got Amduscias to release a Lammussu which she gave to Sorceress who was more alignment compatible. She also had her kobold hoard of 150 to get to be lesser sentient egg tenders in Tiamats caverns in next life. Kobold who had a hawk familiar and could turn into hawk started affair with hawkman which made others wish they didn't know about it.

Linden the bard shagged the cat devil girlfriend of Amduscias and can add another magical bastard to his list (sea elf princess, dragon, giantess and many more). He got to pick from a heap of magic instruments but he wasn't too impressed as Druid had several like them already but was tempted by heart shaped "lute" that gave a bonus on poetry skills.

"Ladies love it", said Amduscias

He settled on one that continued to play for three rounds after he stopped to give him more time in fight to stab and cast spells instead of sitting back bored strumming his instrument.

Dwarf already LE got a deal to get hell-metal in a pile of 200lb first year then 50lb til got a ton. Wanted adamantium but Amduscias said no can do. Dwarf also traded with druid for a revolver and a gasmask which would inspire a new generation of terror in my world. The disposable laser was a bit beyond him thankfully.

Psychonian Morlock happy with a magic pepper grinder that could flavourise anything which would help him retain his title as taste master and gourmet superhero of Psychon.

Happy hell had converted two party members to Lawful Evil and promise of new devils and souls, Amduscias had party taken to secret portal to under city of Dis the second plane of hell. Also happy party would inflict greater harm on that plane and Tiamat was not going to have the dragon egg pits hit by a mutation bomb. Future adventurers in my Exile setting lucky to have non mutant dragons but will face Dwarf hordes with case ammo and revolver tech and gasmasks. Player promises to draw some of his black dwarf pistoleer troops.  Artillery shells not far off.

So party rest up, sleep with erinyes and have some awkward dinners with devils. Then after a sew days prepare to go through vault door into rust iron corridor to other plane. Up a ladder and open a valve door, cold black fetid water pours on all. Cleric hoses all down with clean water from a spell. Int slums of iron city and up rickety iron fire escapes to surface. See chained victims being tortured, cells in towers, tortured lesser devils and larva markets with hags and daemons trading in markets. Came to one of many gates closer to inner citadel and erinyes guards start to taunt them. Sorceress chain lightnings them, an battle ensues. Their magic entangling ropes got most of party but familiar casts free action on the warrior who killed the rope controllers. Druid morphs into giant rainbow ape form, thieves expertly wriggle free. Druid rusts through gates with spell and party run.

Next gate chain lightning more and summon ogres again. Tried to let them handle and flee but devil erinyes cops flew around them and tried entangle routine. Dwarf actually poisoned and writhed in pain which was pretty near impossible.  Won and ran inwards, sent ogres on killing spree. Cops not fooled and more erinyes came. Cleric killed a few with power word and let loosed summoned bugbears to cause trouble. Druid carried over several more gates till party only half a kilometre from palace of Dis. Summoned a devil locust plague on city. Dropped mutation bomb down chute to under city, felt rattle as particles vibrated the metal disc the city on. Strange auroras radiated from under the base. Sent Air elemental with tacnuke towards city and fled through gate.

Party went to pub and paid for diviners to inform what happened.

The bomb destroyed palace, 150 damage on most inhabitants in 100 meter fireball, spread toxic rays and ash over city. Most lesser devils, larva, lemures died. Greater ones will reform but stuck on plane for some time and wary of messing with Psychon. Other planes hearing of mutations sent in troops to kill most of the survivors for being imperfect individuals. Dis as a plane weakened for a long time to come and weakest plane for at least a century.

Pary all pleased and the Psychonian Druid introduced some new species or carnivorous plants to Exile Island before leading the Hawkman, Morlock and Kobold Queen into a gate probably never to return.

Best big game Ive had in decades. 9 Players disciplined enough to make smoother than most games with even four players. We all looked up next long weekend. Levelled up the gang and may reuse characters again. Big fun and great conclusion to a game that had elements I wanted in a game since 80s.

Will be doing lotsa art next few weeks and getting some new work but will try to get some d100 stuff happening.  Have Skeleton of prep notes for this I will post too with notes on devils and planes which ppl might find handy for own games.

Had lotsa candy, chips, crab claws, 10% golden drachen beer, single malt and given a MARVEL toiletry set with Iron Man Douche. Im not kidding.

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