Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Last Cthulhu fragments from EYECON Game

Poor guy who did this got legal trouble but i will happily repost.
A great one here too....
A real chic tract where a pedophile is introduced to jesus by Dr instread of legaly informing the law as obligated to do so - space monsters make more sense
This is real horror - Jack would forgive a repentant Hitler but not Ghandi
I have one tract where murder is hung and goes to heaven but sheriff who stopped him burns in hell

I will be prepping for my big birthday double session heroes in hell DnD game this Friday ANZAC day holiday so a few posts on the way for that

My last EYECON left overs - a summary of Cthulhu characters for con game
I will reuse for next Con gam to make life a bit easier but work on story more
These characters + last post dread secret card worked really well

Sebastian Jager - Psychoanalyst aged aged 45 who wants to know what drives men to darkness
Ursula Eichman - Chemist Prodigy  aged 19 with a thirst for knowledge
Erika Keller - Police Woman aged 25 who strives to make the system works
Gunther Glocker - Scholar aged 46 who seeks hidden knowledge of mankind
Andreas Decker - Cavalry Officer aged 28 home after years of actin in the colonies
Heinrich Koenig - Secretary aged 24 assistant to corporate mastermind
Silke Fastbinder - Aviatrix aged 24 record breaking pilot adventurer
Axel Fruehauf - Idle Rich aged 21 curious and bored
Oskar Gotlieb 1129 - Worker aged 23 will try anything to escape drudgery of undercity
Wilhelmina Gerber -Film Director aged 20 media darling and socialite
LuLu Kaiser - Dancer and actress aged 20 party girl with brains and brawn meant for more

A big list of German names would help regular play so might get some prepared

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  1. Happy b'day, happy ANZAC day, and fuck Jack Chick.


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