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d100 Doom of the kingdom

Anonymous comment suggested this. Thanks for request. Good for plots afoot in kingdom to stop or history. could apply to city or other things. A bit less dramatic than my prior world crushing versions. Ruin Your Campaign World 1 and 2 also handy.

1d10 Quick Fall of the kingdom
1 Succession crisis
2 Invasion
3 Corruption
4 Cataclysmic disaster
5 Climate Disaster
6 Bad Custom
7 Economic
8 The gods did it
9 Magical disaster
10 Stars were right

d100 Fall of the kingdom
1 King dies, heirs and kin fight over next ruler, civil war ravages land with armies, burning, looting
2 King dies and while kingdom in crisis enemies attack
3 Assassin kills ruler, without killer being known heirs fight till kingdom a ruin
4 A new claim to throne with evidence splits country into civil war
5 King becomes mad drives kingdom to ruination and despair
6 King is decadent and irresponsible making hungry peasants revolt and cities burn
7 King feuds with nobles causing civil war that destroys everything
8 King outrages the gods who curse the kingdom
9 King long ago killed most rivals but a survivor kills him and civil war does the rest
10 King is cursed by evil and shadow of darkness ruins kingdom
11 Orc invasion instigated by evil overlord secret breeding program swept away kingdom
12 Goblinoid hordes from under the earth came and carried away everybody and all of value
13 Elves irritated by hubris of kingdom destroyed it in a single night, sweeping the land over with forest
14 Dwarves outraged by human misuse of their secrets and theft of their wealth destroy kingdom
15 Barbarian raiders damage kingdom and decide to stay, run kingdom into ground
16 Nomad hordes destroy cities, destroy walls, take slaves and reduce kingdom to rubble
17 Pirates horde destroy from coast, then rivers then strip kingdom bare
18 Undead hordes arose over night killing and eating pretty much everyone
19 Demons poured from primordial gates under monoliths killing everyone
20 Kingdoms next door invaded destroying infrastructure of rivals, carried away survivors as slaves
21 Evil insidious drug cult corrupted nobility weakened rulers and kingdom crumbled to enemies
22 Organised crime sucked wealth from kingdom and corrupted officials till kingdom crumbled
23 Chaos cult drove rulers mad, increasing disorder as citizens riot and burn institutions
24 Demonic cult corrupts institutions and begin mass execution, revolt destroys kingdom
25 Assassin secret order murders leaders of all factions till incapable of operating 
26 Diabolic young cruel nobles seize power institute cruelty and raise taxes, party while cities burn
27 Prehuman hybrid race take over and return ancient regime of murder till mob arises and destroy all
28 Murderous hobo cult terrorise countryside ruining trade, collapsing markets and collapsing order 
29 Evil wizards tried to seize kingdom with magical spies and agents who caused chaos
30 A hidden race under the earth ruined kingdom secretly t further their long term goals
31 A mountain grew destroying heart of kingdom most prosperous regions
32 Quakes destroyed buildings, moved mountain passages, rivers harbours, buried towns
32 Volcano eruption buried under lava, ash and burned rest down

33 Terrible fires swept over kingdom burning great cities and forests following a lack of rain
34 Tsunami of water flooded and destroyed everything washed away everything 
35 A plague of creatures grew out of control and destroyed food stocks, spread disease and are just gross
36 Creatures rain from sky biting everyone with venomous or diseased bites 
37 Huge sinkholes opened swallowing towns and cities overnight 
38 Stones from sky fall destroying buildings, drive away birds, animals and game , leaving smoking craters 
39 Great geysers erupt and boiling mud oozes up in wells and inhabited places covering land in fog
40 Firestorms sweeps over land burning everything in a single night 
41 Sourland took over, poison water, dead crops and livestock, forests, all awasteland
42 Severe climate change heat or cold or humidity destroyed economic foundations and food production

