Wednesday 15 November 2023

Weird Weapons of Auldwood

d12 Weird Weapons of Auldwood
All increase + based on user Lv1=4 +1 5-8 +2 9-12 +3 13-16 +4 17-80 +5
non-worthy users are -4 and the blade may try and take them over at zero HP,
save or the weapon will animate the body giving it 1 HP and controlling them for a d4 ten minute turns which the wielder will not remember, Some swords are bigger jerks than others.

1 The Crow Blade - if a murder of crows selects a champion who has helped them they will summon the tomb of the carrion king and if you pass the kings test he will grant you the black crowblade with grip and pommel that resembles a crowfoot gripping an eyeball. The wielder can speak with crows, and cast these spells once per day darkness, featherfall and levitate. Once a week can summon a swarm of carrion crows for 3d4 rounds (outdoors only) and once a month, you can summon a were-crow witch who may fight or scout or offer advice only under a full moon. The sword whispers creepily to the user things local crows can see

2 The Tree Blade - is held by a dryad who will reward a faithful lover to her for a year if they are a knight. The blade allows the user to speak elvish, sylvan, faerie, and treant and can detect changelings within 3 range.  Can snuff natural flame in 12 range once per day and may turn into a tree or back equal to your Lv per week. You can use tree form to rest, save food or just spend years. You don't age as a tree

3 The Troll Sword - may be found in a horde with treasure with troll and human remains. The trollblade gives the user regeneration like a troll 1HP per round except vs acid or fire. If you ever regenerate from 0 HP save or you regrow as a troll you become insane, cannibalistic and chaotic evil. The sword uses empathy to communicate its aggressive urges and to take risks. One user became a troll and cut off his own limbs to keep making more trolls until he killed

4 Hell Blade - works as normal for anyone but is an intelligent devil bound into the blade. If you sell your soul to the blade becoming lawful evil you gain one wish if 10th level and these powers with one use per day at any level: Protection From Good, Darkness, Charm Person & Levitate. The blade is recommended to the user as a means to gain power over others and to manipulate laws for personal gain. Often its in the hands of an evil tyrant or bully

5 Staff of the Elders - used by lawgivers and assembly leaders rather than warriors and if lawful user gains the following spells once per day: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Lies, Detect Chaos, Protection from evil. Once a week if 10th or better can cast Oath. The staff has the spirit of a cleric who was a famous judge. If broken releases a lesser angel which will attack evil in sight if any then ascends to the heavens leaving the staff broken forever

6 Bow of the Dragon - a composite bow made from dragon bone and sinew. Once per day the user can cast protection from missiles, burning hands and featherfall. The user gets +2 save vs dragon breath. Users of the bow seem to become tempted to hoard wealth and sit on the pile. Once per month make a save to resist the effect. If you fail one save you crave gold and gems. Fail a second save and you are reluctant to give up bow without removing curse spell and three failed saves you turn into a red dragon forever

7 Spear of the Serpent Kings - can change size from javelin to short spear, long spear lance or pike with appropriate attributes. The wielder can talk to any snake kindred beings and can cast the following spells once per day: Snake Charm. Sticks To Snakes and Cure Poison. Every month user must save. One fail save gains a snake-like lisp, a second fail gain scales on the body and a third turn into a serpent person

8 Axe of the Underland - dwarf battleaxe that can cut stone as if it were wood and allows one to speak with elemental earth creatures. The user finds they grow a d6 inches of luxurious beard per day. If the weapon reduces a goblin to zero HP they melt into slime and one GP. Many dwarfs crave this weapon and will seek to duel the wielder. Dwarves will be especially unimpressed if thieving human scum use the axe or worse orcs or hobgoblins

9 Bonebreaker Mace - a weapon with bone haft and skull-like head made of silver that inflicts +d4 to any undead it strikes. Once per day, the user can cast Invisibility to Undead and Light. Any undead slain turns to dust and can't be restored by magic or regeneration. The wielder can hear any undead within 30 feet whispering even if buried or through the stone. Minions of Orcus hate this weapon and may call on the demon prince for help to slay anyone using it. There are several books detailing the weapon history

10 Null the Old Ones Blade - a black glassy blade can shift size in a round of thought from a cruel dagger to a shortsword or long sword or two-handed sword. +d3 damage to any being with a soul or spirit including animated undead or spirit. All the energy is sent to the gods of the outer void to feed on. The user can cast these spells once per day: Magic Missile, Levitate, ESP. The NE blade whispers advice from beyond seeking to spread violence and constant war. The sword will kill for anyone for any cause as long as it is kept busy killing

11 Witch Blade - turns from a wavy iron dagger to a cruel sword. The sword allows a female user to cast these spells once per day: Fly, ESP, Protection from evil. The blade holds the soul of an elder witch who will teach you magic and herbal secrets and prehuman lore if you perform certain tasks d4 1=steal witch remains from holy ground to their proper places 2=curse the descendant of a person who hurt a witch 3=punish a witch hunter 4=raise a changeling child

12 Dragon Sword - in a scabbard of dragon skin, made from a great wyrmms tooth. Does +d4 to any reptilian and a d8 to any draconic-blooded being. Detects gold in a range of 3 and speaks to the wielder's mind advice on reptilian genocide. Fish and amphibians are pretty bad too but get no special damage. Declares the wielder now part of its cosmic crusade against the scaly ones

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