Sunday 13 August 2017

Cthulhu Pulp Metropolis Decopunk Image Dump #2

So since I started this setting Decopunk the term has been increasingly used. I seem to often get an interest in things slightly ahead of the curve. Today a few links to lots of films. Also Kim Newman did a good Metropolis Superman mash up short story which might have been in Famous Monsters of Film Land but i'm not sure. It is better than the Superman-Metropolis Comic by DC anyhow. I've been digging and filing more stuff so here is some of my shiny streamlined booty.

Part of the point of the setting is a celebration of silent and early SF and Supernatural genre films.

Retro Films
Russian SF 1929 Some great city scenes and cars

Russian SF 1924 Aelita Queen of Mars

Things to Come (I use as 20th c history plus deco tanks)

Just Imagine - I use this a bit for america

Metropolis - I use this for central Europe 2020

Woman on Der Moon

Der Golem - good moody horror

Dr Caligari - good asylum horror - modern remake 2005

Original Caligari 1920

Call of Cthulhu

Algol - alien gives someone ultimate power

Nosferatu 1922

The Tunnel - boring but some good tech

I did eventually get the Agent13 novel from TSR but they didn't survive one read
I liked it but wished that all books in one volume
Read like Juve books but had some pulpy torture I wouldn't endorse for the kids
TSR Top Secret/SI Agent13 Sourcebook is a great pulp rpg book - one of best

This is a good genre article mentioning some books

Terminal for cable cars needed to reach higher city areas rapidly

I forgot what this film is called but I have been meaning to see it
The Shadow movie is pretty cool, one of the better pre modern hero movies and hundreds af shadow pulp images have great dilemma shots begging a story for inspiration. I quite like mens sweat mags and mars attacks for the pregnant with possibility story telling. Norman Saunders was a great.

Popular mechanics and lots of pulp mag covers are very inspirational.

Cars in metropolis not very futuristic but were some cars in later years with deco tear drop shapes that suit the setting. The above cars are nice especially the armoured one but both would make nice pulp hero cars.

Noir and deco go well together.
Lots of darkness and smoke and fog
Shiny reflective surfaces like cars, windows or water
Hardboiled citizens drink, smoke and imbibe drugs
Pre war fallout might have been like this
Actually a game set in pre fallout might be fun

Lots of great bits of building interiors even party shots or fim still can add to the deco universe. Something like this makes for a good important scene in a drama. Architecture and party images are good to use in game.

Nocturne city is a feature of Strange Aeons comics which i cant seem to find.
This page has a feature on it with a dead link but has it's own interesting stuff

Lots of industrial imagery for factory level and inside mighty machines

This chic deco adventuress is a great image - lots of good examples of world exploring women and female aviators.

Lots of great urban city scapes available especially nocturnal ones

Im still finding gold like this - ocational retro future cities
Idea that huge bridges, elevators and cablecars would be needed and that underground space would all be ocupied is amazing. Lots of exiting scenes could use these modes of transport.

TopTen and Tom Strong comics had lots of fantastic architecture

Some styling streamlined trains to look at too for inter city travel. You could probably lie and say it had a atomic boiler.

Plenty of mad science images in hollywood and interesting pulp heroes to steal from old serials and pulp

This shows the paradise of open public space located for the rich on topmost towers. I suspect suicides might be daily occurrence often predicted by market changes.

I dont know if this would be real but would suit my ww1 games pretty well. Make a great riot control vehichle

Some great cosplay out there - probably inspired by sky captain and the world of tommorrow. A bit mor diesel than decor but has many great scenes - shame they cut bits out that explained the story

This luxury complex seems a bit more west coast to me butt would be a good location

Of course factories and worker housing even lower than this. Pollution didnt seem to fit in these dreams. I guessing more areas like gardens for the rich would be sheilded by glass

Airships are a great part of the genre and military battles in aerial dreadnauts and carrier actions might be quite thrilling. Moorcock has wonderous bulletproof fabrics in warlord of the air and real weather might be a problem because it killed such dreams in reality.

This monstrosity might be good to feature in a adventure. Colossal mobile sea cities for the rich could be entertaining adventures and were featured in some novels.

I like the advanced tech here has retained victorian housing

The transport shown here is a great example. I imagine some would never visit lower levels and some spectacular stunts, chases and accidents could occur


  1. Scott Adams blogged about this just a couple of days ago.
    "Homes above, tunnels below"
    "I blogged some time ago about a perfect city design in which the homes were above ground and all the transportation (people and goods) was below. In another blog posts (that I can’t locate now) I predicted that the big sleeper technology that will change everything is tunneling technology."

    Maybe all the people above were right?!!

    1. thanks - as a coldwar kid i thought bunker life would be a thing and drew bomb shelters constantly, scouts gave me a badge for it, no they would send me to counceling

      the biggest problem is mould probably


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