Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Octopus Princess Mania pt 1

Ok have my octopus Princess adventure ready to roll for this Friday and Saturday
Used software to make 11 pregens for cthulhu three more to do
Have map for surface quest done on board with posca 18 inches square
So starting on octo princess cards
Some plotting to do but looking fairly solid and achievable

Long stairs have some documents ready
Need to do maps and pregens tomorrow
And try to paint again not just prepping more blanks

Will wait post con b4 I post last metropolis piece and map locations etc for octopi
Will be game logs t00 from con coming....

Last year I spelled intelligence wrong and no proof reader spotted it but a player did in 3rd session. When i mess up that bad I get shy about publishing.

I'll post the Character Cards now in case anyone spots terrible typos and so some players can plan which octopus they want to play. If I have time I will make crowns for players to wear and make custom card pieces for them. Otherwise will just use generic ones I have made before and put my colouring books up for display. Spotted some inconsistent capitalisation so far but that is not too bad.

Next Post will feature the hand painted/posca map board and location descriptions in case you want to run it. I guess you could run it for kids with some slight mods as a few nasty and scary touches.

A simplified version of my DnD game reduced to almost a board game. Time track is to record hours of darkness for mission, first and last box are twilight. The mob factor records how many humans are hunting the squid kids. Every time it reaches 10 another drunken mob from the pub with pitchforks and torches and fish gutting knives joins the search then track starts again.

So here is ready to print character cards:

Most Weapons attack once a round
Rocks are like darts, can throw 3 a round Str x1 short range Str x2 long range -3 to hit
or  throw two daggers a round

May try and convince local animal if language known to being friendly with a Charisma roll. Everyone can have one plus Cha bonus if you have one.

Spells and Items
Sparkly wand impresses fools and can make stuff look magic or just provide some light
Bubble pipe fill a room with confusing bubbles in a round 4 doses of bubble mix
Acid bottle does 2d4 then 1pt for 1d4 rounds or splash several targets (1d4) for 1d3 dam
Heal Potion heals a d8 damage
Resurrection potion brings a dead being to life

Ghost light - makes green haunted lights that can fake ghosts well in simpletons
Sleep 2d8 HD victims sleep, max 4 HD
Invisibility lasts until attack or cast a spell
Magic Missile 1d6 magic damage auto hits
Acid arrow 2d4 +1pt for next 3 rounds
Charm person makes into a loyal follower if fail a Wisdom save
Friends +4 Charisma for 30 minutes
ESP read surface thoughts of a victim
Cloud ladder creates a ladder of mist 30 yards high
Magical disc can carry 200lb (4 octopi) lasts 3 hours
Web all fail save in 2o foot square entangled for 30 minutes, fire destroys but inflicts 2d4 on prisoners
Accuracy doubled range no penalties
Spider climb move full speed climb easily without a roll or slowing down
Ice Knife 1d6 to target 1d3 to all in 10 square and all hurt save or slowed for a d6 round to 1l2 speed or actions
Fog Cloud good to escape 30 yard cloud for 30 minutes
Unseen Servant can carry stuff open doors, 30 minutes
Phantasmal force creates good visual illusions
Cause Fear victim saves or flees the village
Smoke Form can crawl through cracks hard to see or harm +4 AC 30 minutes, walk only
Knock ulocks any lock or door
Hold portal locks a door fast
Mage Armour +2 AC for 30 minutes
Flame Shuriken 2d8 to a target
Know History reads past of object or person
Run Like Wind Doubles casters speed for 30 minutes
Stinking Cloud 20 yard radius Con save or vomit and flee area
Shocking Grast +1d8+3 on fist or metal weapon or next foe to touch you
Enlarge +2 STR -1 AC
Mirror Image 1d4 duplicate illusions vanish if hit, 30 minutes


  1. I think you're too hard on yourself K. You put a ton of effort into all your material and if someone at a con gets upset because of a spelling mistake they need to be slapped hard and reminded that only an idiot bites the hand that feeds them.


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