Monday, 14 April 2014

Latitude Zero (緯度0大作戦 Ido zero daisakusen)

Latitude Zero (緯度0大作戦 Ido zero daisakusen) 
Crazy film japan-us co production. Besides one of best sub-fi action movies, also a great underwater utopia and cheesy tech goldmine. Has many elements for 60s spy fi, conspiracy, superheroes, monsters everything. Even bad guy gets a nice HQ above. A dream B classic I had never heard o till now. Story bat shit mad. Great setting and art direction and clothes. Sadly I could Imagine an In like Flynn or Diabolik crossover. (maybe a bond villain lair table? im open for inspiring d100 requests again)

The heroes Utopians under sea base in a force dome reminds me of hexes in my Psychon game or what a good HAB dome in a generation ship. Here is a brief tour.

Residential blocks with automated food service and fresh clothes delivery. Gold and diamonds just for decoration are used as gravel in pot plants. Everyone a immortal scientist mostly. The European and Japanese guy stay to live forever. The American wants home with diamonds and tries to smoke inside a diving bell.
Flamboyant genius utopian scientist at work. He has global agents that have sub cars who take scientists away to live forever to benefit humanity. Has super healing tech and a bath tat makes you bullet proof. Dude has jetpacks and everything proof gold suits. Gloves with drug dart gun finger and a flamer and a deadly laser (also a tool).  His agents secretly aid humanity with leaks of tech we are ready for.
More hab sections, many historic styles like a tourist resort district.

Many dress in weird vintage clothes from own times, started in Napoleonic times somehow.

Utopian genre mostly boring - show us a tourism like romp. Dystopia easier to make interesting. A mad villain helps. What his beef is is a bit unclear. Has own immortality process that makes you turn to sand on death.

Futuristic farming

Control map model of dome

More utopia

Inside. Gold everywhere

 A groovy secret base and Utopian fashion (that dress comes back later on another girl)

Communications centre

I like how lair cams can film anything like remote viewing rather than by hiding cameras everywhere

The villains bat men goons. He is a real jerk. Puts betrayed lovers brain in a monster, surprised she fails to obey him.  Has giant rats, island with acid pools and skeletons for decor and inept plan making skills. I could throw this stuff in games - so many amazing ideas. What makers thought they were doing i have no clue.

A nice preview here
utube promo
I might do this again

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