43 Famine stopped all food production, strange weather, exhausted soils, livestock diseased
44 Salt tainted water and soil destroying everything living
45 Years of darkness destroyed crops, everyone went mad with hunger destroyed everything
46 A great toxic cloud rolled over land or from a crack, spreading sickness and destroying crops
47 Severe weather land with snap freeze burying all under ice and snow 
48 Cyclonic storms and weather destroyed settlements and farmland, driving away survivors
49 Land sinks into swamp
50 Hallucinations from fungus in grain and feed spread madness and discord through land
51 Nobility duels ruin aristocracy decimate ruling classes weakening nation from other crisis 
52 Human sacrifice managed by state cult causes rebellions, riots and burning of great cities
53 Rulers abuse youths and eventually people have enough and destroy depraved overlords and kingdom
54 Insane cult dominated land, locals revolted and neighbors invaded
55 Ruling caste become decadent and flaunt wealth and torture poor for fun until mob arise
56 Rulers strip traditional rights of lower castes rendering them slaves, eventually they revolt
57 Religious elites torment and persecute a minority then broaden hunt till mania destroys kingdom 
58 State cult torment minority, populace end up preferring them to rulers, riots destroy cities and churches
59 Elites sacrifice maidens to titanic beast, adventurers rescue them and monster destroys kingdom
60 Evil magician takes control then sacrificed kingdom for merit with beings of evil
61 Cabal manipulate market to grab land instead violence breaks out, markets collapse
62 All coins turned into a swarm creatures terrorizing and hastening the bankrupt lands last days
63 Kidnappings and ransoms destroyed economy and ruined country attracting invaders to destroy
64 Central authority collapses replaced by feuding warlords who battled till only ruins left
65 Bandits destroy trade then sack weakened starving populations till kingdom sucked dead
66 A cult suck money from kingdom and weaken nobility, before leaving with loot and collapsing the state
67 Quacks sell healing potions and other formulas ruining everyone then leaving broke kingdom to die
68 Drugs spread by insidious cult ruin youth, corrupt nobles, suck abroad gold, leave weak to enemies
69 Decadent cult spread craze for indolence, luxury, vice and made kingdom useless in struggle
70 Peasant revolt destroys kingdom, free serf flee to better land leaving useless homeless nobility
71 The gods are offended by the kingdoms sin and indolence and a fiery comet from the sky destroyed all
73 The gods feel too many humans and send a flood to depopulate the noisy ungrateful wretches 
74 The gods angered and mortals don't respond to warnings, plague star calls horrendous disease
75 The gods send monsters to punish the kingdom and overrun everything  
76 The gods took away their blessings leaving evil to overrun defenseless people
77 The gods infighting caused human sects to exterminate each other in civil war
78 A evil god plotted ruination and corruption of kingdom to personally attack a god
79 A evil champion laid waste to kingdom supported by hordes of monsters
80 A great monster arose and destroyed all, driving people from the land
81 Curse of undeath on land till dead outnumbered and ate living, then went dormant
82 Fire cult try to take kingdom but when plans fail open gates to elementals who burn kingdom to ash
83 Water elemental cult try to take land so open gates to elementals who drown kingdom to sodden mess

84 Earth elemental cult try to seieze throne by fail so open gates to elementals who crush cities to rubble
85 Air elementalist cult try to take power but goof so open gates to elementals who destroy land with storms
86 Witch cult curse rulers and fate of land till civilization brought to ruination and dispair

87 Alchemists ruin value of currency then run away with worthless currency as kingdom burns in riots
89 Demonologists unleash horde of evil on world to please masters but good paladins cleanse land of life
90 Mutants break out after shooting star or alchemical waste or a curse or chaos, normal people flee
91 Mad god awoken from crypt by adventurers driven land insane and all killed by adjacent kingdoms
92 Ancient monolith uncovered restoring prehuman cult of nightmare past best forgotten that destroys land

93 Elder city of the primordial ones rises from sea, minions destroy life then city vanishes after harvest
94 Mummies awake from pre human ruins and destroy current peoples on their land the return to rest 
95 Kingdom exterminated minor inhuman race then their angry god destroys the kingdom in revenge
96 A great cult summoning in the capitol destroyed the city and drove survivors insane with murder 
97 A non human race infiltrated population till all hybrids who left for secret kingdom under the sea or earth
98 Humans all sleepwalked away in single night through gateways never to be seen again
99 Wizards developed soul sucking necromantic spells and consumed people before becoming liches
100 A strange star passed overhead and bloodless corpses found sent people into panic who fled the land

Will do a Psychon version
doing 2 sets of most horrid dungeon zone yet...

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